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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rawtenstall

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Rawtenstall

Living with a drug and alcohol addiction can feel like sitting on a rollercoaster, that doesn’t stop. The highs experienced may outweigh the lows initially, yet commonly only for a short period of time. By experiencing this feeling, it can be very difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel; with long-term addiction recovery being the light in this situation.

However, no matter how long or uncomfortable this rollercoaster may feel, an addiction can be overcome with the right support. If you’re based in Rawtenstall, considering a drug and alcohol rehab within the area will be highly beneficial. Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we are a conveniently located facility, merging our specialised addiction treatments and personalised rehab journeys. This helps our clients significantly recover from drug and alcohol addictions, returning home sober.

Reach out today to find out how we can support you through this overwhelming time. Even the most chronic addiction can be worked through with our specialised approach to addiction recovery.

The importance of overcoming denial

Denial is a common emotion for those living with an addiction. Acknowledging that a problem with drugs and alcohol is present can be perceived as a great challenge. Likewise, the avoidance of seeing the good in addiction treatments and rehab programmes is common for those living with a dependency.

However, it is important that denial is overcome before lasting effects transform your life for the worst. Although negative implications may currently be avoided, our experience has shown how without intervention, a drug and alcohol addiction will cause life-threatening situations. Physical and mental health issues are likely, leading to chronic illnesses; requiring a life of treatment, medication and hospital visits.

Therefore, it is highly important that denial is overcome, and that the positives of reaching out replace it. We can help you understand the advantages of a comprehensive rehab programme here at Ocean Recovery Centre, along with the potential positives waiting for you in your future.

Why you should consider a specialised drug and alcohol rehab in Rawtenstall

If you’re considering addiction recovery, you’ve taken a step in the right direction. However, for some, the attempt to recover at home or from an outpatient facility will be the driving force. This route will however reduce your chances of long-term addiction recovery.

Although an initial disconnect from drugs and alcohol may be experienced, without a comprehensive, consistent treatment programme, these positive effects will dwindle; leading to potential drug and alcohol relapses.

To avoid a future of substance abuse, visiting a specialised drug and alcohol rehab in Rawtenstall will be recommended. This will advance your recovery likelihood, along with learning life-saving skills to avoid future habitual behaviours. Likewise, the specialised treatment options and support accessible through a rehab facility will help the most complex addiction, making sobriety a possibility for all clients.

Although this will be an initial challenge, and will be perceived as an unnecessary investment, the end results will adapt your mindset. As you progress through each step of your rehab journey, you’ll develop and take one step closer to your end goals; all observed by specialised addiction counsellors and professionals.

To provide yourself with the greatest opportunity to recover, contact our team here at Ocean Recovery Centre. Your recovery rate will advance significantly, helping you see that rehab can make sobriety a possibility.

Our addiction treatments, providing great results

By investing into your future through a comprehensive rehab programme, you will experience a number of our leading addiction treatments. Our treatment options are created and utilised with recovery as a priority, ensuring that a disconnect from drugs and alcohol is feasible.

For those suffering with substance abuse, a combination of social, psychological and medical treatment options will be promoted. This holistic route to recovery will ensure that the deepest psychological and physical cravings can be combatted and broken down.

For many of our clients, an underlying psychological issue will act as the initial addiction trigger. Drugs and alcohol will be used to work through a mental health issue or a distressing episode. With this in mind, we ensure that suitable treatment options are selected to diminish the underlying driving force.

Common addiction treatments you’ll experience in rehab include a drug and alcohol detox, family therapy, relapse prevention classes, cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational therapy. Completing our key treatments alongside our alternative wellbeing sessions will help to progress you through your rehab journey, providing snippets of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Throughout your time with us, you will learn new skills to apply in future situations. When returning home in Rawtenstall, vulnerabilities will be present as you face old stimulations and environments. The steps and treatments you complete throughout your rehab journey will prepare you for these drug and alcohol temptations, helping you view and surpass them effectively.

Transform your life through a comprehensive rehab programme

If you’re dealing with a drug and alcohol addiction, it’s time to transform your life through a comprehensive rehab programme. To ensure an effective journey is likely, we will create a personalised treatment programme for you. This will ensure that suitability is present, known to advance progression and susceptibility to alternative treatment options.

Alongside your personalised treatment programme, you’ll experience a homely, caring environment while you progress through your rehab steps. Rehab can be challenging for most. Unbearable withdrawal symptoms are likely, along with the mindset to give up. However, we will ensure you do not give up and waste the hard work you’ve already achieved. We will motivate, inspire and guide you through the challenges, while celebrating the wins with you.

Complete your own rehab journey and reap the benefits of rehabilitation. Please contact our admissions team today for further information regarding our rehab timeframes and steps. We can recommend the most appropriate rehab journey for you, whether that’s residential treatment, or outpatient treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Rawtenstall.

Whichever route you consider, addiction recovery will be achievable with our help here at Ocean Recovery Centre.