Blackburn Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Access drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Blackburn.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blackburn

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Blackburn

Ocean Recovery Centre is here for people in Blackburn who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our clinic has operated in the professional care industry for over two decades. Now, our chief focus is on helping people who suffer from drug and alcohol dependency.

In fact, Public Health England estimates that over 2000 adults are living in Blackburn now, classed as alcohol dependent. So we understand that there are many people who need treatment and with some urgency.

To meet our professional aims, we offer state-of-the-art residential rehabilitation centres across the United Kingdom. Each centre is accessible for men and women of all ages. Many of our clients travel from all across the United Kingdom to attend our specialist centre in Lancashire. We’ve conveniently located along the Lancashire coastline, only a short few miles from Blackburn.

Unfortunately, alcoholism and drug dependency affects all segments of society. Around 10,000 people died due to alcoholism in the UK in 2016.

The reason for such high numbers and why the problem on a national scale can largely be put down to the lack of public funding for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the NHS.

This has meant that getting a ‘GP referral’ to an addiction specialist is largely a ‘thing of the past.’ Thankfully, you are now able to access world-class and immediate addiction treatment privately through Ocean Recovery Centre.

Getting Drug Addiction Treatment in Blackburn

If you wish to receive frig and alcohol addiction treatment in Blackpool you can investigate what free Local resources are available and join local therapy sessions.

These are administered as an outpatient and you will visit therapy sessions or counselling support groups on certain days throughout the month.

You can ask your local GP in Blackpool about services in the community, find your local General Practioner in Blackburn on the NHS website.

Residential Rehab Treatment

If you want full-time treatment in a rehab, you will need to visit or rehab centre a short drive away in Blackpool.

We treat a variety of drug addictions in Blackpool. Our team have extensive knowledge in treating everything from cocaine and heroin addiction to synthetic cannabis and prescription drug addiction.

We can provide you with the help and support that you need to recover. We offer a range of treatments, including detoxification and extensive therapy session to help you fully recover from your addiction.

Drugs Treated Include:

  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Cannabis Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Amphetamine Addiction
  • Methamphetamine Addiction

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, we can help. We offer a free, confidential consultation to assess your situation and recommend the best course of treatment.

What Happens In Rehab?

When you join our rehab we will follow a process to get you clean.

The first step is detoxification, which involves getting rid of all the drugs in your system. This can be a difficult process, but rest assured at hand to support you through this period.

One of the major benefits of joining a residential rehab is that you receive full 24/ care from trained physicians.

We will put you through something called a medically assisted detox. This is simply where we can administer medications to help you through the withdrawal period.

What Happens After I finish Detox?

After detox, you will undergo therapy to help you understand your addiction and how to cope with it. We offer both group and individual therapy sessions.

Group therapy is a great way to meet other people who are in similar situations as yourself and share your experiences

We also offer cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This is a type of therapy that helps you to identify and change any negative thoughts and behaviours that may be triggering your addiction.

Is It Better To Move out of Blackburn for Rehab?

Some people prefer to go to rehab outside of their home town as they feel it will be easier to stay away from old friends and any old temptations.

Others find that staying close to home is best for them as they have the support of family and friends close by.

In making the decision about whether you should move out of the local area for rehab treatment you must consider what is best for you as an individual.

Do you have dependents? Can you afford to take the time out of work whilst you recover? Are you more likely to stay away from old temptations if you are further away from them?

These are all important factors that must be considered when making the decision about where to have your treatment.

What Should You Consider Before Committing to Rehab in Blackburn?

Before committing to rehab treatment, you should first be willing to fully commit to the process as the road to long term addiction recovery can be long and tough. By developing a focused mindset towards the end goal of long-lasting recovery, you will be putting yourself in the best possible position to start your recovery journey.

How can you best prepare for rehab treatment? Before making the step to committing to rehab, you must first fully acknowledge you have a problem with addiction and require help. Individuals who don’t fully acknowledge they’re dealing with addiction and need help will not develop the mindset needed to achieve recovery. This is why you must know the signs of addiction, so you’re able to recognise the problem and seek the help you need.

When you acknowledge that you are suffering from addiction and need help, you should then seek support in the form of a loved one or an addiction recovery specialist. The need to seek this support is incredibly important in ensuring you have accountability for your actions which can be key to avoiding relapse after you have successfully undergone treatment.

You must also make sure you fully do your research before committing to rehab, and this will help you understand the commitment required from you to recover from your problem successfully.

Research can be done by fully reading this page for example or looking on websites of other addiction recovery providers to help you fully understand what’s involved in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and whether you will follow the programme.


Our Approach to Addiction Treatment in Blackburn

Ocean Recovery Centre offers an abstinence-based approach to addiction treatment. Here, we utilise several evidence-based practices to ensure you or your loved one receives the most effective treatment for your addiction issues.

We offer a tailed approach to addiction treatment. We truly believe each person’s addiction is different and so any attempt to ‘commoditise’ treatment is destined for failure.

To achieve this aim, we conduct a thorough initial assessment. This assessment attempts to gather information about your unique physical, psychological, family, substance and gender-specific characteristics.

We believe understanding these characteristics from the get-go is an essential step for developing the best possible addiction treatment programme for your specific needs.

To treat addiction, we offer educational workshops and small therapy groups. Each client is assigned an individual therapist. And since our centre only admits a maximum of eleven clients at any one time, you can be assured you or your loved one will receive the required one-on-one attention throughout your rehabilitation programme.

At Ocean Recovery Centre, clients must be willing to commit to at least seven days to complete the residential phase of recovery.

This requires clients to remain in the rehabilitation centre for the entire duration of this period. However, clients are taken on planned days out during this period. Patients remain in the company of our staff when leaving our rehab centre on planned days out.

Rehabilitation begins with detoxification. However, clients take part in therapeutic sessions from day one. Here, clients are taught positive strategies for dealing with life’s troubles without resorting to drug or alcohol use.

Ocean Recovery Centre employs therapists who utilise modern therapy techniques such as non-reactive mindfulness, CBT, psychotherapy, and holistic therapies. Taken together, our approach to therapy ensures our clients remain in recovery even when the residential phase of rehabilitation has concluded.


Aftercare and Extended Care – Making Sure Your Recovery is Lasting

To further our aim of helping clients attain long-term recovery, we offer a long-term aftercare provision. Here, clients are assigned an individual aftercare manager who is on hand should clients experience relapse following their return to ‘normal life’ away from our immediate care.

This aftercare service is valid for twelve months following clients’ discharge from our residential centre. There is no addiction cost for aftercare. Aftercare comes ‘as standard’ for each client who attends our rehabilitation programme, regardless of the duration of the programme.


Getting Help Today!

Don’t let addiction ruin your life. Ocean Recovery Centre is here to ensure your battle with addiction is a successful one. Make the call now, and get the help you need. With Ocean Recovery Centre, you have somewhere to turn. We’re here to help. Make the first step on your path to recovery by calling us today on 01253 847 553 or sending us an email by submitting the contact form.