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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rossendale

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Rossendale

Living with consistent side effects from drug and alcohol consumption can be challenging. Experiencing these feelings time after time will make recovery seem unfeasible, as greater doses are taken to block out physical and psychological side effects of an addiction.

Although recovery may be perceived as incredibly difficult, an unachievable goal for those experiencing the above, recovery is achievable with the right treatment services. This is commonly difficult for individuals with an addiction to believe, especially individuals with chronic dependencies. However, it is probable with the right support.

If you are trapped in the vicious circle of addiction, searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Rossendale or the surrounding area will be beneficial.

Finding help near Rossendale

Does the above situation resonate with you? Are you struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction, yet believe that rehab will be pointless? Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we understand how you feel. We further appreciate that those using drugs and alcohol may have attempted to recover alone previously, therefore, will have little faith in professional addiction treatments.

However, if this is your standpoint on recovery, please be reassured that recovery is probable when completing a comprehensive rehab programme. At Ocean Recovery Centre, we’ve aided many Rossendale locals through personalised rehab programmes, achieving the long-term goal of full recovery.

Our high success rates fall down to our industry leading addiction treatments, our care and commitment to our clients, our specialised team of addiction professionals and our personalised approach to rehab. If you are motivated to recover and complete the steps of rehabilitation, searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Rossendale will be valuable. We can help you through your rehab journey, with the aim to lead a drug and alcohol-free future. Reach out today to discuss how our addiction treatments and comprehensive rehab programmes can help you.

Benefits of consistent addiction treatment

For many of our clients, previous attempts to recover have been made. This will usually be attempted from home or through NHS free addiction services. This is a great sign for our team, as the desire to recover is present.

However, these routes are highly unfeasible when considering the consistency of addiction treatment. As services are usually limited, especially as the rise of drug and alcohol addictions have increased across the UK, recovery timeframes have prolonged significantly.

Therefore, if you’re keen to recover efficiently, visiting a residential rehab facility where consistent addiction treatments are offered will be recommended; which can be experienced here at Ocean Recovery Centre.

Additionally, by completing consistent addiction treatment, set away from your home environments in Rossendale, long-term recovery rates will increase. For some clients, recovery may be achieved from home. However, without completing a comprehensive rehab programme, where significant focus is placed on each angle of an addiction, future drug and alcohol relapses can develop.

Therefore, to ensure that an addiction has been fully overcome, investing into a local rehab facility who offers consistent addiction treatment will benefit your future.

Start your personalised rehab journey today

If you’re motivated to change your perspective on drugs and alcohol, it’s time to start your own personalised rehab journey. At Ocean Recovery Centre, we believe in personalisation. By offering bespoke rehab programmes to our clients, healing potentials will increase substantially, along with easing the rehab process.

For most clients this process will begin by contacting our admissions team. An initial telephone assessment will be required to gauge the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction, and the impacts it is having on your life. This will help our team define the most appropriate rehab programme for you, including timeframes, selected addiction treatments and support networks. Please be reassured that this information will be kept confidential.

For other clients, the admissions process may start a little differently. Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we further support families or peers dealing with addiction. In these circumstances, psychosocial interventions may be required to begin the rehab process. Once addiction treatment has been accepted by our client, again a personalised rehab programme will be devised to advance recovery.

From here, no matter which route you’ve started your rehab journey from, our substance misuse services, and addiction treatments will be accessible to all. You will complete a handful of our leading addiction treatment methods, following a holistic route. Here is where a combination of medical, psychological and social treatment options will be recommended to fully breakdown your connection to drugs and alcohol.

Common treatments experienced consist of a drug and alcohol detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, individual and family therapy, motivational sessions and support groups. Each will play a defining role in your recovery to disconnect your body and mind from drugs and alcohol, while preparing you for a future back at home in Rossendale.

Please be reassured that treatment options will be observed throughout your rehab journey to ensure progression is in sight. For some clients, certain treatment options will carry greater effect. Therefore, we will ensure your personal requirements are met, along with pathing the way for a future without substance misuse.

Rehabilitate for the long-term with Ocean Recovery Centre

To promote long-term recovery, if a comprehensive rehab programme has been completed, our support will continue. We are passionate about helping those in need change their lives for the better. Therefore, our support and guidance will be available for free for up to 12 months post rehab.

We understand how the transition home to Rossendale can be difficult. This is where you’ll feel vulnerable as you experience your old drug and alcohol influences and stimulation’s. However, with our helping hand, you will be prepared to combat those temptations with life-changing tools through coping mechanisms techniques. Likewise, the addiction treatments experienced will help to change your view on drugs and alcohol, by promoting healthy lifestyle and mindful choices.

If you are hoping to recover for the long-term, consider a drug and alcohol rehab in Rossendale or the surrounding area. By completing residential rehab, your recovery likelihood will increase significantly, making a sober future likely.

We can guide you through reach step of your personalised rehab journey here at Ocean Recovery Centre. Reach out to discuss how we can help you today…