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Addiction treatment services are the key driving force of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation goal. However, while they are very important, impacting how and when clients recover, many individuals feel in the dark when considering the contents of such treatments.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rutland

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Rutland

We at Ocean Recovery are all about transparency. With this in mind, below we’ve shared some of our most commonly asked questions, surrounding addiction treatment services and programmes, which you can experience via our rehab clinic.

The below may be relevant to you if you’re looking to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Rutland. Yet, if you’re open to residential rehab, here in Blackpool, the same advice and recommendations will apply.

Commonly, a detox programme is linked to addiction recovery. However, many other steps, including therapeutic treatment services, dual diagnosis treatment, wellbeing management and relapse prevention are overlooked or devalued. Here’s what you can expect from our treatment programmes, offering comprehensive opportunities for long-term recovery.


How important is it to complete rehab?

If you’re looking to embark on rehab, it is very important that you do see it out. Not only to profit from your investment but to also experience the entire benefits that a completed rehab programme can offer.

Unfortunately, many addicts do feel like once the withdrawal stage has passed, and once that a degree of therapy has been completed, that a return home can be made. At this point, while initial recovery milestones may have been fulfilled, the second half of rehab is about sustaining such milestones, to promote long-term recovery.

Here’s when the likes of relapse prevention will take place, where wellbeing management will be promoted, and where transitional steps will be worked on to return to Rutland.

It’s important to remember that rehab isn’t just about detoxing for respite, its intentions are to increase opportunities for comprehensive recovery. With this in mind, it is recommended that you complete the entirety of a residential rehab programme, followed by aftercare services to fully benefit from rehab.


Can I complete treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Rutland?

You can choose to complete addiction treatment services via a drug and alcohol rehab in Rutland. However, as we’re based in Blackpool, we unfortunately cannot facilitate this localised recovery service for you.

By remaining local, we also cannot provide insight into the type of treatment services that will be available to you. It is important to remember that all rehab clinics are different. Yet, through our rehab facility, we can facilitate residential rehab for you, which will include a personalised programme of addiction treatment services.

If you’re visiting our website for a brief overview, but also favour the option of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Rutland, we encourage you to find out the type of treatments you can expect to complete on a local scale, along with gauging their suitability.

Suitability is key, which we secure through tailored addiction treatment programmes.


How essential is it to detox from drugs and alcohol?

It is very essential to detox from drugs and alcohol. However, by detoxing, we do not mean the cold turkey approach to drug and alcohol withdrawal. We encourage the service of a medically observed and structured detox programme, which can help you safely yet proactively withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

Detoxing is a necessary treatment service to complete as it helps the body readjust and cope without the presence of drugs and alcohol. This far, you may have built up a significant tolerance to drugs and alcohol, which will result in substantial toxicity within the body. To remove such toxins, you therefore must remove drugs and alcohol, while focusing on your wellbeing and nutrition.


How long will treatment take?

Addiction treatment services will take as long as they need to. By that, we mean that your treatment programme will last a recommended timeframe, to ensure that your type of addiction can be worked through.

On average, a rehab programme will last 28 days. Those 28 days will focus on withdrawal efforts, psychological recovery, post-rehab planning, relapse prevention and sustainable recovery. As a result of this, you can achieve such results in just under a month.

However, it is essential to remember that the type of treatments that you need to complete will dictate the contents and timeframe of your programme. With this in mind, if you require extensive dual diagnosis treatment, your stay may last longer, in order to also work through associated mental health concerns.

The way in which we recommend our clients to consider timescales is to remember that residential rehab is the most efficient way to recover, that treatment is necessary, and that a short-term sacrifice of time will allow for greater time back in Rutland through long-term recovery.


Will I need to complete therapy after rehab?

Therapy will be a pinnacle treatment option throughout rehab itself. This will also be the case if you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Rutland, as therapy promotes emotional release and restoration.

Down to the nature of addiction, where the majority of symptoms do reside in the mind, there is a strong chance that ongoing therapy will benefit you on a post-rehab basis.

Further therapy will aim to boost your motivation, to help you manoeuvre through potential challenges of sober living, will promote accountability, and will provide assurance that help is still available.

You can experience individual therapy and support groups on an aftercare basis, which can transform the way in which you respond to long-term recovery and your new drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Opening up can be challenging, yet with the support of specialists, a degree of therapy will be invaluable when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Understandably, here today we cannot recommend exact treatment services to you. Yet throughout your admission, we can provide greater clarity and full outlines of your treatment programme. To experience our take here at Ocean Recovery on personalised treatment programmes, we encourage you to overlook the option of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Rutland, by instead accepting residential rehab.

If you’re yet to make your mind up, doing some research will be beneficial to fully gauge expectations of potential treatments, their benefits and their results.

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