Rugby Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Rugby Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rugby

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Rugby

If you’re searching for alcohol and drug rehab in Rugby and aren’t sure where to turn, then consider the Ocean Recovery Centre. Based in Blackpool, we’re in the ideal location for people in the Midlands who want to get away from home for rehab, giving you space you need to work on your recovery in peace.

Our world-class drug and alcohol rehab centre is set on Blackpool’s historic promenade and has a peaceful, homely environment. Stay with us for a 28-day programme and you’ll go through detox and rehab, giving you a great chance of staying off drugs and alcohol for life.

How addiction is treated

Addiction is a complex disease, there are no two cases the same, so each recovery programme will need to be tailored to the individual in question. When you search for drug and alcohol rehab in Rugby, you’ll find a number of options from outpatient rehab to 12-step programmes. For those with a less severe addiction, or with incredibly strong willpower, these types of treatment can be quite effective. However, evidence has shown that residential rehab in a treatment centre is the best possible way to overcome an addiction.

There are a number of reasons why residential care often trumps outpatient programmes. Firstly, you’re removed from the environment in which you developed your addiction, so it’s harder to give into the temptation of drugs or alcohol. Within rehab centres, you get 24/7 support, so whether you need prescription medication for your detox or an emergency session with addiction counsellors, everything is in place for you.

The unfortunate news is that the NHS rarely provides residential rehab services, it’s usually only reserved for the most severe cases. That’s why you may want to consider private rehab such as the Ocean Recovery Centre. While it’s not the cheapest option, we feel that a stay with us offers excellent value for money when you consider that everything is included, from therapy sessions to meals and activities. When you continue to use this site, you’ll see just how comprehensive our services are, so can decide whether to invest in this type of treatment.

Getting into drug and alcohol rehab in Rugby

Whether you’ve decided you are willing to undergo a treatment programme, or you have a loved one who has admitted they have a problem, we understand that you don’t want them to have to wait for care. While the NHS does offer services such as support groups, there’s often a very long wait for even the most basic of care, which is why people are increasingly going private.

In order to get started at the Ocean Recovery Centre, all you have to do is pick up the phone. We don’t ask for a GP referral, although we will ask for your doctor’s details and will assume that you are happy for us to share details of your stay. If you don’t want your GP to know, that’s fine, we always uphold the highest levels of confidentiality.

After an initial telephone consultation, if you decide you want to come to us for rehab, then we can usually admit you within 48 hours. We offer services including the booking of transport from Rugby, so you can get to us safely and quickly. There’s no waiting list, so you don’t put yourself at risk while you wait to get into treatment.

From detox to aftercare

There are a number of steps in your recovery process:

  • Detox – everyone who comes to us for alcohol or drug treatment will need to go through detox. While you may suffer withdrawal symptoms, we can offer prescription drugs as well as 24/7 support to help you through the process.
  • Rehab – we offer a number of treatment options, from traditional therapies such as CBT – cognitive behavioural therapy, to holistic methods. The aim is to help you tackle the root cause of your addiction and prevent future relapses.
  • Aftercare – complete your 28-day programme with us and we’ll offer you a year of free aftercare. For the best possible chance of long-term success, we highly recommend you attend these sessions.

You can find out more about the experience on our website, but the most important thing you should know is that we will be with you every step of the way. If you have tried other rehab methods in the past and relapsed, don’t worry, we often work with people who have long term addiction issues, and will do our best to help you out.

Finding local support

The first year outside of rehab can often be the toughest, as you are likely to need to make changes in your life. For example, not hanging around bars or with people who get drunk or use drugs. For many people, this can mean losing their support network and needing to build a new one. In addition to your aftercare sessions, it’s worth checking out local organisations such as Change Grow Live, Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Rugby has a few of these groups that aim to help people with addictions, so it’s worth taking some time out of your week to go to meetings and work on your recovery. Some people leave rehab and feel like they’re completely cured, so don’t need this kind of support, but this type of thinking can sometimes lead to a relapse. It’s important to get all the help you can, even once you’ve completed rehab, as recovery can be a long and lonely journey at times.

For alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Rugby, call Ocean Recovery Centre today 01253 847 553 or you can text HELP to 83222. If you fill in the contact form on our site, we will assume that you are happy for us to get in touch for a free initial consultation.