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Drug and alcohol addiction rarely affects only a single person.

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It is true that addiction can have a huge impact on an individual’s physical and psychological health and well-being. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), alcohol alone is a causal factor linked to more than 200 diseases and conditions, with 3 million deaths every year resulting from the use of alcohol.

Illegal drug use and the misuse of prescription drugs can be equally dangerous. Substances once commonly thought of as ‘soft’ drugs can also have a huge negative impact, particularly on a person’s mental health, as numerous studies on cannabis addiction have now shown.

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The damage caused by addiction can also radiate out and affect partners and spouses, children, other family members and friends. If you can see the damage you’re causing and want to stop, drug and alcohol rehab in Sparkbrook could provide your way out.

If you are worried about someone close to you, we also provide confidential support for friends and family. Sometimes the person with the addiction can be defensive and may well be in denial.

In this case, it may take a loved one to help them see the damage they are causing and convince them to seek the help they need.


What is the difference between Outpatient and Inpatient Rehab?

Once they are ready to seek help there are a number of treatment options available. The first major choice is whether to go for residential drug and alcohol rehab or to participate in an outpatient or community-based treatment programme.

Outpatient programmes may be available via the NHS and can certainly be valuable, but they do have some drawbacks. Resources are sadly often stretched and you will typically have to attend appointments at various clinics, which can be difficult when you are struggling with drug addiction and particularly if you are living a chaotic lifestyle due to your substance abuse.

You will also be surrounded by all those daily pressures, triggers and temptations associated with your drinking or drug taking and will have to manage your own detoxification.

At an alcohol and drug rehab centre, on the other hand, you will be safely away from all that, in a secure and tranquil environment where you can really focus on your recovery.

You will go through a tailored rehab programme aimed at treating every aspect of your addiction and substance misuse, with access to round the clock care and support when you need it. You will also have the opportunity to undergo the difficult drug or alcohol detox under close supervision.


Treatment plans available at Ocean Recovery

During a thorough admissions process, our trained experts will not only guide you through your options but will also gather information about your health, addiction and substance use, in order to help draw up a personalised treatment plan.

It is important that this is tailored to you as everyone who comes to rehab is on their own recovery journey and will have their own unique requirements. There are some core elements though and rehab will usually consist of three main areas: detoxification, therapy and aftercare.


Going through Drug or Alcohol Detox

Detox can be a very difficult time because clearing the toxic chemicals from your substance – essentially the point at which you get clean and sober – is usually accompanied by intense cravings and a range of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

These can vary widely – the experience of cannabis detox can be quite different to other types of drug detox such as opioids – but withdrawal symptoms are always unpleasant and can be potentially dangerous.

It is always better to undergo this period in dedicated treatment centres and detox clinics as you will have access to expert support and medical care. This could involve specialist prescription medication that can help you get through some of these withdrawal symptoms.


Addiction Therapy Programmes and Rehab Prevention

Detox is important but another vital step towards long-term recovery is relapse prevention. This is primarily achieved in drug and alcohol rehab centres via a holistic programme of addiction treatment therapies. These will help you to explore the root causes of your addiction and substance misuse, which is an important part of any recovery.

You will also develop coping strategies and the knowledge and skills you will need to remain clean and sober going forward. Useful therapies could include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), group therapy and trauma & abuse counselling, as well as a range of well-being therapies and workshops aimed at improving your general health.

The recovery journey doesn’t end as soon as you leave rehab though, which is why we offer a year of free aftercare to provide the support you need when those cravings and wobbles inevitably strike.



Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

How long do rehab programmes last?

Different rehab programmes will have different durations. Many take 12 weeks, although some may be longer and some shorter. In general terms, a longer stay is likely to have better success rates than a shorter one, but there are always a lot of factors to consider.

How do I get help for my addiction?

There are numerous charities and other organisations that can help people struggling with addiction. You can talk to your GP, who will be able to advise you on the next steps. Or you can contact us for help and advice in complete confidentiality. Residential rehab is the best way to treat serious addiction problems and you can get the ball rolling with a simple phone call or by sending us a message. We also offer support for family and friends if you are concerned about a loved one.

How do I know when to go to rehab?

If you have a problem with your drinking or drug use, you may have an addiction problem requiring treatment. It is never too early to address such a problem and doing so quickly can help prevent you from doing long-term damage to yourself and those around you. On the other hand, it’s never too late to seek help and many people who have been struggling for years finally manage to beat their addiction through residential rehab.