London Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Ocean Recovery Centre has treated thousands of people in London with a drug or alcohol addiction, in order to help them better and prolong their lives.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in London

Ocean Recovery Centre has treated thousands of people in Greater London with a drug and alcohol addiction, in order to help them better and prolong their lives.

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London has had a history with addiction under its population, and recent studies have shown that alcohol related deaths are on the rise. In a recent study performed by the NHS, 20% of people who had participated, reported that they have drank alcohol on 5 separate days in the last 7 days.

A large percentage of those people who had drank in that time, had also drank more than 6 units in a single day.

Often, drug taking and drinking that much can lead to severe diseases and even death. However, substance abuse is addictive, and many people are unable stop without professional support.

If you are one of those people who are struggling to overcome alcohol or drugs, our drug and alcohol rehab London could be the solution for you! We offer comprehensive recovery programmes for anyone who is struggling with an addiction.


Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab in London

Ocean Recovery Centre has treated thousands of people with an alcohol addiction, in order to help them better and prolong their lives. The residential rehab programme we offer runs for 10 to 28 days depending on your needs, and the severity of your situation. We do emphasise on staying at the rehab clinic for the whole duration and to consider the risks of leaving rehab early before departing.

As our rehab is located in Blackpool, you must leave your local home and move into our state-of-the art drug and alcohol rehab centre. However, we do offer the option to transport you from your home, to our rehab centre in Blackpool.

Once you’ve made the courageous decision to join our drug and alcohol rehab, we will take you through a pre-screening assessment where we can review your physical and psychological health and answer any further questions you may have. If you’re happy to proceed, we can set an admissions date for you to join our rehab centre.

Upon your arrival at our treatment centre, you will be welcomed in by our very capable team of recovery workers, soon after, you will begin the most life-changing experience you’ll ever go through. The first step of your journey to a life without an addiction to alcohol or drugs, is a detox.


The Detoxification Process

A medical drug and alcohol detox is the process of getting rid of all the harmful toxins in your body. During rehabilitation, it can take some time to fully get rid of those toxins, but we do it in the safest way possible within our controlled environment.

A drug and alcohol detox aren’t without its risks, as withdrawal symptoms will most likely occur during this process.

These withdrawal symptoms could vary from feeling a bit sick, to life-threatening conditions like delirium tremens. This is why we employ medical professionals who can help you in case the worst symptoms come in to play.

It’s vital that you undergo a detox in a professional setting like our drug and alcohol rehab in London, otherwise you’re putting yourself under immense pressure and taking unnecessary risks.

Many attempts to detox at home without the support of an expert recovery team result in ineffective, painful detoxifications. These ‘at home’ detox’s even have the potential to be fatal, thus highlighting the importance of seeking specialist support.


Why is receiving Residential Treatment so important?

If you’ve ever tried to recover from drug and alcohol addiction before, then you’ll understand just how difficult this is. Try not to feel disheartened if you’ve experienced failed attempts at recovery.

Unless you’ve joined a residential treatment programme at a private rehab, you haven’t given yourself the best opportunity to achieve a full recovery. This is what our drug and alcohol rehab in London can give you, unparalleled support in a recovery focused environment with an exceptional team who will guide you every step of the way along your recovery journey.

Attempting to recover outside of a residential setting, for example at home or using outpatient treatment services, is extremely difficult.

At a residential treatment centre, you have the added benefit of being able to physically remove yourself from the habitual environment where you’re likely used to abusing alcohol or drugs.

Distancing yourself from the distractions and negative influences of home life increases your chances of recovering as efficiently and effectively as possible, whilst also reducing the risk of relapsing.

Over the years, it’s become very common to see people who’re suffering from drug or alcohol addiction in denial about their situation. This makes it even more difficult to realise that you require urgent support.

If you or someone you know is struggling to recognise that help is needed, there are some key indicators to look out for. If you’re experiencing conflict with friends or family members as a result of increased anxiety or lack of interest in socialisation, this could be due to your substance abuse.

Addiction can also severely affect your mental health, leaving you at much higher risk of developing serious anxiety, depression, and even suicide.

It’s also possible that your career is suffering as you struggle to focus or function properly without consistent alcohol or drugs consumption, leading you to a potential job loss.

If you recognise any of these signs, it’s imperative that you contact our rehab centre straight away.


Drug and Alcohol Aftercare Support

Our drug and alcohol rehab in London will continue to support you even after you’ve completed your residential treatment.

We offer all of our clients a free aftercare treatment programme for 12 months to aid with the transition back into homelife with the aim to prevent any potential relapses.

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