Guernsey Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

If you are trying to deal with an alcohol or drug addiction alone, it might be time to consider getting professional help.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Guernsey

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Guernsey

Addiction is a challenging thing to overcome without expert knowledge. Private drug and alcohol rehab is the most effective way to make a long term recovery.


Don’t face your drug or alcohol addiction alone

If you’re struggling with alcohol and drugs, you’re certainly not alone. Substance misuse is a growing problem throughout the UK and, while the Channel Islands may be very different from the mainland, they are certainly not immune to this blight.

The Society for the Study of Addiction (SSA) found that Guernsey had a particular problem with the pharmaceutical or prescription drug addiction. This may be partly because illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine are not as readily available as other parts of the UK.

Pharmaceutical drugs can be every bit as addictive and illegal drugs are still available, while alcohol poses a problem everywhere.

Whatever shape your addiction takes can still be very destructive, and you must deal with it before it causes serious damage. It might already have affected your health, relationships, work and other aspects of your life – but things can always get worse.

Addiction is a condition that only tends to worsen over time, as do the consequences of leaving it unchecked.

Many people feel ashamed and embarrassed by a dependency on drugs or alcohol, but you shouldn’t be. Addiction is considered a disease or disorder of the brain, and anyone can get caught in its clutches.

The professionals delivering residential addiction treatment are completely non-judgemental and will have worked with a wide range of people and problems.

If you are struggling with addiction, don’t try to face it alone: find out how drug and alcohol rehab in Guernsey can help you break free.


Why drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Guernsey is your best bet

There are many reasons why a stay in rehab, or rehabilitation, is the most effective way to combat a serious addiction problem.

Firstly, checking into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse removes you from the usual people, places and situations associated with your drinking or drug use. A social circle who shares bad habits can be very dangerous when trying to stop or recover.

In some cases, these people may not realise how bad your own problem is or dismiss it and encourage you to continue using.

Additionally, the substances you are addicted to – whether these are illicit drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol – will not be readily available in the safe, secure environment of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre.

The exception may be prescription medicines, which may be used to control withdrawal symptoms where appropriate and necessary, but these will be strictly controlled and not open to abuse.

Being in a rehab facility in Guernsey will allow you to go through drug and alcohol detoxification in a supervised fashion, with full access to emotional and medical support. You will also have access to a full range of other treatments designed to help you make a lasting recovery.

These therapies and other treatments are essential for drug and alcohol relapse prevention, and you will be able to really focus on the programme. Rehab places for drug and alcohol abuse problems are certainly not prisons.

They actually tend to be comfortable and tranquil places, but the programmes they deliver will also be highly structured. Most recovering addicts benefit from this. It also means that more treatment can be packed into the same timeframe than would be the case if following an outpatient addiction treatment programme.

Outpatient or community-based treatment can be suitable for many people. This is the type of treatment predominantly offered by the NHS, but it does have drawbacks. Apart from lacking the benefits of a stay in rehab as detailed above, it requires the individual to manage their own appointments – which can be difficult for someone juggling the many demands and challenges of addiction.


What to expect from addiction treatment in Guernsey

Every drug and alcohol rehab UK facility is different, and treatment programmes can vary widely even within the same centre. This is because everyone’s problems and requirements are unique to them. We never forget that every person struggling with addiction is an individual and should always be treated with respect.

A tailored programme will begin with a thorough assessment that will help determine your needs and the best way to treat your addiction. There are, however, some common elements that will be available in most rehab centres.

The first is a dedicated detox clinic or programme. As we have already touched upon, this is the process or period during which you metabolise the toxic elements, getting rid of the drugs and alcohol already in your system.

The accompanying physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms can be both unpleasant and sometimes dangerous, so it is always better to detox in a supervised environment.

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities will also offer other treatments, which aim to address your addiction’s root causes and change the way you think and behave regarding drugs and alcohol.

Talking therapies, including group therapy, counselling and cognitive behaviour, can help you get to grips with some of these issues. You may also be offered ‘complimentary’ therapies such as art or music therapies, stress management and mindfulness and/or meditation.

Exercise and well-balanced nutrition can help you regain your physical health and workshops can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle once you leave.

Your psychological wellbeing is just as important, and mental health treatments and support can also be very beneficial.


Drug and alcohol rehab facilities near me

Whether you are looking for rehab based in Guernsey itself or would prefer to travel to the mainland for privacy’s sake, we can help find the facilities and treatment programmes that are right for you. Please don’t delay, contact us today to take the first positive steps on your road to recovery.