Bishop Auckland Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bishop Auckland

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Bishop Auckland

Throughout the United Kingdom, there are thousands of people struggling with drug or alcohol misuse and addiction.

Alcohol is one of the world’s most dangerous substances, and it could lead to broken families, many relationships ending and general misery, both mentally and physically.

Bishop Auckland has suffered for a few years from alcohol and drug addiction in the local population. Do you live in Bishop Auckland, and you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction? You could join Ocean Recovery Centre today.

We offer rehab at our centre not too far from Bishop Auckland. We are situated in Blackpool and are able to arrange travel from your Bishop Auckland home.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Process

Our local rehab centre can help you get clean, in a very short space of time. The main service we provide is a 28-day inpatient programme, which comes with a clear sequence of treatments.

One of the first steps to begin with is the detoxification process. Detox is the process of removing all toxins out of your body which will take about ten days.

In those ten days, many alcohol addicts struggle with drug or alcohol withdrawals. Often, the onset starts a few hours after not consuming the substance. For severe addicts, the withdrawal can be deadly if not managed properly.

Delirium Tremens is one of those potentially life-threatening complications that arise from a poorly managed withdrawal period.

Delirium Tremens could lead to uncontrollable shaking, shivering and an irregular heart rate. In most cases, psychosis could happen. Seizures that come with delirium tremens often lead to death.

The onset of Delirium Tremens often happens after three days of alcohol abstinence in people who have been drinking heavily for prolonged periods.

That is why we at Ocean Recovery, we employ medical professionals around the clock in order to help you manage the withdrawal safely and securely.

In case it does go wrong, we can administer the right medication for you.


Personalised Drug and Alcohol Treatment

One of the great benefits of joining a private rehabilitation centre is that you receive a completely personalised addiction treatment service, giving you the advantage to succeed in achieving your long-term recovery goals.

Before we welcome you into our County Durham drug and alcohol rehab centre, we’ll take you through a pre-screening assessment where our addiction specialists can get to know you better.

This allows us to understand the nature of your drug or alcohol addiction and create a bespoke treatment plan which reflects your specific needs. This personalisation is only available at private residential rehabilitation centres like ours in Bishop Auckland.

If you were to seek treatment as an outpatient or with free local health services like the NHS for example, you would only receive a generic treatment plan, sadly due to lack of resources and funding.

We’re proud of our experienced team of therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, and recovery workers who dedicate all of their time to helping others overcome this awful disease which is affecting so many young people and their family members.

We’ll be there to support you around the clock throughout the duration of your stay with us, continuing our support into your 12 months free aftercare programme.

Our aim is to give you the motivation, the positivity, and the correct tools necessary for you to avoid any potential relapses and go on to work towards your long-term recovery.

We’ll address how your substance misuse is impacting your life, from physical and psychological deterioration to ruining your relationships with loved ones, not to mention the devastating impact which fuelling an addiction to drugs or alcohol can have on your finances.

Our recovery services include identifying the underlying reasons of your addiction, allowing you to recognise what got you here and how to avoid relative triggers in the future.


Specialist Therapy at Ocean Recovery

Post detox services are often a mix between modern therapies and holistic therapies. The reason for this approach, is to ensure you will be able to manage yourself better outside of our residential recovery centre and ensure you will not have any cravings in the years to come.

All of our therapies are evidence-based and have high rates of success when treating people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

As our treatment programmes are personalised, there’s no way to tell you now what therapies you’d be receiving; this is decided once we get to know you better to ensure you’re receiving the most beneficial therapies for your unique condition.

However, in addition to a drug or alcohol detox, there are some common therapies which we highly recommend for people suffering from substance abuse.

Our psychological focused therapies include cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, individual, group or family counselling, relapse prevention, and motivational interviewing.

Alongside these more traditional therapies, we offer well-being focused therapies to ensure your overall health is being looked after. These include yoga, mindfulness, low level laser therapy, art therapy, fitness therapy, and relaxation and sleep management.

By following a varied programme inclusive of a detox and both psychological and well-being focused therapies, you’ll have the greatest chance of succeeding in your long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.


Do we offer Mental Health support?

Yes, of course. Mental health and addiction to drugs or alcohol tend to go hand in hand with each other.

Quite commonly, we see people who are suffering from mental health problems turn to substance misuse as a way to cope with their mental health.

Alternatively, and just as commonly, we see people develop problems with their mental health as a result of excessive drug taking or drinking. We call this a dual diagnosis, when someone is suffering from both an addiction and problems with their mental health.

This is more common than you probably think so please don’t feel as though you can’t come to us about this, we’re very experienced in this area.

If you feel ready to get started on with your new life?

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