Residential Addiction Treatment at Ocean Recovery

Residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Ocean Recovery is a designed for anyone who suffers from substance addiction and is unable to achieve recovery whilst at home. Residential rehab involves a private stay in one of our luxury treatment centres in the UK. During your stay with us you will receive a combination of therapy and treatment to help you achieve recovery from your addictions.

Residential rehab treatment is an opportunity to remove yourself from daily distractions and temptations.  It also allows you to receive the support and care needed to help you through the difficult parts of your addiction recovery.  Families and loved ones who are living through the impact of addition on a daily basis will have a much needed period of rest and reassurance.

Ocean Recovery is a private residential treatment centre for people experiencing addiction to drugs or alcohol.  Treatment is provided in a combination of Clinical Detoxification & Therapeutic Rehabilitation – on a residential stay basis.

The difference is simple…

Drug and alcohol clinical detox

Our drug and alcohol clinical detox service focuses mainly on the effect drug or alcohol withdrawal has on the body. We provide clinical treatments prescribed by a member of our Clinical team to help achieve a more comfortable withdrawal from  drug or alcohol consumption.

Sometimes a clinical detox is not necessary, this is dependent on the type and amount of drugs being used. However, for many with a drug or alcohol addiction, a clinical detox is an essential part of the treatment they receive. Detox, combined with our therapeutic rehab programme will give you a much greater chance of a success and recovery.

Drug and alcohol rehab programme

During our therapeutic drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme we focus on the psychological, emotional and social effects that drug and alcohol addiction creates. To secure recovery from addiction we provide a variety of specialist therapy interventions to help work through concerns and issues. This is fundamental part of your residential treatment programme with us.

It is well known that recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is rarely possible with just medication alone. At Ocean Recovery we pride ourselves on the packages of care we offer, enabling clients to receive different levels of rehabilitation alongside their clinical treatment programme.

This ensures our clients at Ocean Recovery are provided with as much help and support to start and continue their journey towards a future, free from drug or alcohol addiction.

Our clinical detox and rehab services are provided on a residential basis, giving you and your family the reassurance of a safe and supportive treatment programme, 24 hours a day.

Once you have completed your residential stay and are on your way to long-term recovery, free from alcohol and drugs it is important to maintain sobriety. Our aftercare programme provides you with the tools for this, including; regular opportunities to meet with others in recovery, activities to keep you motivated, we will respond quickly during those times when you feel like giving in and celebrate together the amazing changes you have made. Aftercare is provided on a non-residential basis and can be access at any of our centres in the UK.


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