Burnley Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

If you are based in Burnley, suffering with an addiction, consider medical support through our drug and alcohol rehab programmes today.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Burnley

The mere mention of rehab can be terrifying to someone who suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction. People develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs for a multitude of reasons, but these substances are generally a coping mechanism and long-term addictions are common.

Drugs or alcohol are used to generate excitement or dull someone’s senses so that they might handle the problems that life presents.

Are you looking for rehab in Burnley? Are you looking for a treatment service that can help you both on both a physical and psychological basis?

If so, Ocean Recovery can provide you with addiction treatment that is created with your recovery goal in mind and a focus on your long-term recovery.

Why not call us today on 01253 847553, or by text HELP to 83222 and have a frank and open discussion about your physical and mental health and the relationship you have with drugs or alcohol?

We know that asking for help is hard – clients have told us they feel embarrassed or ashamed at asking for help. But drug and alcohol rehabilitation can transform your life.

Our 24/7 helpline is staffed by caring and compassionate people, some who are themselves recovering addicts, who can give you advice from the heart.

Why not see how our drug and alcohol treatment centres can help you today?


The Signs of an Addiction

If you have been researching rehab places for drugs, or alcohol rehab, you may be aware that you’re experiencing a drug or alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, not all addicts are able to accept the fact that they have a problem and experience denial.

To those around an addict, it is often totally obvious they are suffering. Colleagues might have witnessed a huge drop off in performance, to the extent that they have lost their jobs.

A drug or alcohol addict might also suddenly find their behaviour changing in order to fund their habit, having lost all of their money.

Worst of all, relationships with people who may have been close have become fractured or completely broken. Make no mistake, a drug or alcohol addiction can ruin lives in no time at all.

Encouraging someone to discuss the possibility of attending rehab places for drugs, or alcohol rehab, is a very tough conversation to have. The main reason an addict rejects rehab is because they don’t accept that they have a problem.

Deep down, they’ll know that this is not true, but addicts become so good at lying about their own condition, many begin to believe their own lies.

It can often take a significant shock for someone to admit to needing help. To that extent, it’s difficult for a treatment service to be effective as the addict will approach it with a closed mind.

If you are struggling to accept your problems with alcohol or drugs, or you are worried about a friend or a loved one, why not call Ocean Recovery today for a free, no obligation consultation?


Rehab Centres in Burnley

It is extremely difficult to break an addiction, and you will need medical assistance in order to do. There’s no wait for our services, and your treatment with Ocean Recovery can begin immediately.

After completing your initial assessment over the telephone, you can check into our treatment centre and we can perform a more thorough examination of your health.

We’ll take this opportunity to get to know you. We take great pride in treating all of our clients as an individual. Every addiction is different in the same way that every person is different, and it’s important that we understand how and why you developed your addiction in the first place, and we’ll put forward appropriate treatment options.

You’ll then be able to have a tour of our rehab clinic and meet your keyworkers before your drug and alcohol treatment begins.



Most clients require a period in our detox clinic at the beginning of their treatment program. It is an intensive, difficult part of your treatment and there’s no disguising the fact that it is a tough experience.

Many people try their own DIY detox at home, which is a dangerous thing to do. As you deny yourself drugs or alcohol, your cravings for these substances will significantly ramp up. As you fight them, your body will protest with withdrawal symptoms.

Most of these are relatively minor but some can be very serious, which is why a detox without medical assistance is not at all recommended. Repeated failures can also cause damage to your self-esteem, which is fragile enough when your life is drifting out of your control.

With Ocean Recovery’s treatment programmes however, you can be assured of a medically assisted detox. This allows you to receive medication to ease your withdrawal symptoms.

Because a detox may need to last a few weeks (the length of your time in the detox clinic is dependent on how severe your addiction is) you may benefit from the use of prescription drugs. These act as a sedative and allow you get through this difficult time with a little bit more comfort.


Therapies and Aftercare

When you’ve completed your detox, you will be able to have your therapies. These are on a one to one basis and group based. The individual sessions have more of a focus on discussing why your addiction developed in the first place and the group therapy sessions are more to share your problems and learn from the experiences of others.

When your treatment has been completed, we’ll devise an aftercare plan to make sure you are ready to return to life in Burnley and you’ll have access to local support groups and our 24-hour helpline for 12 months.

Cheap rehab doesn’t exist, but we are flexible, and we will work with you to find alcohol rehab near you, or drug abuse treatment rehabilitation within your budget.

Every day is of importance when you’re fighting a drug or alcohol addiction, so please don’t put it off any further. Please get in touch with Ocean Recovery today and let us take the steps needed to help you regain control of your life.