Bury St Edmunds Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Making the decision that it is time to attend a drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be difficult. There are so many addiction treatment options available that it can be hard to know which is the best recovery option for you. From outpatient services to residential stay options, reaching out for treatment is the first step.

Learn more about residential rehab in Bury St Edmunds and other rehab options available to help you overcome drug or alcohol addiction here.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bury St Edmunds

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Bury St Edmunds

At Ocean Recovery, we offer specialist addiction rehab programmes for people who require professional support for alcohol misuse or drug abuse.

When choosing between drug and alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds and residential rehab centres further away, we recommend that you consider your budget, recovery goals, addiction history and the severity of your addiction to gain a better understanding of the level of professional support that will be required for you to recover.

To help you with this decision, learn more about the pros and cons of remaining for rehab in Bury St Edmunds, what happens in rehab and the general benefits of inpatient rehab below.

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What Can I Expect from Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bury St Edmunds?

Every individual’s experience of private or outpatient rehab is different. This is due to the personal experiences people have of drug and alcohol addiction, individual recovery journeys, and susceptibility to rehab treatment programmes.

At an inpatient treatment centre, drug and alcohol rehab generally consists of a detox phase, addiction therapies and aftercare. Outpatient services on the other hand are typically localised recovery centres which benefit those with less severe forms of drug and alcohol abuse. Outpatient care typically consists of support group meetings and does not involve a medical detox.

If your addiction consists of less severe substance abuse, recovering at a local drug and alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds may be a good option for you.

If you’re however living with a severe physical and psychological addiction and potentially experiencing mental health issues or have other complex needs, you should consider treatment at a place that is further away than rehab in Bury St Edmunds.

Residential rehab is available here at Ocean Recovery – we provide you with the space and treatments you require to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.


Benefits of Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Private drug and alcohol rehab programmes offer a number of significant benefits for clients. The quality of addiction treatment services is a key benefit of this form of treatment and is not experienced elsewhere to the same personal degree.

At our rehab clinic, you’ll experience the value of a safe, effective, and comprehensive rehab programme which is catered to successfully treat your addiction.

A further benefit is that you will have the ability to stay in a safe and positive setting which is away from potentially harmful home environments in Bury St Edmunds. Residential rehab such as the treatment we offer at Ocean Recovery gives people suffering from addiction the best chance of achieving long-term recovery. The ability to recover effectively and holistically is also a sought-after benefit of drug and alcohol rehab, by securing clients with true opportunities to remain sober.

Addressing mental health conditions is yet another key benefit of an inpatient rehab programme. Dual diagnosis programmes at our treatment centre aim to treat both mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety or OCD alongside excessive drug and alcohol consumption.

The above benefits of private rehab, combined with the fact that you can not only overcome addiction but also improve your quality of life make private alcohol rehab a wise option. We offer a number of other benefits which are specific to our drug and alcohol rehab clinic that you can experience by getting in touch with us – see how we achieve reliable long-term recovery rates by attending our centre.

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The Drug and Alcohol Detox Process

A key benefit of private rehab is the detox process. Once a client arrives at rehab, the first step is the drug or alcohol detox. This involves medical professionals assessing the individual, organising prescription medications to help manage withdrawals during the detox and staying in a quiet area within the detox wing.

Whilst home detox can be dangerous as it is unattended, in a residential treatment centre, clients are regularly checked by medical professionals, recovery workers and specialists to ensure the process is running smoothly.

The detox stage is often the make or break of addiction recovery – if a detox is not completed properly, relapse often occurs as a result. By following the processes within rehab, clients are much more likely to achieve a successful recovery and remain sober for years to come.

Detox lasts for roughly 5-10 days but varies depending on the type of substance used. Prescription drug detox typically lasts longer than other drugs, but this also depends on addiction severity, addiction history, age, weight, and other factors.

Find out more about the detoxification process at Ocean Recovery by getting in touch with us today.


What Are Common Withdrawal Symptoms During Detox?

Drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the type of addictive substance, individual tolerance and metabolism rates, and responses to detoxification.

However, there are a range of common withdrawal symptoms which will likely be experienced during detox from drugs and alcohol.

You can expect to experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, including nausea, depression, irritability, migraines, cravings, anxiety, headaches, shakes and loss of appetite.

While withdrawal symptoms can range in severity, the most important factor is that they can be managed through a medical detox. At our residential rehab clinic, prescription medications are provided by our medical team to help you manage withdrawal and achieve long-term addiction recovery.

Avoiding home drug and alcohol detoxification keeps you safe and less likely to relapse, which is why private rehab treatment is recommended. Consider treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds to recover from drug and alcohol addiction for good.


Therapy Treatments in Rehab

Psychological addiction treatment is key for long-term recovery and understanding the self better. Without completing varied therapies, relapse is more likely to occur if the root cause is not addressed. At Ocean Recovery we offer a number of therapies to help people get their life back on track.

Some of the therapy treatments we offer include:

Group therapy

Group therapy sessions take place daily amongst clients in rehab to promote recovery and provide people with a space to discuss their feelings. These sessions provide emotional support and a safe space to discuss any concerns, feelings and achievements.

Art therapy

Holistic treatments are useful for people who struggle to discuss their feelings. Art therapy and creative sessions offer a great chance to let go of difficult-to-process emotions and are a known therapy for people who struggle with their mental health.

Individual therapy

One-to-one counselling sessions which are CBT-led help clients recovering from substance abuse to understand their addiction and focus on their individual recovery journey. These sessions are beneficial for people recovering from drug or alcohol abuse and help people to feel reassured.

Mindfulness sessions

Mindfulness in private rehab involves daily walks, yoga sessions, meditation and more to keep you focused on your recovery journey. By achieving a great focus on yourself, you can achieve sobriety for good.


Can I Recover from Addiction at Home?

Expecting to make a full recovery from addiction at home is not the safest or most successful option for people attempting to recover from substance abuse. Unfortunately, an addiction of any degree is challenging to overcome while attempting to overcome it at home alone.

The instrumental resources that are provided by addiction treatment services are necessary to promote physical and psychological recovery. Consistent support will be unavailable from medical professionals and addiction specialists, unlike the support that is provided within rehab centres.

By attempting recovery at home, your health may suffer due to untreated and challenging withdrawal symptoms and the effectiveness of lone detoxification achieves lower results.

As a result of this, recovering from home is not recommended due to the risks that may occur during withdrawal and the increased likelihood of further substance abuse in the future.

If you wish to remain close to home, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds may be the best option for you – speak to our team for advice on 0800 880 7596.


Can You Promise Success Through Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee or promise long-term successful recovery, however, the treatments we provide offer everything you need to achieve it. The result of rehab is in your hands and staying sober once you return to Bury St Edmunds becomes your own responsibility.

Through understanding your addiction, there is a higher chance of long-term sobriety than attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds. Through our services and ongoing support, long-term recovery is regularly aimed for and achieved. To achieve this, you must commit yourself to the rehab programme and post-rehab recovery.

We also offer aftercare sessions to increase the chance of sobriety – find out more details below.

Rehab Aftercare Services in Bury St Edmunds

Once you return home from rehab in Bury St Edmunds, moving forward can be difficult without the 24/7 support that is available in rehab. This is why 1 year of free aftercare is offered to clients who complete a 28-day rehab programme, as it gives people the chance to ask for advice and celebrate recovery milestones.

It is also recommended for people to attend local Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous sessions in the local area to continue recovery.


Seek Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Searching for drug or alcohol rehab in Bury St Edmunds? Consider Ocean Recovery for leading addiction treatment and to turn your life around. By researching different rehabilitation centres that are available to you, you can find the best service available for your needs.

Start the admission process today and phone up 0800 880 7596 or fill out our contact form to organise an admission date to our rehabilitation centre. Our rehab near Bury St Edmunds is a perfect place to recover.