Cheltenham Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Cheltenham Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cheltenham

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Cheltenham

Are you unsure whether now is the right time to complete addiction treatment? Through experience, here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we understand the importance behind timing. Although you may currently feel ready to recover, are you mentally prepared for the steps ahead?

Without overcoming your drug and alcohol addiction, a challenging, detrimental future is probable. This is unfortunate to hear, yet it is imperative that you understand your potential reality, in the near future.

Once you’re prepared to recover, mentally, we urge you to consider your treatment options to hand. Whether that’s localised treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheltenham, or residential rehab, finding the right treatment centre and recovery programme is significant; controlling your addiction recovery opportunity.

To prepare for rehab, and to discuss your treatment options, reach out to our team today.


Why is it vital that you’re ready to recover?

Reaching a point where you’re ready to leave your drug and alcohol addiction in the past is positive. This milestone is a point in the right direction, aiming for addiction recovery.

However, feelings alone will not motivate you through drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Half-hearted commitment will not influence progression through addiction treatments. Hoping for a quick rehab experience will not increase your opportunity to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.

With this in mind, it is vital that you’re fully prepared, committed and invested into the addiction recovery steps ahead. Whether that takes longer than expected, whether it’s harder than expected or whether it’s not what you expected at all, you must embrace rehab.

Prepare yourself mentally to experience a worthwhile drug and alcohol rehab journey. Increase your recovery likelihood through this mindset.


Treatment options from a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheltenham

If you’re ready to recover, there are a number of treatment options available to Cheltenham locals.

If you’re keen to recover locally, this is possible. However, it is vital that you receive this recommendation from an addiction specialist.

Outpatient treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheltenham will only promote recovery for a category of clients. Although a drug and alcohol addiction will affect everyone differently, those with minimal side effects, commonly resembling substance abuse will experience addiction recovery results.

Other clients, where clear addiction side effects or a dual diagnosis is present will not be encouraged to consider this treatment option. Localised addiction treatment can be difficult to maintain and progress through when surrounded by drug and alcohol associations. Mix in psychological side effects, triggers and influences, and addiction recovery is likely to dwindle.

With this in mind, it is vital that you select a treatment option that will carry the highest success for you, over your favoured option. Although this may be disheartening to hear, you’ll boost your opportunity for long-term sobriety, back in Cheltenham.

A man in rehab taking a therapy session


Residential rehab, further afield

Residential rehab programmes are our key treatment service here at Ocean Recovery Centre. Ideal for individuals who are suffering through a drug and alcohol addiction and/or a dual diagnosis, residential rehab is the most successful, effective treatment option available.

Although this treatment option may feel unnecessary or highly targeted, it is imperative to remember that a drug and alcohol addiction is a psychologically developed and ingrained habit. As a result of this, concentrated addiction treatment is required to break down those habits. This can only be achieved through a structured, residential treatment programme.

However, for even greater ability to target drug and alcohol abuse, we promote personalised treatment programmes; one of the key benefits of residential rehab. Here you will complete consistent, high quality addiction treatments, working on your physical and psychological cravings. Alternative treatment options will also be encouraged to increase health, wellness, mental health and preparation for post-rehab life.

A further valuable asset of residential rehab is the geographical distance you’ll experience from Cheltenham. This physical space will provide you with the mental focus to progress through rehab, without any distractions. Recovering around common distractions can be one of the main reasons, causing drug and alcohol relapses. You’ll have the potential to avoid this by looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheltenham itself.

Benefit from a private, stylish and comfortable rehab facility, while having access to industry leading addiction treatments. Feel supported and reassured that addiction specialists will be to hand to guide you through rehab. Increase your addiction recovery rates by completing a holistic, targeted treatment programme, catered to your needs. If you’re living with a drug and alcohol addiction, this treatment option is the best opportunity to ensure sustainable long-term recovery can be possible.


The range of addiction treatments, available to you

To help you combat your physical and psychological connection to drugs and alcohol, a range of holistic addiction treatments will be available to you. Commonly a rehab experience will begin with a drug and alcohol detox programme. You may have already attempted a home detox. Our treatment option deviates significantly from this, controlling your withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, carefully. Attempting a detox from home can be dangerous and disheartening.

