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Peak District Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Peak District

If you start consuming drugs or alcohol regularly and often exceed the recommended daily limit, this can lead to serious physical and mental health issues. Alcohol or drug abuse is extremely damaging. A prolonged period of drug or alcohol abuse can lead to a broken social life, drug or alcohol addiction has been cited in many divorces, and also problems with jobs and careers. The majority of drug addicts or alcoholics lose their jobs or have to drop out of education.

The problems above can be avoided, by reducing or stopping drug or alcohol consumption. There is help available if you want to quit drinking, Ocean Recovery Centre offers Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the Peak District to help guide you to a life without a drug or alcohol addiction. We work with a tried and tested program that involves drug and alcohol detox, drug and alcohol rehab and post detox therapy. Our centre is situated in Blackpool, around a two-hour drive from the Peak District. We will pick you up and transport you to our drug and alcohol rehab centre. Don’t wait, call us today to change your life for the better, 01253 847 553.

How Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Peak District Work?

At our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Peak District centre, we aim to improve your life by helping you quit drinking alcohol and stop using drugs. Once you feel you are ready to stop, speak to one of our advisers. The first initial conversation we can gauge whether you need our help and residential drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

Once you accept our help, we can pick you up from your Peak District home or you can come by yourself. The process will start with an initial consultation and by setting targets, after this the detoxification will begin. Once the detox is complete the focus turns to locating the root cause of the drug or alcohol abuse with the aim identifying the triggers. Drug and Alcohol rehab aftercare is provided on an outpatient  basis for a year, this can be extended if required.

Drug and Alcohol Detox, What Is It ?

Drug and Alcohol Detox is the first stage in drug and alcohol rehab. Alcohol and drugs affects almost every cell in the body meaning it is very hard and complicated to withdraw from it. Rehab clinics generally recommend that those affected by alcoholism or drug dependency complete a detox programme before starting the rehabilitation. The purpose of the drug and alcohol detox is to eliminate all traces of drugs and/or alcohol from the body, this ensures the addiction sufferer is completely clean before rehabilitation.

Is drug and alcohol detox hard?

It can be. For a lot of people it is very tough going. Stopping a habit you may have been relying on for years isn’t going to be easy as your brain and body can be reliant on drugs or alcohol. Some recovered alcoholics and drug abusers say it’s been the hardest thing they’ve ever done. However, the human mind is very resilient and the body tough. We have provided countless detox services over the years and we know it is possible for everyone to get through it.

Drug and Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are common when detoxing from drugs or alcohol, and there is a variety of symptoms, each with varying degrees of severity.  It is impossible to tell whether you will experience mild, moderate or severe symptoms until they occur, however, we can prevent the most serious symptoms in our supervised facilities.

Typically, symptoms will begin between six and twelve hours after having taken your last intake of drugs or alcoholic drink. This means that symptoms can occur even when there is a significant amount of alcohol or drugs still present in the body. Symptoms includes tremors, sweating, small appetite, nausea, irritation, and the feeling of restlessness. You may experience a rapid pulse and raised blood pressure, and you could experience anxiousness.

Is drug and alcohol detox worth it?

It absolutely is! Alcohol and drug addiction has destroyed people worldwide. It has broken families and relationships, and ended careers and even lives. If you have been suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse, the withdrawal symptoms are nothing compared to the risks. Call our drug and alcohol rehab Peak District centre now on 01253 847 553.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Peak District Post Detox

After you finish your detox period, we move onto another challenging part of rehab: post detox therapy. This is just as important as detox. Detox gets you clean, whilst post-detox treatment helps you stay clean. Based on your history and everything you have told us during the initial conversation and meeting, we will find the most suitable treatment for you.

A popular post detox therapy technique is for example Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT. This treatment allows you to understand yourself, and why drug and alcohol has become an addiction in the first place. CBT will also help you find ways to combat cravings for drug and alcohol and help avoid situations that could lead to drinking.

Outside of CBT, there are many different techniques that can help you to improve your mindset and our expert doctors and counselors help maximise the chances of staying drink-free for the rest of your life.

Ready to start drug and alcohol rehab?

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