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Exeter Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Exeter

Opening up is one of the hardest steps for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Are you struggling to open up? Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we can appreciate how difficult this step is. There are many emotions linked to sharing your struggles with drugs and alcohol.

However, no matter how difficult it may be, how scary it may feel or the level of embarrassment you may experience, opening up is vital; it is a necessary step to take if you’re looking to achieve addiction recovery.

If you’re finding it difficult to source a drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter, with the hope to recover privately, consider our residential rehab facility here at Ocean Recovery Centre.

Why speaking out is important?

So far, you may have suffered in silence. This is very difficult to continue for the long-term. If you’ve been struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction for some time, you’ve probably already experienced connected mental health issues. Your quality of life has probably deteriorated.

Without taking the step to opening up, those experiences, those feelings and those mental health issues will worsen. It is also common for further behavioural habits or illnesses to develop, resulting in a dangerous addiction cycle.

With this in mind, the sooner you open up, the sooner long-term addiction recovery can be experienced. We appreciate how scary this step feels. You may currently struggle to acknowledge your drug and alcohol addiction. You may find it hard to believe that substance abuse has impacted your life. You may fear that others will have an opinion on your current mental health state. You may worry about recovering locally in Exeter. All of these worries and feelings are common – yet in most cases are preconceived ideas, delaying addiction recovery.

It’s time to get out of your own head by reaching out to addiction specialists through either outpatient treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter, or residential rehab. Overcoming addiction is only possible when speaking out. This is a brave step to take, motivating long-term recovery.

Sourcing a specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter

If you’re ready and happy to recover locally, completing an outpatient programme from a drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter can be an effective treatment option. There is great potential to recover from substance abuse.

This treatment option can provide autonomy for clients while working through a consistent treatment programme, available on an outpatient basis. This will commonly include a drug and alcohol detox, along with support groups and AA meetings.

However, this localised approach will unfortunately not work for those who are truly suffering with addiction. It will also not be recommended for those hoping to recover in private, away from influences, pressure and attention in Exeter.

If you’re ready to open up and complete high standard addiction treatment, here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we highly recommend residential rehab.

Recovering in private through residential rehab

If you’re hoping to keep your addiction recovery to yourself, opting for residential rehab, set away from Exeter will offer this level of privacy. The distance will benefit you, offering time, space and concentration to progress through a personalised treatment programme.

Residential rehab is also highly recommended for individuals who are struggling with the true side effects of addiction. Attempting to heal psychologically while surrounded by current influences and emotions in Exeter can be difficult. Outpatient treatment may not provide enough consistency or concentrated addiction treatment.

With this in mind, residential rehab is a valuable treatment option to consider, down to the targeted and consistent approach to addiction treatment. Not only this, you’ll be provided with a hands-on addiction specialist, guiding you through the whole rehab process.

If you’re struggling to open up, our addiction counsellors will offer emotional support, helping you acknowledge your battels, while preparing you mentally to win those battles; ultimately reaching long-term addiction recovery.

For the best opportunity to truly recover and experience the benefits of rehab, consider residential programmes. Ongoing support can also be received post rehab from a drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter, helping you maintain recovery.

Holistic addiction treatments

Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we promote holistic approaches to addiction treatment. As an addiction is affected by both physical and psychological influences, it is important that a 360 approach to treatment is provided.

For some clients, physical cravings will be driving substance abuse. For other clients, psychological issues will be influencing drug and alcohol consumption. With this in mind, we ensure that treatment programmes are personalised, targeting each effected area of an individuals being.

To begin rehab, a drug and alcohol detox programme will commonly be required. This is a necessity if high quantities of drugs and alcohol have been abused for some time. Toxins and addictive substances will be slowly removed from the body, overseen by our medical staff. From here, psychological treatment options will be promoted. This will help uncover the underlying driving force, motivating drug and alcohol abuse. Our team will also help those suffering with a dual diagnosis of a mental health issue.

Commonplace psychological treatment options will include support groups, motivational therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapy sessions, and life coaching sessions. To further improve recovery probabilities, positive coping mechanisms and relapse prevention techniques will be shared, helping to ease the transition back to Exeter.

This holistic approach to addiction treatment will provide you with the most feasible opportunity to fully overcome your drug and alcohol addiction. For more information on our range of leading addiction treatments, get in touch with our team.

Reach out to our team here at Ocean Recovery Centre

Start your road to recovery by opening up to our team here at Ocean Recovery Centre. We follow a compassionate and supportive approach, ensuring that all individuals suffering can recover. Select from recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter itself, or favour privacy through a residential rehab programme. Our rehab programmes can help you slowly acknowledge your drug and alcohol addiction, while moving you through a personalised treatment programme.

Achieve long-term addiction recovery through our residential rehab programmes.