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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Darlington

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Darlington

As recently as 2013, the Centre for Social Justice declared that the United Kingdom was top of the substance addiction charts throughout Europe. Addiction levels are still increasing and that involves both legal and illegal substances. However, despite more people being affected by addiction than ever before, the facilities and treatment options have never been more advanced.

England’s North-East has been one of the areas worst affected by the surge in alcohol and drug addiction, but our rehab facility in Darlington is here to help. Currently, it’s believed that around £36 billion is spent every year on treatment relating to drug and alcohol addiction: it’s still not enough. Waiting lists are long and resources are stretched.

That’s where we come in at Ocean Recovery Centre. Our private rehabs and advanced addiction treatment techniques give you the best possible chance to overcome your illness. More importantly, it’s highly likely that we can even admit you to our Darlington clinic soon after you contact us. We offer a huge range of services and promise to find one which suits you. If you’re suffering from addiction, you cannot seek treatment soon enough – every extra day you spend suffering is a day that could be spent recovering from your crushing addiction.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the UK

Sadly, the United Kingdom is top of charts it doesn’t want to be near. The reality is that not enough of us take drug and alcohol addiction seriously. In a nation where we pride ourselves on our ability to consume alcohol, those desperately in need of help and recovery are left in the shadows. Embarrassment and shame cause a lot of addicts to avoid seeking treatment for their illness. What would family and friends think of our addiction? For some, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Furthermore, there’s a lack of education throughout the nation regarding addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction are serious diseases. They’re mental illnesses which have a serious and powerful impact on the brain. Decision making becomes more difficult and even though they’re aware of the negative effects of certain substances, addicts cannot prevent themselves from substance abuse.

Let’s look at some of the damning statistics about drug and alcohol addiction in the United Kingdom. There are believed to be more than half a million people suffering from alcohol addiction in the UK alone. How many families are disrupted and impacted by those half a million people?

In 2015 there were 8,000 casualties and more than 200 fatalities as a result of drink driving. Alcohol addiction can affect a range of people and isn’t necessarily determined by age, profession or body type. Anybody can become addicted if the circumstances allow them to. The negative stigma surrounding addiction means that many people suffering from illness don’t seek the help they need.

The statistics for drug abuse don’t make for good reading either. As well as abusing illegal class A drugs, over-the-counter substances are a serious problem too. In some parts of the UK tramadol is the most prescribed opioid – it’s responsible for nearly half of the drug-related deaths in Northern Ireland. In 2016 alone, there were more than 2,500 deaths as a result of drug abuse.

If this shows you nothing else, it’s that you are not alone in your fight against addiction. You and many others in the Darlington area face daily battles that our drug and alcohol rehab can help you overcome. We guarantee that one of our treatment programmes will benefit you and help you recover for good.


Addiction Is A Serious Illness

Most of us aren’t aware of how serious substance addiction can be. It can destroy families, ruin careers and if left untreated for long enough, cause serious and long-lasting damage to vital internal organs. At its very worst, substance abuse can be fatal.

Drug and alcohol abuse have a frightening impact on your brain. Your brain recognises habits which make your body feel good. Repeat those habits for long enough, and your brain will convince you to keep on doing it. Some drugs are instantly addictive and even after one high will be in your system to stay.

No addiction comes with an easy rehabilitation. The recovery process can be long, gruesome and difficult to begin. For this reason, you must seek the help of drug and alcohol experts. Young people, pensioners, professionals and students all need a helping hand in overcoming any dependency on substances. Even if you’re not sure how serious your addiction is, please get in touch with us today and let our medical professionals take you in the right direction.


The Benefits of Private Rehab with Ocean Recovery Centre

At our Darlington rehab centre, we offer a wide range of services, each of them suited to the different types of addiction we treat. At our Darlington rehab clinic, we treat both drug and alcohol addictions sensitively and carefully. After your admission, you’ll undergo a thorough and detailed assessment with one of our team. These highly trained professionals know exactly what to ask and doctors will also perform a physical examination, in case your addiction has already caused damage to your body.

Thereafter, we’ll select the best addiction treatment option for you. Each of our treatment programmes begins with a full detox. Once all of the harmful substances are out of your system, your long road to recovery will suddenly seem achievable.

If your loved one is battling through a substance addiction and too ashamed to admit it, then speak to our experts. They’ll talk you through the stages of intervention and can even help get involved in admitting your loved one to rehab. It’s important that anybody suffering from alcohol and drug addiction knows that the illness isn’t their fault; we make sure they understand that as part of their drug and alcohol recovery.