Low Level Laser Therapy

For many people who suffered from a long standing battle with alcohol and/or drug addiction, the usual methods to stop using a substance you’re addicted to does not work. At Ocean Recovery Centre, we understand this – after all, not every treatment works the same for another. That is why we offer Low Level Laser Therapy to help you ease your withdrawal symptoms.

For many addicts, a lack of energy is a common complaint. Addiction tends to destroy the core cells that provide energy. These core cells – also known as mitochondria –  are sensitive and can get damaged over time. Lower light therapy can help restore the cells through emitting lights into the tissues of your core cells. These lights then transform themselves into energy, which could lead to an accelerated healing process.  At Ocean Recovery Centre, we now offer Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) as part of our already extensive rehab program.

How Does Low Level Laser Therapy for Addiction Work?

By applying a cold laser on the area around your wrist. It is one of the safest treatment options for addiction, as the laser is non-thermal which means that there is absolutely zero risk of your skin burning due to the heat of the laser. Throughout the past few years, research has pointed out that low level laser therapy is indeed one of the most effective treatment options for addiction

To add to that, laser therapy for addiction will be able to make your rehab experience a lot easier, and therefore more effective. As you start the session, there will be a release of endorphins in your body – you’ll feel calm and relaxed already. To add to that, the endorphins will also ease your dependence. The withdrawal symptoms will be gone fairly quickly.

low level laser therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy: Boosting Energy and Mental Wellbeing to Battle Your Addiction

As many medical professionals can confirm – your mental well-being and physical health are connected.  As the lasers transmit healing responses through your body, the effect of the lasers can lead to:

  • Improved fitness levels
  • Healthier sleeping patterns
  • Improved mood
  • Lower stress due to a positive effect on your nervous system

These mental well-being related improvements can cause a domino effect, and help you battle mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and addiction.

Low Level Laser Therapy: Physical Health

LLLT can also improve your physical well-being, as the improving cells are the driving part of your immune system. For many addicts, your immune system could have been damaged by a longstanding addiction to heroin and alcohol for example.

Also, the blood vessels tend to expand through LLLT, which can reduce swelling throughout your body and can also help form a barrier for scar tissues. Low level laser therapy is often used for sporting injuries –  as it speeds up the natural healing process.  Low Level Laser Therapy can help people with other complications arising from addiction such as:

  • Bowel Disorders
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Immune system diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Alcohol-related liver diseases.

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