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In fact, both conditions correlate highly with each other, where a pre-existing mental health issue can trigger substance abuse, and where substance abuse can motivate and aggravate mental health issues.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Gloucester

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Gloucester

If you’re experiencing a dual diagnosis, to any degree, it is important to understand that while a very serious situation to be within, recovery is still possible through the right rehab clinic.

For a standalone addiction diagnosis, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester may usually be recommended. However, for someone struggling emotionally and psychologically, in tandem with the difficulties of addiction, the distance will be highly beneficial in this situation.

Through residential rehab, dual diagnosis treatment can be completed, helping to reduce and manage the control of each brain illness.

Ultimately, through a comprehensive rehab programme, you will have the capabilities to overcome both diagnoses, helping you return to Gloucester with a positive outlook, with new coping strategies, and with the tools to maintain sober living.

At Ocean Recovery, we can help you achieve a positive return on your investment into drug and alcohol rehabilitation, whether you’re struggling with a dual diagnosis or not.


The necessity of treating a dual diagnosis

A dual diagnosis is where two standalone conditions, unfortunately, combine, commonly those linked to mental health issues and substance abuse.

A diagnosis can develop from the excessive use of drugs and alcohol as the causation, commonly presenting itself through side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

Using drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy through a pre-existing mental health issue also drives many diagnoses.

Down to the complexity of a dual diagnosis, down to the strong link between both brain illnesses, and down to the strength of their relationship, treating both standalone conditions is necessary.

By activating addiction treatment services, independently, and forgetting about mental health issues, there’s a likelihood that side effects will influence a drug and alcohol relapse.

On the other end of the scale, treating mental health issues, alone, will not reduce the inclination of addicts to consume drugs and alcohol.

With this in mind, active efforts must be maintained to treat both standalone conditions, with the subsequent aim for both to positively impact one another.

This aim can be fulfilled via our residential rehab clinic at Ocean Recovery, offering distance and time to concentrate on a multifaceted attempt of long-term recovery.


Recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester

As we’ve shared above, through a standalone addiction diagnosis, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester may have been your best option.

This recommendation would have been made to promote comfort and convenience, ideal for those experiencing mild addictions.

However, if you’re either encountering a moderate to chronic addiction, or a dual diagnosis, looking beyond your local area of Gloucester will be encouraged.

This is down to the fact that the materialisation of both mental health issues and addictive behaviours can begin down to emotional, social or environmental triggers.

A trigger can be anything from small stress, to a chronic issue with people or places.

In order to tackle such a complex mix of side effects and associations, removing yourself from those triggers will be wise.

Triggers will usually reside within your current routine, which is making it very difficult for you to break away from. Yet, by actively moving yourself from those triggers, you’ll have a greater opportunity to disassociate yourself on physical and psychological levels.

To benefit your body and mind, residential rehab at Ocean Recovery will be encouraged.


The benefits of residential rehab on the body and brain

The greatest benefit of residential rehab is the physical and psychological distance you can encounter.

On the body, this distance provides tangible respite from drug and alcohol exposure, providing the greatest chance to detox without disruptions.

Many individuals will experience physical cravings of drugs and alcohol, which can be difficult to avoid while surrounded by familiar stimuli. Distance will remove the risk of familiarity, helping your body learn to adapt through a drug and alcohol-free reality.

Distance will also provide great benefits for your brain, by removing emotional and social stimuli, linked to either mental health issues and/or addiction.

Once the brain responds to a certain situation, to the presence of drugs and alcohol, and to the pressures of a dual diagnosis, vast changes will be experienced by the brain.

In order to function, the brain will continue to crave personal coping strategies, which commonly promote drug and alcohol abuse.

Through psychological distance, the brain will learn to cope without the accessibility of drug and alcohol consumption, by deflecting focus onto positive coping mechanisms.

While for your heart, remaining in Gloucester may feel right, select residential rehab to benefit your brain, body and your entire future self.


Holistic offerings of addiction treatment

One key driving force, motivating the selection of our rehab clinic at Ocean Recovery is the offering of holistic addiction treatment.

Through experience, we understand how the use of a multitude of treatment services are necessary to promote both physical and psychological recovery.

Through the likes of detoxification, stress management, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, cognitive behavioural therapy, and talking therapies, addiction recovery will be aimed for.

To tackle any existing mental health side effects, again talking therapies will be promoted, yet with an emphasis on holistic services and wellbeing sessions.

After all, the aim is to help the body and mind cope without drugs and alcohol, while managing through cognitive setbacks.

By boosting the overall quality of life, through addiction treatment services, long-term recovery capabilities will be greater.


Strong returns back to Gloucester

By overlooking the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, you can leave your comfort zone, providing yourself with the greatest chance to focus on yourself, on addiction recovery and on mental health realignment.

This big step, this level of quality and this commitment will help you return home with stronger recovery capabilities, with a stronger mindset, and with a stronger relapse prevention outlook.

You can return to Gloucester, stronger than ever by working with our team at Ocean Recovery.