Bushey Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab near Bushey, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer leading treatments to help you recover – please take a look at our admissions process to get started today.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bushey

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bushey

What To Do If You Have an Addiction

Addiction is a complex medical condition that can have a massive impact on all areas of your life.

It can cause both short term and long term health problems, including:

  • Higher risk of cancer
  • Lung disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver failure
  • Heart disease
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Loss of teeth
  • Loss of senses

But it is important that you know that it is never too late or too soon to get help for your drug or alcohol addiction. You just have to be ready and willing to put in the work and to change your life for the better.

When you have an addiction, it can be difficult to know what to do or where to go for help. Many people have the impulse to try and work through the recovery process alone, so no one needs to know that they are struggling.

While this is understandable, it is also very dangerous.

Overcoming an addiction is not as simple as just not abusing drugs or alochol. It is instead a complex medical issue that needs specialised treatment.

There is one simple fact you must keep in mind. It is much more difficult and much more dangerous to attempt to achieve long term recovery completely alone.

What you should do instead if you need help with an addiction is to book yourself into a drug and alcohol rehab centre in the Bushey area.

Only in a rehab centre will you receive the specialised care and support you will need in order to work through the steps of the recovery process safely. We understand that this is scary and that it can be difficult, to be honest, and open about your struggles.

But your addiction won’t get better without medical assistance, and you won’t be able to live free of drugs and alochol until you are ready to accept the help offered to you.

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Addiction Treatments in Bushey

When it comes to receiving treatment for your alcohol or drug addiction, you have a few options available to you.

The first option you have is to find a local support group to join. Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are available all across the UK. They can offer you the support and community you need to reduce the number of drugs or alcohol you regularly abuse.

Support groups are often run by volunteers who have also worked through the recovery process at one point or another. It can be a really good way for you to see that you are not alone in your struggles and that anyone can struggle with addiction.

It is important to keep in mind that a support group cannot provide treatments such as alcohol and drug detox as they require medical assistance. Hence, you have to be careful of withdrawals. But this can be a very good option to use while you try to access an alcohol rehab centre.

The NHS provides free rehabilitation services to anyone in the UK. This includes the full medically needed treatment plans and therapy.

The issue, however, can be when it comes to accessing these treatments. Addiction is a widespread problem across the country, and unfortunately, this has led the NHS to be overwhelmed.

In order to access the NHS outpatient treatments, you need to prove you are struggling and jump through hoops until they are satisfied. Even then, you will be placed on a very long waiting list until a spot in a rehab centre opens up for you.

If you have no other option, the NHS can help you. But if you want speed and personalised care, private rehab may be better for you.

Private alcohol and drug rehab is the final option and provides you with a more comfortable rehab experience. It all takes place in well staffed and comfortable facilities that are easily accessed by those that need them.

It is a rehab treatment option that can put you at the centre of your recovery.

Our Rehab Facilities

At Ocean Recovery, we are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art facility. We provide residents with the most relaxing stay possible and they can enjoy our modern establishment.

Ocean Recovery Facilities include:

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CQC Registered

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FREE Transportation Included

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Medically Assisted Detoxification

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2 Executive, Sea View Double Ensuite Rooms

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 8 Double or Single Ensuite Rooms

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3 Single Rooms with Dedicated Separate Bathroom

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Comfortable Communal Lounge with Piano & Sky TV

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Beautiful Modern Dining Lounge

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External Courtyard and Outside Seating Area

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12 Months FREE Aftercare

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Regular Contact with Loved Ones Encouraged

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Large Multi-Purpose Group Activity Room with Superb Sea Views

Images of Our Facilities

Facilities at Ocean Recovery

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    Ocean Recovery Rehab Group Room
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dining room with table
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Ocean Recovery Rehab Group Room
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Why Choose Inpatient Rehab?

First of all, it has been proven that inpatient rehab is more likely to help you achieve long term recovery than the other treatment options.

This is because for the month you will be staying there, you will only have to worry about your recovery.

You will be kept away from temptation and any potential triggers so that you can mentally and physically prepare for when you are ready to leave.

Inpatient rehab also gives you access to support day and night so that you never have to be alone with your problems. You will have all the help and support you may need from the medical team and the drug rehab centre’s staff.

Most importantly, you will be in a clean, welcoming and safe environment.


Benefits of Alcohol and Drug Detox in Rehab

A detox is a process that allows your body to rid itself of all toxins such as drugs and alcohol.

It takes around ten days to complete, and once it is completed, you won’t experience withdrawals again.

A drug and alcohol detox is important because it gives your body a fresh start and enables you to focus on the rest of your treatments without the distraction of cravings. In addition, it is one of the most important treatments available in rehab due to it needing to be done safely.

A detox done outside of rehab can be dangerous as you won’t have access to a supervising medical team that ensures that your withdrawal symptoms don’t progress to the point of danger.

Only a detox in rehab can offer you constant support and safety with a dedicated staff keeping you as comfortable as possible in Bushey.


How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Rehab is very much you get what you pay for the experience.

This means that you can make decisions about your rehab experience. For example, you can have a private or shared room, stay for just the detox or for all of the treatments. It gives you the power to decide what works for you.

However, on average, you can expect to pay around £1,000 per week at the rehab.

For more information on costs, please call us at 01253 847 553 or, if you prefer, via email at info@oceanrecoverycentre.com.


Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

How do I start my recovery journey?

The fact that you are here suggests that you are ready to make the all-important step of actually attending rehab. Quite simply, your first step should be to call us on our helpline. Once you reach out to us and express an interest in attending rehab, then our helpline staff will be able to get the ball rolling on getting you set up at our facility. Seriously considering rehab is an important moment in your life, but actually calling us to set up a place is the most important step.

What happens after drug and alcohol treatment?

After rehab, the recovery journey is only just beginning. Taking advantage of our aftercare programme and remaining vigilant as you attend weekly support meetings is essential to staying clean for the rest of your life. Using all you have learnt during your time with us, hopefully, you can lead a fulfilling life free of addiction.

Is detox painful?

The detoxification process can be painful but the type of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms experienced can vary widely depending on the substance involved and other factors. Alcohol withdrawal, for example, can lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain, shakes, tremors and even seizures. It is always best to undergo detox in a supervised setting such as rehab.