Hartlepool Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hartlepool

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Hartlepool

Are you silently suffering through a drug or alcohol addiction in the north-east of England? If you’re reading this page, it’s likely that a drug and alcohol rehab centre in Hartlepool could help.

Drug and alcohol addictions are no laughing matter and can have serious, long-lasting consequences. Many people suffering from addiction find it difficult to take the first step in their battle. With the help of Ocean Recovery Centre, you can take that first decisive step and begin your journey to a full recovery.

Whether your addiction is newly formed or part of a long-term battle, it’s important that you seek help today. Many of those suffering from either drug or alcohol addiction aren’t aware that addiction is a mental illness. Substance misuse and regular binge drinking can seem like relatively harmless habits. However, if these bad habits get out of control, you can do considerable damage to your body, your mind, and even those around you.

Let’s take a closer look at addiction and how our rehab centre in Hartlepool can help you overcome your drug and alcohol issues.


What Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Drug addiction is a disease with overwhelming and powerful impulses. Addicts, aware of the harmful consequences that drugs can have, still use drugs regularly and cannot rest until they’ve achieved their short-term euphoria.

Many people that don’t suffer from drug addiction struggle to understand how somebody becomes an addict. If you know about the harmful effects that drugs can have, then why take them in the first place? What begins as a harmless ‘high’ can become a dangerous addiction. Incredibly, some drugs are instantly addictive.

There is no one defining factor which makes some people more susceptible to addiction than others. Addiction can affect a wide range of people. The truth is that drug addiction is a complex mental health illness and even alters the workings of the brain. An addicted brain makes quitting very difficult, and sometimes impossible without professional help.

Alcohol addiction can be less straightforward, but in some instances, it can be even more devastating than drug addiction. Unlike drug addiction, alcohol addiction can be very difficult to identify: it’s easier to hide and often confused with binge drinking.

Those suffering from alcohol addiction think of it as the most important part of their day, even their life. Similar to drug addiction, there is an uncontrollable and strong impulse to drink. For many of those dependent on alcohol, it’s difficult to get through a day without a few beers or a bottle of wine.

Again, there can be a wide range of reasons a person may become dependent on alcohol. Stress, anxiety and traumatic events can all lead to addiction. Contrary to drug addiction, it’s believed that alcohol addiction can run in a family. A family environment or even different attitudes can lead to misunderstanding the influence that alcohol can have on day-to-day life.

If this sounds familiar, then you aren’t alone. It’s believed that almost 1 in every 10 men in the UK are dependent on alcohol. Nearly 3% of women are, too. At our rehab centre in Hartlepool, we support guests through the many stages required to fully heal alcohol addiction.


How Drug and Alcohol Addiction Can Affect Your Body

First of all, every drug has an effect on your brain. Instinct, mood and behaviour are all altered depending on the quantity of drugs in your system. Heart conditions can arise, the liver is over-worked and there can be added complications with digestion and breathing. As these symptoms worsen, they can lead to lung disease, brain damage and even death.

Similarly, alcohol addiction can have long-term health consequences. Abusing alcohol can lead to high blood pressure levels, heart disease, liver disease and even strokes.

Whether you feel like you’ve been suffering from addiction for a few weeks or a few years, it’s crucial that you seek help today. Start the battle now, and you can limit the strain you’re putting your body through.


Why Rehab With Ocean Recovery Centre is The Answer

Once you’ve accepted that you have a drug and alcohol problem and that rehab is required, there’s no better place than our Ocean Recovery Centre in Hartlepool. You can avoid the long NHS waiting times and even be admitted within a few hours.

After you’ve arrived you’ll undergo a thorough assessment with our experienced healthcare professionals. Each of these assessments is personalised, detailed and designed specifically for you. That way, your recovery is as smooth and efficient as possible.

You’ll battle through the detox phase in our high quality and comfortable surroundings. This can be the toughest part of recovery and you’ll have our 24-hour care to help you through it. You’re then likely to undergo our 28-day rehabilitation programme, including holistic treatments, group therapy, conversations with other former addicts and therapy.

Once you have recovered, you’ll leave our Hartlepool rehab centre with a clear mind and a deeper understanding of which factors led to your addiction in the first place. Our aftercare programme is included in the rehab costs and is highly recommended in order to give you the best chance of avoiding slipping back toward addiction.