Anglesey Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Anglesey

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Anglesey

Drug and alcohol addiction can happen to anyone from any walk of life, and once you’re addicted, it’s hard to break the cycle even if it harms yourself and others. That’s when you might need the Ocean Recovery Centre. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Anglesey, we are in a convenient location and can get you admitted within 48 hours to start your rehab journey.


The effects of addiction

Whether you drink to excess or have substance misuse issues, eventually, these problems will catch up on you. Addiction changes the chemical make up of the brain, making it hard to feel pleasure, which can keep you trapped in a negative cycle. It can harm you both physically and mentally, from effecting your health to causing worsening depression and anxiety, and eventually, addiction can kill you.

However, it’s not just yourself that drug and alcohol addiction can affect. Many people with addictions finally come for treatment because it has destroyed their relationships, led to job loss or seen them spiral into debt.

Remember, no matter how badly your addiction has affected you, there is a way out. Coming to rehab allows you to improve your physical and mental health and start to rebuild your life.


Tackling the causes of addiction

People often develop an alcohol or drug addiction because they use these substances as a way to cope, and it all gets out of control. Drugs and alcohol can temporarily numb emotional pain, and people become addicted to the high, but the longer the addiction goes on, the more they need to consume.

At the Ocean Recovery Centre, we don’t just let you detox and leave. During our 28-day programme you’ll work closely with a therapist to uncover the roots of your addiction and develop healthy coping skills. You’ll have both individual and group therapy, along with other people in recovery like you, where you’ll get the tools you need to overcome your addiction.

We understand that the year after you leave rehab can be the toughest, and it’s when you’re most likely to relapse. If you complete alcohol or drug rehab with the Ocean Recovery Centre, then you get 12 months of free aftercare to get you through this tough time. Again, you’ll spend time talking about the causes of your addiction and can continue to discuss the best coping mechanisms with others in the same situation.


Getting through alcohol or drug withdrawal

When you use alcohol or drugs for a long time, your body builds up a tolerance for these substances, and unfortunately, when you try to stop, you’re likely to have withdrawal symptoms. Many people who come to us for recovery from alcohol or drug addiction may have tried to go cold turkey in the past but have found it’s simply too difficult or there are too many temptations to take drugs to ease the pain.

When clients arrive at the Ocean Recovery Centre for drug and alcohol rehab in Anglesey, the first step is nearly always to put them through detox. While this may mean you have to cope with side effects, the good news is that in many cases, detox can only take a few days. There are support workers on hand who specialise in supporting people with addiction, and you can choose to take prescription medication to get through the withdrawal stage if needed.

While detox is tough, and often described as the toughest part of rehab, it’s much better when you do it in a residential, supported environment. After a few days, you’re likely to feel much more clear headed and ready to focus on your recovery.


Getting through rehab

Many people assume that rehabs are clinical, cold places, like hospitals, but rest-assured, the Ocean Recovery Centre is more like a shared home. From the outside, you can’t even tell it’s a clinic, and it’s set on the Blackpool promenade, creating the ideal environment to undergo your recovery.

Recovering addicts stay with us for 28-days, during which time they go through individual and group therapy, workshops, holistic treatments and much more. The aim is to think about what caused you to become an addict, and to help you find healthier outlets for your emotions.

If you come to us with health issues, we’ll ensure you get the right medication during your stay and that you’re well-supported, and we pay close attention to your health while you’re in rehab. We provide nutritious meals and regular exercise sessions to help you stay well. If you have any health conditions, let us know during admission so we can make the right adjustments.


Life after the Ocean Recovery Centre

While coming to us for drug and alcohol rehab in Anglesey can be a life-changing event, you will need to return to your everyday life eventually. We want to ensure you have everything you need to succeed, so we can help you find services around Anglesey and Gwynedd who specialise in working with people out of rehab.

When you go home, you may also want to look for a substance misuse service in your local area to see if they can offer long term support, in addition to the aftercare offered by the Ocean Recovery Centre. As a service user, you may be able to get help with things like housing or jobs, and this kind of support service can keep you on your feet.

Some areas of North Wales can feel remote and cut off from support networks, but even small towns tend to have services like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous who can help you stay on track, with some recovering addicts attending for many years.

For drug and alcohol rehab in Anglesey, contact the Ocean Recovery Centre on

01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222. We’ll be able to give you free advice and an initial assessment over the phone, so you can decide whether rehab is right for you.