From here, psychological treatment options will be promoted to work through psychological side effects and a dual diagnosis. Cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups and motivational therapy are a few to consider through residential rehab programmes.

This approach to addiction treatment significantly contributes to long-term recovery, helping clients truly heal from substance abuse. You’ll additionally feel prepared to lead a sober future back in Cheltenham, by working through a range of coping mechanism sessions.


Alcohol Rehab

When it comes to alcohol rehab, our comprehensive treatment approach encompasses not only medical detoxification but also psychotherapy and aftercare planning, which facilitates long-term recovery.

Unlike basic outpatient treatments, our holistic programme allows individuals to engage in intensive therapy and peer group sessions, thus enriching their emotional and psychological wellness. In our specialised environment, clients have the opportunity to escape the triggers and stressors that often perpetuate their dependence on alcohol, allowing for a more focused and effective recovery process.

Dreug Addiction Meeting with a therapist


Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine addiction presents its own unique set of challenges to users. Cocaine is known for its intense psychological withdrawal, and that’s where our cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions come into play. These are designed to reshape thought patterns and behaviours related to drug use, helping you break the cycle of addiction.

Our experienced medical staff are always available to administer evidence-based treatments to manage any withdrawal symptoms, but you will transition straight into therapy on arrival.

We provide a nurturing atmosphere and an unparalleled level of support. For our patients who are facing severe depression, they will be placed on 24/7 monitoring, as your safety is our top priority. We will help you to shift from the self-destructive path of cocaine abuse to a more fulfilling, sober life through the use of evidence-based therapies we know can help you quit cocaine for good.


Cannabis Rehab

Cannabis addiction is often underestimated but can have detrimental effects on your mental health and general well-being. Here at Ocean Recovery, we employ a tailored approach that often includes motivational enhancement therapies along with prescription drug assistance when appropriate.

Our team aims to delve deep into the underlying emotional or psychological issues that may contribute to cannabis dependency. By doing so, we will equip you with the skills to navigate any triggers that have been contributing to your cannabis addiction.


Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drug addiction is a growing concern, given the broad range of medications that can lead to dependency.

We specialise in treating addiction to opioids, sedatives, and stimulants, among other prescription medications. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach that combines medical detoxification with psycho-educational sessions, clients are educated on the dangers of prescription drug misuse and the healthier alternatives for managing pain, anxiety, or other conditions for which these drugs may have been initially prescribed.

Each form of prescription drug addiction is met with a specialised treatment plan crafted by our experienced professionals to suit the unique needs of the individual, ensuring that the root causes are addressed and not just the symptoms.


Charities in Cheltenham

If you can not attend a rehab clinic as an inpatient, you can access support from charities in the Cheltenham area. Receiving treatment as an outpatient, you will make use of local resources and help from local charities and government-funded institutions.


The SamaratansThe Samaritans operate in Cheltenham and provide help for people in crisis. If you are having a difficult time or are looking after someone, you may be worried about, they can offer immediate support and guidance. They are especially helpful if you think a person may be a suicide risk. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please contact them on 116 123.


Change Grow Live Logo

Change Grow Live help people in the Cheltenham area with support, advice and treatment option in the Cheltenham area. Based only a short walk from Cheltenham train station, they can help you access therapy support groups run by local volunteers and also advise on other issues such as housing, training and financial problems that may be contributing to your addiction.


Contact our team here at Ocean Recovery Centre for your initial assessment

If you’re hoping to benefit from the value behind residential rehab, contact our team here at Ocean Recovery Centre. We can complete an initial telephone assessment to recommend the most appropriate rehab journey for you.

Whether that’s treatment through a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheltenham, or our residential rehab programmes, we will offer fair, personalised recommendations. If residential rehab is suitable for you, we will understand your drug and alcohol addiction greater, your mental health and physical state, your recovery goals and addiction history. From here, a personalised treatment programme will be in place, ready for you to progress through and reach addiction recovery.

Start this journey by preparing yourself for rehab.