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If you live in Deeside, hoping to overcome your denial over addiction, at Ocean Recovery, we can help. Living in denial is very common when struggling with an addiction. Denial will act as a coping strategy for a number of different reasons, there to justify excessive drug and alcohol consumption.

Currently, you may feel like overcoming denial will be impossible. You may even feel the same when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Yet, with the right mindset and support, you can work through both, setting you up towards long-term recovery.

This milestone may currently feel a long way off, yet by acting as soon as possible, you can experience an efficient withdrawal process from drugs and alcohol, along with building strong foundations for ongoing sober living.

At our rehab clinic, we can help you progress through the stages of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, helping you disable your unhealthy habit of substance abuse. Consider visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Deeside or the surrounding area to begin the process of rehabilitation.

Why am I living in denial?

This is a common question we get asked here at Ocean Recovery. In short, denial is one of the most common emotions users will experience. For the majority of individuals, excessive drug or alcohol consumption will be out of character. Down to this, they will struggle to face up to the prospect of a drug and alcohol addiction diagnosis.

In order to blur reality, denial will set in, where excessive drug and alcohol consumption will be justified. Further common signs of denial include downplaying side effects, hiding drug and alcohol consumption and lying to loved ones.

Denial will act as a coping strategy. However, it is a highly dangerous emotion to enable, as it can stop you from seeing the benefits of drug and alcohol withdrawal and rehabilitation. It can also mask the severity of an addiction, which can in some cases unknowingly cause greater physical and psychological damages.

Down to these risks, it’s recommended that you try and overcome denial by facing up to your drug and alcohol addiction. One of the best ways you can do this is by speaking out, by considering the support of addiction specialists. Here is where visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Deeside can step in for you.

Can I recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in Deeside?

Yes, you can recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in Deeside. Opting for a local rehab clinic can carry many benefits for recovering addicts. Convenience and comfort are a few which are favoured.

However, to benefit from rehab, it is advised that you select residential addiction treatment. This is what we offer here at Ocean Recovery, a stone throws away from Deeside in Blackpool. This geographic distance can help you avoid your current drug and alcohol influences back at home, known to boost recovery steps.

Outpatient care can be sourced locally, yet this can be challenging for those who are experiencing physical and psychological side effects. In this situation, your best move will be a time of residential rehab, offering peace, privacy and time to focus on your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

How does residential rehab work?

Residential rehab is usually a new idea for most clients. With this in mind, it’s important that you know what to expect before leaving Deeside for a time of rehab.

Here at Ocean Recovery, we advocate residential rehab. This is where our clients will reside from our rehab clinic and experience a structured, personalised and intense stream of addiction treatment. This level and consistency of addiction treatment is vital, to unravel the complex makeup of addiction.

As drug and alcohol rehabilitation can take some time, this is the fastest route to recovery as it offers an ongoing stream of care, addiction treatment and motivation. Yet the biggest benefit is that you will have a personalised treatment programme to complete, set away from all distractions and influences.

Please be reassured that we offer a comfortable and homely setting for you to reside from. Family therapy can still be completed, aftercare services are also still on offer via residential rehab. You can experience a worthwhile recovery journey by opting for residential addiction treatment over outpatient care at a drug and alcohol rehab in Deeside itself.

Will I need to detox from drugs and alcohol?

In short, yes you will need to detox from drugs and alcohol. Currently, it is likely that you will have a strong build-up of drugs and alcohol in your system. In order to recover, a withdrawal process will be necessary.

Through a medically assisted detox programme, all traces of drugs and alcohol will be removed, helping you slowly learn to cope without their presence. In addition, psychological intervention will be required, through therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and accountability sessions.

How long will the rehab process last?

Your rehab programme will usually last 28 days. This is the average timescale for a full drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. Yet, depending on personal needs, your rehab stay may be shorter or longer.

Once we’ve completed an assessment on your admission into rehab, a greater guide on the length of your rehabilitation journey will be possible. The severity of your drug and alcohol addiction, your readiness to recover, and your responsiveness to addiction treatment can dictate your initial recovery timeframe.

Will I need to visit rehab again in the future?

The aim of residential rehab is to minimise all future visits. We hope for all clients to withdraw from drugs and alcohol via rehab, along with building strong recovery foundations to excel back in Deeside. Aftercare services are also available to reduce the risk of relapse, requiring future visits to rehab.

If you commit to the entire process and follow our post-rehab guidance, you will be at a lower risk of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab, in the future. Yet, it is important to note that further addiction treatment may be required, that relapses can happen, and that long-term recovery is an ongoing commitment.

If you do require further treatment, this is fine. This doesn’t mean that you’ve failed or reverted to your addiction. It just means that greater addiction treatment is required to lead a long future without drugs and alcohol, ranking as a worthwhile initial sacrifice.

Sacrifice for the short-term by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Deeside. Overcome your denial to start the rehabilitation process as soon as possible.