What is relapse prevention?

Relapse describes the process where a former addict now in recovery chooses to revert back to his or her addictive behaviour. The process of relapse is complicated and often triggered by an assortment of complex emotional and psychological triggers. In fact the psychological act of relapse precedes the physical act of relapse. Relapse begins as an unconscious act on behalf of the recovered addict and one which is difficult to avoid in the absence of learned coping strategies and/or professional support.

When relapse is likely to occur a number of changes in the recovered addict’s behaviour will take place. The first step towards relapse has been termed emotional relapse.

Early signs of relapse

Signs of emotional relapse include:

  • Detrimental changes in eating habits
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Exhaustion
  • Emotional isolation

Our patients are taught during residential rehabilitation how to look out for the above signs. This allows our patients to take early action and so prevent relapse from developing.

Relapse progression

If emotional relapse is not dealt with appropriately a process known as mental relapse will take place. During mental relapse the recovered addict becomes ever more conscious of his or her desire to continue with an addictive behaviour. Often the individual will reason the addiction will be more manageable ‘this time around’. If advice is not sought swiftly the consequences could be life-threatening as the addiction returns and old levels of tolerance are no longer present.

Our relapse prevention plan

At Ocean Recovery we take considerable pride when it comes to our relapse prevention record. Our patients’ relapse rate is much lower than rehabilitation industry averages. Notwithstanding our stellar relapse prevention record some of our patients will invariably relapse upon their return to normal life. Relapse occurs in spite of the many hours our therapists and medical staff devote into each rehabilitation programme. Relapse is ever-present risk for all those in recovery for the remainder of their life. Our relapse prevention programme thus builds in safeguards to prevent relapse from occurring in the first place and importantly in ensuring a firm process is in place should relapse occur.

Once our patients leave our residential rehabilitation centre an after-care support team will be put in place. This support team acts as the first point of contact should relapse occur. A helpline is provided to our patients. Relapse prevention supplements what is learned during residential rehabilitation and both aim to ensure recovery is as uninterrupted as possible.

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The relapse prevention plan you receive will be fully tailored to your needs. This plan will be set out upon leaving our rehabilitation centre. You are able to read about our after-care programme here which details relevant facts accounted for in an after-care and relapse prevention plan.

To learn more about our relapse prevention plan at Ocean Recovery call today on 0125 353 0553. Our residential rehabilitation centre is based in Blackpool in the North West of England. Alternatively you are able to contact our centre by filling in the enquiry form.