Erdington Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Addiction treatment can be accessed through the NHS and private rehab. Working out which will offer the greatest results and recovery experience for you personally is recommended.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Erdington

We have Treatment Centres in Erdington

For some Erdington locals, NHS treatments and support will be enough to recover, offering high-quality care and compassion. Yet for others, the delayed process that follows will be disruptive, requiring immediate private addiction help.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation should be a bespoke process, to suit your needs. Via a CQC drug and alcohol rehab in Erdington, accommodating treatment services and programmes will be available. Your budget, available timeframe and wellbeing will also be considered through private services.

Reach out at Ocean Recovery, a leading rehabilitation centre to experience the benefits of private rehab. For the majority, it’s effective, life-changing and a key motivator of sobriety.

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Treatment options in your local area

Any type of addiction treatment will help you through your current problems with drugs and alcohol. Yet depending on the strength of your addiction, symptoms and triggers, specific forms may be required to help with long-term recovery.

NHS treatment: Addiction treatment can be arranged via the NHS. This is a free, convenient option that is familiar to most people. To access treatment, clients will be added to a waiting list. This can be tough to deal with, as an urgent approach is best whilst treating a drug and alcohol addiction. Yet if your symptoms are mild, waiting may be tolerable.

Outpatient rehab: Treatments can be accessed via private rehab on a weekly basis. Known as outpatient rehab, a private, personal plan of action can be formed to work around lifestyles and routines. Treatment sessions are flexible, scheduling visits over a number of months. Access is immediate, starting post-admission.

Inpatient rehab: Inpatient rehab is the most effective when treating addiction as treatment is consistent and intensive. By checking into a private drug and alcohol rehab in Erdington, an ideal environment and level of support will be found to work through addiction treatment. Treatment can be completed within 28 days, followed by relapse prevention planning and aftercare.

All treatment options will offer benefits through the addiction recovery journey. Yet depending on your budget, your time sensitivity, your long-term goals and your needs, a certain type of treatment programme will benefit you best, through short and long-term results.

At Ocean Recovery, we advocate private inpatient drug and alcohol rehab for the results that it motivates. Yet also here to offer tailored programmes, we can cater to your individual needs and wants.


Treating drug and alcohol addiction

To treat a drug and alcohol addiction, a wide range of treatments and therapies will usually be required. As symptoms and severities of addiction vary from person to person, some will benefit from minimal treatment, whilst others will benefit from comprehensive services.

A bespoke programme, including suitable treatments and therapies, will be formed for you for your admission into private rehab. Following your selected delivery, a schedule will be created, either offering daily or weekly sessions.

Treatments will firstly aim to detox the body from drugs and alcohol. A medical detoxification process will be arranged to safely eliminate all toxins and to progress sobriety. Therapy sessions will then follow for most individuals, to work through causes, emotional associations, and mental health issues.

Therapy sessions will be offered on a one-to-one basis and through group arrangements. Cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy will be arranged personally, followed by family therapy and group therapy.

Physical and psychological recovery are the aims of addiction treatment. Yet the focus is also placed on relapse prevention planning and ongoing maintenance. Once sobriety has been achieved, lifestyle changes will be required to disengage drug and alcohol exposure. Coping strategies, preventive tools and crisis management will be worked through to prepare for your return to Erdington.

Addiction treatments are safe yet intensive. They are evidence-based, proven to treat addiction and its relapsing risks. Through private rehab, an effective programme will be formed to treat your individual circumstances.


How effective is rehab?

Rehab is designed as a supportive recovery process. It brings together specialist guidance, a range of treatment services and proven tools to understand and treat addiction.

The right treatment programme and services can effectively diminish an addiction. Sobriety is a realistic goal that can be set, especially through inpatient programmes.

Although the tools of rehab continue for the future, for its effects to continue, accountability and commitment must remain. There are many lessons attached to drug and alcohol rehabilitation to carry forward. By embracing them, rehab can be a life-changing process.

Selecting the right drug and alcohol rehab in Erdington and experiencing bespoke services will increase its effectiveness.


Relapse prevention and aftercare support

Both relapse prevention planning and aftercare are forms of support that follow on from rehab. They help to recover addicts through the initial stages of recovery.

Relapse prevention planning is where a personal plan is formed to spot and work through any symptoms of relapse. Preventive tools will be provided to confidently work through drug and alcohol exposure.

Aftercare support is in place to offer structure, a support network and ongoing treatment. It’s offered for 12 months through outpatient rehab, in the form of support groups and therapy sessions.

Both forms of support are in place to assist with the adjustment phase, helping clients become accustomed to sobriety.

Through bespoke recommendations here at Ocean Recovery, addiction treatments can help you reach a point of recovery. Visit or check into a private drug and alcohol rehab in Erdington to experience such standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

Can addiction be treated?

Yes, addiction is a treatable condition. Consumption can be stopped through a detoxification process, followed by therapy to treat the psychological concerns of addiction. Treatment will restore the body and mind whilst also preparing clients for sobriety.

Although addiction cannot be cured, it’s treatable and manageable by completing drug and alcohol rehab.

What happens after rehab?

After rehab, you’ll return to your life in Erdington. Yet you’ll need to make some changes to adjust to sobriety. You’ll also work through some sobriety milestones, to strengthen your recovery journey. Each step will be guided by our team, offered through aftercare services and relapse prevention planning.

How common are relapse risks?

Relapse risks can surface at any time. An addiction is a relapsing disorder, which requires long-term control. Over time, it will get easier to control triggers and to cope through their presence. Yet initially, relapse risks can be high, which is why aftercare is offered and highly recommended.
Drug and alcohol relapse is normal, is treatable and can be worked from, to maintain sobriety.