Alcohol Detox

According to various organisations, 76 million people worldwide consume alcoholic drinks in a problematic manner, that could be classified as alcohol abuse by most measuring standards. That is more than 1 percent of the worlds population. Alcohol is yet still seen as an innocent substance, however, it is still a dangerous substance that could destroy lives , relationships, ambitions and dreams.  The longer you abuse alcohol, the more difficult it becomes to stop drinking alcohol. For many alcohol addicts, alcohol detox becomes the only option to get rid of the alcohol in your body.

Alcohol detox however, is not something you can easily do by yourself. The process of detoxifying refers to removing all toxins from your body, and alcohol detox is therefore the process of removing all traces of alcohol from your body. Because alcohol affects almost every cell in the body, it is very complicated to withdraw from it. Rehabilitation clinics generally recommend that those affected by alcoholism complete an alcohol detox programme before entering rehabilitation. It is necessary for all traces of alcohol to be removed from the body so that the person is completely clean before attempting rehab

Our alcohol detox treatment programme is primarily designed to help clients develop new ways of controlling their alcohol use or achieve total abstinence from alcohol and help you stay that way. Choosing our treatment programme will inevitably mean you will need an initial alcohol detox programme. This aims to eradicate the alcohol presence from your system with the support of a clinical prescribing regime to help you safely detox from alcohol and cope with the withdrawal effects that can be experienced while detoxing.

As part of this alcohol detox, you will be assessed and prescribed by our Doctor and then place under close observation for the first 24-72 hours whilst you commence your detoxification treatment. This will enable our team to closely observe how you respond to this treatment and ensure you remain comfortable and safe throughout the process. If you are a ‘chronic alcoholic’ or very dependent on alcohol, it is likely that you may be at risk of serious withdrawal from it and our team of dedicated staff will monitor you closely for any signs of serious illnesses associated with alcohol withdrawal such as Delirium Tremens.

Once the first 24-48 hours are completed, our team will work with you to start to plan and build your alcohol rehab programme which will focus on a range of therapies to help you start to deal with your addiction, understand why you drink, how it effects your life and what you want to achieve during your treatment programme with us.

We employ a range of psychiatrists, psychologists, experienced and qualified addiction staff and a range of other professional therapists that are on hand to help you through these issues. You will be allocated your own worker, who will help you design your Recovery Action Plan (RAP) and guide you every step of the way on your new journey to recovery.

How long will the alcohol detox treatment take?

The duration of alcohol detox and rehab varies and the duration is normally dictated by the level of the clients addiction to alcohol. To achieve a safe and comfortable detoxification and begin to prepare yourself for the next steps, we would recommend a minimum of 10 days. We will not accept anyone for detox for less than 7 days due to the clinical risk presented with alcohol dependency and would always recommend that clients consider increasing their stay up to 28 days so that they can really benefit from our therapeutic rehabilitation service and address the range of issues that are associated with your alcohol us. This is proven to increase your chances of a full recovery from alcohol addiction and help you sustain that recovery once you leave our care.

The therapeutic rehabilitation service, refers to various practices depending on the clinic you go to. At Ocean Recovery Centre, we choose a mix of techniques to ensure you have the mental state of mind to stop abusing alcohol after you leave our rehabilitation clinic. A very popular and proven method of therapeutic rehabilitation is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT helps you understand yourself better and teaches you techniques and coping mechanisms for your cravings. CBT also helps post- alcohol detox patients to find their triggers and see what sets them off – and can even help you pinpoint the source of your addiction.

We also offer treatment for co-existing mental health issues, like depression and anxiety. Often these are the either the cause or effect of alcohol abuse, and helping you deal with mental health can equip you with a stronger shield against future cravings.

If you’re worried that you have any of these symptoms of alcohol dependence, contact us now and see how we may be able to help.