Andover Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Understanding exactly which form of drug and alcohol rehab, and the degree of care and addiction treatment, you will personally require can be difficult. Some will direct you to localised recovery, on an outpatient basis via a drug and alcohol rehab in Andover.

Others will encourage the selection of residential rehab, set away from home comforts. Yet, ultimately, the decision is in your hands.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Andover

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Andover

In order to help you make that decision proactively and correctly, at Ocean Recovery, we’ve condensed benefits of both options. Both forms of rehab are in fact effective. However, their effectiveness will depend on your relationship with drugs and alcohol, on physical and psychological levels.

For some, an outpatient rehab programme will be enough. It will provide independence, acting as a motivator to overcome substance abuse. For others, this level of independence will act as an obstacle, ranking residential rehab as a necessity.

Down to fluctuating responses, it is imperative that you do complete this research beforehand. Participating in no-obligation calls will also be beneficial to learn what you can expect from drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as a whole.

While we can sit here and say that residential rehab is recommended for all, and that you should select our rehab clinic, in reality, it isn’t. We are passionate about helping those in need through residential rehab.

If this is you, please feel free to reach out.


The benefits of selecting an outpatient programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Andover

Outpatient rehab on a local scale can offer recovery rates. However, this is commonly the case for individuals who thrive off independence, who have strong support networks, and who are ultimately experiencing substance abuse, over an addiction.

As a result of this, you should keep this in mind when considering a drug and alcohol rehab in Andover.

Yet, if you fall within that beneficial category, independence is the first asset of outpatient rehab. Here you can continue your life and ongoing responsibilities while completing addiction treatment sessions. This can help some clients by distracting them from the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

A further benefit of selecting an outpatient programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Andover is that you will have the ability to experience a family-led encounter of rehab. By this, you can include your family members throughout your therapy sessions, helping to promote all-round healing.

Lastly, alongside comfort and convenience, outpatient rehab will cost less. However, on the topic of investments, you must weigh up the most important factor to you, your bank balance or your future quality of life. It’s also important to note that outpatient rehab can take much longer, spanning over 6-12 months.

With this in mind, if you’re hoping for a quicker drug and alcohol withdrawal process or believe that you will struggle with autonomy and flexibility, residential rehab will be best suited for you.


The benefits of selecting residential rehab here at Ocean Recovery

The common downfalls of residential rehab are that many individuals lack familiarity with it, and also that it incurs a greater investment. However, there are significant benefits linked to that investment, by overlooking an Andover based outpatient programme.

Firstly, you will be provided with a structured rehab programme to follow, which will be created and recommended with your personal needs in mind. This will ensure that you can remain on track through rehab, and that you will complete safe addiction treatment services.

Secondly, you can avoid the influential triggers of remaining in Andover by looking further afield for rehab. This distance will benefit you on physical and psychological levels, by helping you prioritise your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

You can expect to avoid distractions and drug and alcohol triggers, no matter their format.

In addition, you’ll experience what it takes to overcome an addiction, by completing an intense stream of addiction treatment options. You can exact to complete anything from stress management and cognitive behavioural therapy, to a detox programme and support groups.

The aim will be to motivate physical and psychological withdrawal, and cognitive repair, helping you sustain recovery and relapse prevention.

While residential rehab will be discouraged for those with minimal addictive habits, it is a lifeline for those who struggle from drug and alcohol abuse. This is the quickest and most reliable route to working towards long-term recovery.

With this in mind, having an open mind and looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Andover will be encouraged.


Finding a safe and productive rehab programme

Suitability is key when aiming to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. The definition of suitable will be made on a personal basis. Yet, it will represent the rehab programme which can offer recovery on safe and effective rates.

With this in mind, it is very important that you consider the above options and measure them against your relationship with drugs and alcohol. While one may feel easier, it’s likely that the alternative option will be greater for you. For example, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Andover may offer greater convenience.

Yet, if you are struggling with the signs of addiction, outpatient rehab will deter your recovery capabilities, making residential rehab a safe choice. This will also be the case on a vice versa rate.


Overcome your drug and alcohol addiction with our support

If residential rehab is the safest, most suitable option for you, reach out to our team to access our specialist support. We can soon begin your admission, where a pre-rehab screening will take place.

This will secure residential rehab, here in Blackpool as your most suited option, along with taking your personal needs into account. From here, we can push ahead and help you remove yourself from influences in Andover and experience a positively influential rehabilitation experience.

Take a significant step to make a significant change in your life, away from drugs and alcohol. We can facilitate this for you here at Ocean Recovery, through our comfortable, fit for purpose drug and alcohol residential rehab clinic.