Sex Addiction Rehab

Ocean Recovery Centre announces the introduction of our bespoke rehabilitation service for clients suffering from a love and/or sex addiction via our sex addiction rehab programme. This programme typically runs between fourteen and twenty eight days. The precise amount of time your rehabilitation programme requires is determined during the initial pre-admission assessment. Please ring an admissions counsellor now on 0125 353 0553 for more information.

Our sex and love rehabilitation programme requires a commitment of time on behalf of the client. This is because clients are required to live within the rehabilitation centre for the entire duration of their treatment.

What is sex addiction?

’Sex addiction’ first hit news headlines during the late eighties and early nineties. Since this time a lot of scientific research has been conducted in this area of addiction. A sex addiction is officially known as an ‘intimacy disorder’. The key symptom of this disorder is an inability to maintain a normal intimate relationship with others. Further, this disorder commonly masks other mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and low self-worth. Many sex addicts are also addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

When it comes to sex addiction, there exists a clear gender bias. Research suggests roughly four percent of women and around seven percent of men suffer from the illness at any one point of time.

What are the symptoms of a sex addiction?

Those suffering from a sex addiction cannot prevent themselves from seeking sex with another human being. Most sex addicts gain the addiction at an early age. Their addiction prevents them from settling down into a healthy long-term loving relationship. It’s often not until the sex addict reaches their late thirties or early forties until they realise they have a problem.

Above all, sex addiction is characterised by a wish to have sex with strangers, often when it is inappropriate to do so. Sex addiction often isolates the sufferer from others in their social and professional life. Since the impulse to seek sex is uncontrollable, the sufferer does not learn from his or her mistakes. In fact, a sex addiction is a variety of Impulse Control Disorder (ICD). Other ICDs include gambling addiction and gaming addiction.

Below we list some of the typical symptoms of sex addiction:

  • Insomnia
  • Prostitution
  • Paying for sex
  • Anger if sexual advances are rejected
  • Manipulating one’s partner
  • Cheating on a partner

How rehab can help

Rehab employs an aggressive regime of counselling and therapy sessions. These sessions aim to treat the underlying cause of sex addiction. Rehab begins with a psychiatric examination. Patients then begin their therapy as soon as rehab commences. Rehab employs both group and individual therapy sessions. Here sex addicts learn the ‘triggers’ of their addiction so that the risk of relapse is reduce once rehabilitation is complete.

During rehab clients experience a range of different therapy techniques. This includes cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy and a range of ancient holistic therapies. Patients also engage ’12 step’ work employed by Sex Addicts Anonymous. Above all, therapy seeks to treat underlying mental problems that sex addicts suffer from. These typically include anxiety, depression and feelings of low self-worth.

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