Portsmouth Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Portsmouth Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Portsmouth

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Portsmouth

Are you pondering on the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Portsmouth? Are you starting to feel fed-up with the associated side effects of excessive drug and alcohol consumption? Are you hoping for a way out from the continuous cycle of addiction?

Positioning yourself in this mindset, to recover is important. It’s actually one of the first stages of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, branded as challenging for some clients. With this in mind, you should be proud of yourself for taking this positive and progressive step, starting your rehabilitation journey.

Although reaching this mindset is a positive sign, you must continue, you must act on your readiness to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. In tandem, selecting the correct form of addiction treatment and its delivery is very important, commencing your rehabilitation journey off effectively. Yet, by delaying your recovery, by selecting the most convenient drug and alcohol rehab in Portsmouth, you can hinder your rehabilitation capabilities; further substance abuse, mental health issues and the aggravation of side effects are also likely.

With this in mind, once you’re set on the idea of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you must act. Yet, pre-rehab preparations should be completed, along with selecting the most fitting drug and alcohol treatment centres.

Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we offer residential rehab, ideal for recovering addicts. Although set away from your local area, there are many benefits waiting for you through our specialist addiction treatment programmes.


What to expect from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Portsmouth

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Portsmouth can carry many benefits. For most, localised recovery offers flexibility, independence, freedom and familiarity. Down to these benefits, drug and alcohol rehabilitation can commonly be progressed.

However, this positive experience of localised recovery is usually encountered by individuals who are living with minute side effects; commonly reflecting substance abuse. In tandem, those who reside in a positive, drug-free environment will usually benefit from visiting a Portsmouth based treatment centre.

If the above describes your relationship with drugs and alcohol, you can expect to progress through the initial stages of recovery via localised efforts. However, if the above deviates from the characteristics of your drug and alcohol addiction, if you require greater structure, if independence motivates your consumption, looking further afield will be recommended.

Here you will ensure that the most optimal, safest and most effective form of addiction treatment is accessible. For addicts, residential rehab set away from Portsmouth will be promoted, known to offer necessary levels and forms of care to treat an addiction.


Residential rehab here at Ocean Recovery Centre

As highlighted above, if you’re suffering with an addiction, residential rehab will offer greater results for you. At Ocean Recovery Centre, we advocate residential rehab programmes down to the safety, productivity and results they offer.

Firstly, by investing into residential rehab, you will have the reassurance that your health and safety are prioritised. Your physical and psychological health can direct your recovery routes. Through a medically observed and recommended rehab programme, your health will be at its optimal level.

Secondly, you will experience the benefits of distance and peace, by removing yourself from Portsmouth. Although you may initially feel uneasy when concerning a short relocation, you will be welcomed with a friendly, comforting and recovery designed environment. In addition, this level of privacy will reduce your distractions, helping you experience a smoother drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

Lastly, through residential rehab, you will have the scope to experience a personalised rehab programme. At our rehab centre, this is very important to our team. Since we understand that an addiction will impact all clients differently, along with recovery susceptibility, we also recognise how a bespoke mix of addiction treatments is necessary. Through assessments, we can ensure that personalised rehab programmes are accessible to all.

Through these benefits, clients will have the chance to truly withdraw, recover and prepare for sober living back in Portsmouth. Although recovery will need to continue post-rehab, you can expect to achieve significant results of initial recovery via residential rehab.


Addiction treatments available through rehab

Through a personalised treatment programme, you will have access to the below addiction treatment options. Although varying in degree, length and form, an intense, structured, safe and recovery driven programme will be available through residential rehab.

Drug and alcohol detox programme

It is very likely that you will need to complete a drug and alcohol detox. This addiction treatment will motivate physical withdrawal, by preparing the body for sober living. Although seen as a testing treatment, it is highly recommended to truly disconnect from drugs and alcohol.

Mental health support

Mental health support is vital when looking to rehabilitate. Many clients will unknowingly suffer with mental health symptoms. In order to promote cognitive realignment, a pinnacle phase of rehabilitation, mental health treatment services must be provided throughout; only achievable on a consistent scale through residential rehab.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Your outlook on drugs and alcohol can control your behaviours. To control your addictive behaviours, cognitive behavioural therapy will be utilised to restore your views on excessive drug and alcohol consumption. If you currently see it as a coping strategy, this can be changed through addiction treatment.

Support groups

Accountability is very important, especially through the later stages of rehabilitation. Support groups can provide this level of accountability, helping you maintain your drug and alcohol rehabilitation intentions.

Individual, group and family therapy

Talking therapies can unite people, can increase empathy, can unlock causations and can provide a rational view on emotions. Therapy is very important when looking to recover from an addiction.

Motivational therapy

Maintaining motivation throughout a residential rehab programme and beyond can be challenging. Motivational therapy will be utilised to uphold your desire to recover, to remind you of your why and your rehabilitation progress so far.

Relapse prevention planning

Relapse prevention planning and aftercare services are also important when recovering. To support your transition back to Portsmouth, this form of addiction treatment will alleviate commonly experienced vulnerabilities. You’ll also strengthen your ability of long-term recovery back at home.

Although visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Portsmouth may have been the front runner for you, we hope that our breakdown on residential rehab has increased your awareness of invaluable rehab programmes. Through our personalised programmes, you will set yourself up with the best chance of recovery. Reach out today to benefit from the above addiction treatments, here at Ocean Recovery Centre, a Blackpool based, specialist residential rehab centre.