Bromford Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

When you look at the various treatment options available to you, you’ll notice two main options for either private drug and alcohol rehab or free addiction treatment with local health services like the NHS.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bromford

We have treatment centres in Bromford

We understand how a free treatment plan can sound appealing, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option to help you recover from substance abuse.

Unfortunately, the NHS are so underfunded and overstretched that they cannot tailor any of their treatment plans, meaning you’ll receive a generic approach to your rehabilitation, which is unlikely to take effect.

Additionally, you’ll join a long waiting list to receive this treatment programme, potentially waiting for months which can be detrimental to your long-term recovery.

In comparison, you could receive drug and alcohol rehab treatment with a private rehab centre. Of course, there’s a cost attached to this, but most private rehab centres like ours will have varying budgets to suit different people.

The benefits of a private rehab facility certainly make the cost worth it, as you’re so much more likely to achieve full recovery by taking advantage of the constant support and motivation from our expert team within a focused and relaxed environment. With a high rate of successful long-term recoveries, we’re confident that we can help you leave behind your addictive behaviour.

Another great benefit of private rehab is that you’ll receive a treatment plan personalised specifically to your unique needs, which has proven to be a great contributor to successful rehabilitation.

Our team will continue to monitor your progress and adjust as needed to ensure you achieve your goal of long-term recovery and are no longer suffering from addiction.

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Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

When searching for treatment services, you’ll first need to decide whether you’ll want to remain at home during your treatment as an outpatient and visit our rehab centre each day or whether you’d like to stay overnight at our drug and alcohol rehab Bromford for the duration of your treatment programme.

The choice is yours; there’s no wrong or right answer. You need to think about which treatment options suit your circumstances and which will help you most to overcome your battle with addiction.

In our experience, we’ve seen a much higher success rate from residential rehab with inpatients than we have with outpatient treatment; this could be down to a few different factors. As an inpatient, you benefit from a relaxed and positive environment to undergo your drug and alcohol rehab.

You’re supported by a fantastic team of recovery workers 24/7 who are focused on helping you to achieve your long-term recovery. Whereas when you stay at home, you’re exposed to the outside world and the potential negative influences and daily stresses of life which comes with it; this is likely to make your recovery journey longer or less effective.


Noticing the Signs of Symptoms of Addiction

It’s proven difficult for many people to come to terms with their addictive behaviour as they tend to hide their symptoms from friends and family and even from themselves. This denial is quite natural but can be detrimental to your rehabilitation if you cannot accept that you need professional support.

If you’re unsure whether your substance abuse warrants a visit to drug and alcohol rehab, then it’s important to remember there’s no addiction too mild or too severe for treatment. The longer you leave addiction untreated, the worse it will get. These are some common signs and symptoms to look out which indicate that a visit to our drug and alcohol rehab Bromford is required urgently.

  • Do you feel as though your substance abuse controls you?
  • Are you experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you’re not consuming drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you drink or take drugs at any time throughout the day?
  • Has your addictive behaviour resulted in relationships ending?
  • Have you noticed a negative impact on your physical and psychological health?


What happens once leaving rehab?

The length of each person’s rehab programme will be dependent on the severity of your substance abuse and your circumstances, but we typically recommend a 28-day programme at our rehab centre. Once you’ve completed your treatment plan at our rehab clinic, you’ll return home supported by your personalised aftercare plan.

This plan will include dedicated helplines for any advice or guidance you may need, access to local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and ongoing therapy sessions as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

What does a typical day at your rehab facility look like?

No two days will be exactly the same, but usually, your day will include a mixture of psychological and well-being therapies with a break for lunch and some downtime in the evenings.

We can organise group walks or runs, quiz nights, film nights, or family visits during this time. Before you begin your structured treatment plan, you’ll likely go through the process of detoxification, which can take a few days to complete.

Can I detox without the support of a drug and alcohol rehab?

Some people attempt a drug or alcohol detox at home without the supervision of professionals, but we wouldn’t recommend this. An at-home detox would significantly increase your risk of developing severe withdrawal symptoms, putting yourself in unnecessary danger; you’re also much more likely to fail in your attempt to detox by doing it this way.

With the supervision and expertise of our medical team, you’ll have a much greater chance of succeeding with your detoxification whilst also significantly minimising any risk to you.

What is your rehab clinic like?

Our team work very hard to maintain a recovery-focused environment with a relaxed atmosphere. Our drug and alcohol rehab Bromford has some excellent facilities including a commercial kitchen and dining area, bespoke nutrition plans, on-site chef, 1-2-1 therapy rooms, welcome lounge/visitor room, medication/exam room, a library, gym facilities, and laundry. All clients who join our residential rehab will have their own private room and en-suite.