East Midlands Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

If you’re in the East Midlands area and feel lost and helpless about your drug or alcohol addiction, please get in touch with our rehab team today.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab East Midlands

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in the East Midlands

Addictions can be an extremely tough issue to confront. Each person with an addiction is different, with different causes and triggers for their condition, but one thing that most people with addictions have in common is that they can benefit greatly from professional help. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in the East Midlands, then you can get help today from the Ocean Recovery Centre, a world-class treatment centre in Blackpool, just a couple of hours away from the region.

While rehab centres have long been associated with the rich and famous, they can actually benefit people from all walks of life. By coming to us for a 28-day programme, you get comprehensive, intensive treatment. While you may have already tried outpatient treatment and relapsed, the treatment services that we offer are often far better than these sorts of programmes. If you’re serious about giving up drugs or alcohol, then we’ll do all we can to help you reach your goals.


Signs of addiction

Addictions can vary a lot from person to person, so there’s no one sign that you have one. It’s usually a pattern of behaviour and physical symptoms that together can lead to a diagnosis.

If you take drugs or drink to excess, you’re likely to notice physical symptoms early into your addiction. This can include a dry mouth, insomnia, feeling restless or shaking and sweating, especially at times when you haven’t taken these substances. Your addiction will also affect your mental health, often worsening cases of anxiety and depression. Your loved ones may notice that you have mood swings, are taking part in risky behaviour, or have even lied or stolen to get drink or drugs. If you can relate to any of these symptoms, then it may be time to seek help.


Getting help when you need it most

The problem with trying to get drug or alcohol treatment is that it’s very severely rationed on the NHS. In the Midlands area, there has been an increase in the number of people with addictions, yet very little funding to help them out, so you may find yourself on a long waiting list.

This is the main reason why people seek out private rehab, as it means the wait is reduced to a matter of hours. When you contact us for drug and alcohol rehab in the East Midlands, then we can often admit you to our treatment programme in just 48 hours, which gives you enough time to pack, but not enough time to talk yourself out of coming.


Beginning drug and alcohol rehab

You’ll have a telephone assessment when you first get in touch with us, but once you arrive at the Ocean Recovery Centre, we carry out a full check of your mental and physical health to ensure we get you on the right rehab programme.

Those who stay with us must go through a detox, which is an essential part of the process in treatment centres. For the majority of people, this can lead to side effects, as your body has become dependent on alcohol or drugs. Therefore, we offer options such as prescription medication that allow you to be slightly sedated during the worst of detox. You’ll get lots of help and support, with time to discuss group withdrawal symptoms at our regular therapy sessions.

From the first day you arrive, you’ll spend time with qualified and experienced addiction counsellors. Our rehab clinic is staffed by a team of very supportive individuals, many of who have gone through their own addiction struggles, which means they know exactly what you’re going through. There’s both group and individual therapy, allowing you to attack the source of your addiction and giving you the best chance of staying sober.


Staying in residential rehab

Residential rehab is often attended by people who’ve tried other programmes such as outpatient clinics, but found they’ve relapsed. However, you don’t need to have tried other programmes to come to us. We offer rehab treatment for people with addictions of all severity levels, and when you arrive, you’ll notice that people from all walks of life stay at the Ocean Recovery Centre.

The Ocean Recovery Centre is a cosy, homely place to recover, which is set on the promenade of Blackpool. Staying with us gives you a break from everyday life, allowing you to simply focus on your own recovery. Because you are staying with us and spending time away from the East Midlands, you have time to learn something new, whether it’s mindfulness or meditation, and start to put your life together.

Most people spend 28-days with us, but we know that sobriety is something you have to work on in the long term. If you complete your programme, you get 12 months of free aftercare, which is an excellent way to stay on track. These support group sessions let you stay in touch with others you met on the programme and give you somewhere to go and talk about your feelings.


Support at home

Once you’re at home, although you’ll have your aftercare sessions, you may also feel you need more support. We can help you find groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, which allows you to follow a longer-term programme. We can also arrange things such as family therapy, which can help those around you to heal your relationships and find ways to support you at home.

If you’re considering drug and alcohol rehab in the East Midlands to overcome an addiction, get in touch with the Ocean Recovery Centre team today on 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222 for more information.