What causes bipolar disorder?

Bipolar is a commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorder known to cause a rollercoaster of emotions, from energetic highs to depressive episodes and mood swings. The disorder is caused by a hormonal imbalance, triggering psychological symptoms.

Bipolar disorder can affect any individual. However, is known to affect mid to late teens greater as hormones develop. Symptoms of bipolar disorder can differ for each individual; some experiencing consistent episodes of mania or depression, where others only face a few controlled attacks, triggered by life events.

People with bipolar disorder find it difficult to maintain a high quality of life, along with managing the usual day to day activities without expert support. Extreme highs can soon turn to manic lows, causing many negative mental health issues.

For most, this disorder can now be managed with greater treatment and support available. However, for those suffering alone, symptoms can drastically affect the quality of life.

There are four potential diagnoses for bipolar disorder, all affecting individuals differently.  There isn’t a one fits all journey to this disorder. If you experience short manic episodes combined with long depressive periods, you could be living with bipolar type 1. If untreated, this can have a great impact on an individual and surrounding family’s life.

If you live through chronic, highly consistent depression, it is likely that you have been diagnosed with bipolar type 2. Less common are rapid cycling and cyclothymia, where longer, more severe symptoms are present. Whichever diagnosis you have received, it is important that you have strategies in place to control your disorder.

Does your mindset change quickly? Are you experiencing a mix of emotions consistently? Are you struggling to sleep or experiencing a loss of appetite? If you are suffering emotional and physical effects, along with depressive symptoms, treatment for bipolar disorder should be a priority.

Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we can support you through this difficult time.

Treatment to support bipolar disorder

As mentioned above, living with bipolar disorder can be difficult for each individual. Differing effects and symptoms are present. With that said, it is also difficult to follow a generalised treatment plan.

Therefore, here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we will take your needs into consideration, ensuring appropriate psychological treatment options are selected.

Each of our evidence-based treatments has a high success rate of treating depression, promoting long-term recovery. The type of psychological treatments you could expect to see include:


Cognitive behavioural therapy

Here is where our expert team will help to understand your thought process greater. Breaking down your negative thought pattern and behavioural habits will help to change your perception.

Your depressive scenarios will be controlled, and the long-term will be transformed into a stable positive mindset.


Individual and family therapy

To work on your psychological wellbeing, individual and family therapy sessions will be recommended. This treatment option will help to support you and your loved ones through this difficult time, whilst acknowledging your symptoms. By acknowledging and talking through their effects, symptoms are known to improve.


Mood stabilisers

Depending on the severity of your mood swings, mood stabilisers may be provided. You can expect to be prescribed medication such as Lithium. This treatment will help to control your mindset greater, helping to suppress your depressive symptoms. Please be aware that this treatment should only be completed by mental health and medical professionals. Our team are experienced to provide medical support.


Antipsychotic Medication

Alongside mood stabilisers, antipsychotic medications may be prescribed to help to slowly reduce and diminish your depression long-term. Medication will help to balance your hormones greater, promoting greater control across your brain function.

Please be aware that throughout your treatment, assessments will be made to ensure that appropriate methods are helping to work through your depressive moods.

We aim to follow a balanced plan, working on both the psychological and physiological effects of bipolar. All treatments selected will help you work towards a future controlled by yourself, and not your bipolar disorder.

Our support here at Ocean Recovery Centre

Whether you are living with a mental health disorder or connected addictions, here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we are passionate about helping you through this difficult time. With effective, industry-leading treatments available, suffering shouldn’t be an option for those living with bipolar disorder.

Throughout your time with us, whether you complete inpatient or outpatient treatment, our mental health professionals will support you. We understand that living with a psychological disorder can be very difficult.

Experiencing extreme highs, followed by significant lows can be distressing, exhausting and worrying. Therefore, we provide handheld support, ensuring you have a strong network around you through this time of change.

We further understand how stepping into a new setting may feel daunting, however, we keep comfort in mind at our home from home clinic.

Through our 24/7 compassionate support and expert bipolar treatment options, we can help you control your disorder greater.

Our team is formed of medical experts, certified psychologists, mindfulness coaches and therapists; all working with you to understand your disorder greater, whilst helping you overcome your negative episodes.

Coping mechanisms will be taught to you and your family, to ensure you have healthy goals and strategies in place to move past your bipolar diagnosis.

If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder, now is the time to seek expert support. The longer you leave it, the greater psychological exhaustion will be experienced. Tackling a disorder like bipolar alone, without the correct medication and treatment methods can be impossible.

A vicious circle of negativity will continue. However, with the right setting, support and dedicated treatment options, positive steps can be taken to overcome your disorder.

To discuss the potential signs of bipolar, and how our treatment can support you, reach out to our team today. We are here to answer all of your questions, concerns, walk you through the next steps and how our dedicated mental health treatment can help to work through your disorder.

Focus on your future today by taking the first step to a positive long-term mindset.

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