family interventionResidential rehabilitation is known as the most effective form of drug and alcohol treatment available on the market today. However no amount of treatment will work if an addict does not face up to his or her addiction. If you are an addict’s family member or friend it is likely you relate to this dilemma.

Before intervention

Intervention aims to help addicts face up to their addiction. This could be by way of family intervention, friend intervention or employer intervention. During intervention a drug counsellor meets with interested parties before the intervention meeting is held.

During intervention

During the intervention meeting the addict is confronted with the facts surrounding his or her addiction. All affected parties are given the chance to voice concerns in a controlled and orderly fashion.

The first aim of intervention is to ensure the person concerned accepts the reality of his or her addiction. The second aim is to consider treatment options. Intervention meetings are often the gateway to a long and lasting recovery from drug, alcohol and behavioural based addictions. During intervention meeting negative and hostile emotions are avoided and instead an environment of education and sympathy are encouraged.

During the meeting the person concerned is encouraged to come to terms with his or her addiction. Blame is avoided throughout. Intervention can save precious relationships otherwise placed under strain due to the addiction. Once intervention concludes our counsellor draws up a treatment plan.

Corporate Intervention

It is not uncommon for valued members of your team to fall under the influence of addiction. Addiction can spoil a colleague’s ability to carry out important job tasks and lead to absenteeism and poor productivity. Addiction can lead to work-related accidents putting other staff at risk.

You may struggle to replace this person and you would probably be upset to see him or her go. It’s difficult to challenge a colleague on this issue and an attempt to do so may result in stale-mate.

Ocean Recovery’s corporate addiction intervention could be the solution you seek. During intervention all interested parties take part in a planned intervention session. The employee concerned is confronted with your concerns in a controlled and sympathetic environment. The aim of intervention ensures the addict comes to terms and faces up to his or her addiction. Once intervention concludes our counsellor draws up an action plan leading to recovery.

Our counsellors travel to all corners of the United Kingdom to deliver this service.

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