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Treatment has a significant role to play throughout the addiction recovery journey. From promoting withdrawal and restoring the mind to normalising sobriety, great value is behind addiction treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Acocks Green

We have treatment centres in Acocks Green

Offering the most effective, proven, and flexible treatment options, private rehab provides tailored treatment plans, showcasing such value. Look to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Acocks Green to experience the most beneficial forms of treatment.

We at Ocean Recovery use various treatment options here to cater to individual needs, diagnoses, and responses. Addiction is treatable and manageable through rehabilitation. Experience a complete treatment journey, from the start of rehab to the end of your plan.

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Importance of addiction treatment

Whilst consumption can be stopped for a short period of time by simply withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, cravings, urges, and triggers will remain. Usually, physical associations are easier to revert. Yet, the psychological changes, associations and relationships that occur through an addiction require a helping hand.

Treatment offers the direction, guidance, and tools to disassociate from drugs and alcohol on many levels. A form of rehabilitation can be aimed for whilst also understanding personal triggers and responses. Treatments are in place to adapt outlooks, reactions, and behaviours, to disassociate to a sustainable degree.

Without addiction treatment, relapse risks are high, making it difficult to be around and exposed to drugs or alcohol. Those risks can be reduced and managed by completing addiction treatment, making it possible to lead a fulfilled, sober life.

A comprehensive treatment plan should always be considered, helping to treat addiction safely and appropriately.


Addiction treatments options in Acocks Green

Addiction treatment sessions, services and plans are offered through publicly funded and private rehab clinics. The most familiar option will be to recover via the NHS. Although treatment sessions are free, they lack urgency and a unique structure due to engulfing demands.

Private treatment services reasonably carry a cost. You’ll need to pay to visit or check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Acocks Green. Yet by doing so, you’ll have access to immediate treatment sessions, a personally motivated treatment plan, and ongoing treatment services. Not to mention the secure and friendly environments you’ll have access to through private rehab.

The best next step for you will be to consider your needs, expectations of treatment and success rates, and your available time/funds. The most suitable and feasible bout of treatment will be evident, helping you select between NHS and private treatment services.

At Ocean Recovery, we offer private addiction treatment programmes through inpatient and outpatient forms. This means that you can either complete necessary treatments and therapies through a 28-day private residential rehab plan or through several months on an outpatient plan. Truly here to help you benefit from addiction treatment, we can guide and support you through your selection.


Treatments and therapies at Ocean Recovery

If you select to visit or reside in a drug and alcohol rehab in Acocks Green, you’ll have your treatment programme to work through. A specialist rehabilitation centre will offer essential detoxification and rehabilitation services and additional benefits, sessions, and techniques to cater to individual needs.

You can expect to work through detoxification here at Ocean Recovery. A safe, medically assisted, and observed detox will be available to withdraw from and eliminate drugs and alcohol. Helping to promote sobriety, you’ll then be ready to work through the rehabilitation phase of treatment.

Rehabilitation focuses on your mind, mental health and relationship with drugs and alcohol. It offers perspective, helps to challenge your associations, and provides the inspiration to adapt. A range of therapy sessions will be provided to help you recover on a psychological level.

Through our rehab centre, holistic therapies are also promoted to help improve wellbeing. Therapies are also recommended to help stabilise healthy intentions and lifestyle choices to support long-term recovery.

Treatment sessions and plans are intense and progressive, primarily through residential rehab. Yet, they are also safe and observed by addiction professionals.


Relapse prevention plans in place

Once you leave a drug and alcohol rehab clinic, you’ll need to have a plan in place. Through private rehab, the planning process begins throughout your treatment plan, known as relapse prevention.

Relapse prevention planning helps to increase awareness of personal triggers. It also offers insight into the signs of relapse, how to prevent relapse and how to manage through relapse.

Plans will work alongside aftercare services offered for 12 months here at Ocean Recovery. Both will help prepare for and work through early sobriety, offering guidance, motivation, and accountability to remain drug and alcohol-free.

Treatment is an instrumental part of addiction recovery: access high-quality, suitable treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Acocks Green. We’re here to offer the right treatment plan for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

Can I send a loved one to rehab?

You can refer a loved one to rehab. By that, you can reach out to our team at Ocean Recovery to note your concern, which we will then pass on to your family member. It’s important to remember that your referral must be accepted for admission to take place. Your loved one must be committed and happy to go ahead in order to experience rehab.

Is rehab a worthwhile spend?

In order to access and experience private rehab, it must be paid for. It is a worthwhile spend as there are many benefits, affecting drug and alcohol rehabilitation experiences and success rates.

Rehab must be feasible, meaning that your funds must be able to carry you across your programme. Here to cater to individual budgets, we can help you benefit from your investment, here at Ocean Recovery, whilst also making sure that you can complete rehab.

Am I ready for rehab?

It’s important that you are accepting of and committed to rehab. If you are ready to change, listen to professional advice and commit to either inpatient or outpatient rehab, you will be ready to experience the process.

Without acceptance, it can be difficult to open yourself up and embrace the recovery steps offered throughout the rehabilitation process. You can get ready by doing your research, preparing for your transition, and being fully invested in your recovery journey.