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Searching for a Fleetwood based drug and alcohol rehab? Consider our convenient centre today to begin your road to addiction recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Fleetwood

Fleetwood Treatment Centres

Living with a drug and alcohol addiction can be exhausting. Not to mention the long-term mental and physical disorders which can develop from consistent consumption. If you are currently suffering alone, attempting to work through side effects and negative episodes, seek local addiction support today.

Seek Local Addiction Support Today

Living with a drug and alcohol addiction can be exhausting. Not to mention the long-term mental and physical disorders which can develop from consistent consumption. If you are currently suffering alone, attempting to work through side effects and negative episodes, seek local addiction support today.

The longer you experience the vicious circle of addiction, the greater damage you are causing. Although support can be provided to all individuals living with an addiction, the sooner you act, the less detoxification and treatment will be required.

If you are based near Fleetwood, consider our Blackpool located rehab centre here at Ocean Recovery Centre. Although rehab sounds like a daunting step for many, our services are recovery focused. Visit our home from home, comfortable, residential rehab centre and reap the benefits through our addiction treatment options.

Selecting A Local Rehab Centre

Throughout your rehab journey, it is important that comfort is set as the priority of your experience. In order to increase your probability rate of recovery, selecting a local, convenient rehab centre is recommended. However, ensure that some distance is placed between your home influences and recovery facility.

It is important that you select somewhere which promotes a family feel, including your support network throughout recovery. It is also vital that the rehab centre you select falls a distance from Fleetwood to ensure that temptation is diminished. Attempting to recover while surrounded by your current habits and triggers will be impossible. Give yourself some time away to focus on your drug and alcohol recovery plan.

Our Blackpool based centre will provide you with a secure, safe cocoon to relax and rejuvenate, while controlling your addiction recovery. We will treat you as a family member whilst including your support network within your therapy sessions and relapse prevention classes. This step will ensure that you feel at ease throughout treatment, along with preparing your loved ones for your transition back into reality post rehab.

Consider our expert support today by getting in touch with our compassionate team!

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you believe that residential treatment will benefit you or a loved one, by selecting our rehab centre, you will be provided with industry leading addiction treatments. Each are designed to promote strong long-term recovery. Throughout your rehab journey you will experience a combination of treatment methods, following a holistic approach.

As every client’s journey is different, we will design a personalised addiction treatment plan, helping you overcome your drug and alcohol addiction effectively. We will listen to your needs, your addiction history and your future goals to create a tailored approach to drug and alcohol treatment.

To ensure that your addiction is fully diminished, we will work on both your psychological and physical connection to drugs and alcohol. Treatment options you can expect to experience include support groups, family therapy sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, clinical detoxifications and physical activity classes. Each will play a significant part in your rehab journey, helping to break down your barriers, and move forward towards your goals.

Along with our treatment services, we will also prepare you for your return home with both coping mechanism and relapse prevention classes. This is where you will gain life-saving tools to help lead a positive drug and alcohol-free future. We will devise a long-term recovery plan with you, ensuring you have a plan in place to avoid future temptation as you return home to Fleetwood.

Throughout your rehab journey, your progression will be assessed to ensure the most suitable treatment options and support approaches are offered. We will continue to observe and motivate up until we believe a return home will be suitable. Please be assured that no matter how long it takes, we are here with expert guidance to lead the way to sobriety.

Convenient Support to Prolong Your Recovery

Once you’ve happily and comfortably returned home to Fleetwood, it is important that you receive continuous, convenient support. Aftercare services and outpatient treatments are recommended to all of our clients here at Ocean Recovery Centre. We believe in ensuring that your transition from our rehab setting to your reality environment is paramount for long-term recovery.

Our passion is to ensure that your drug and alcohol addiction has fully diminished. Our knowledge of your hard work through rehab inspires us to continue motivating you when times get tough. You can expect to experience consistent therapy sessions and support groups to ensure that your recovery plan is being implemented. Give yourself the best chance to prolong your recovery by partaking in our aftercare sessions today! You can receive free support up to 12 months post rehab.

Our Credible Team

Alongside providing the most successful addiction treatments and aftercare service, we believe that our credible staff differentiates our rehab offering. Our team are addiction specialists, with deep experience of successfully aiding individuals like yourself to recovery.

They understand what it takes to overcome an addiction. They understand the journey you will go through, both the bad and good to reach a positive end result. They further understand which steps to take to ensure that comfort is key for you.

Our team are carefully hand-picked, made up of expert psychologists, medical gurus, certified coaches and specialised therapists, ensuring you receive the best care possible. From the offset, our team are here to listen to you, guide you, advise you, treat you, care for you, and protect you. Their mission is to help you change your life through a period of addiction treatment.

Let them help you, by helping yourself today and take the first step to an addiction-free future. If you are based in Fleetwood, experience the convenience of our residential and outpatient treatments, providing you with both the freedom and care to recover. To begin your rehab journey, get in touch with our admissions team. From the offset you will receive our support, ensuring that your Ocean Recovery experience is worth your while. Contact us for a confidential chat today and to discover how our services can help you long-term.