Suffolk Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Suffolk

There are many people who suffer from alcohol and drug addictions all over the UK. Addictions can easily and very quickly spiral out of control and take over your life. Any type of drug or alcohol addiction can take away from your quality of life.

The best and easiest way to turn your life around and regain control is to attend a rehabilitation centre where you will be surrounded by supportive people who understand your journey. Rehab helps you detox and can help you get back on track to living a normal, healthy life.

What Causes Addiction?

There are many different causes of addiction and no two addict is the same. With addiction to drugs and alcohol, these are substances that change the way you feel in a physical and mental way. The feelings these substances provide are usually enjoyable and this causes the urge to take those substances again to continue those positive feelings.

Being addicted to something means that when you stop having it, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and will make you more likely to want to continue taking that substance to avoid those negative feelings and continue experiencing the positive feelings that the drugs or alcohol provide you with.

Addiction can often get out of control as you need to keep taking more and more in order to satisfy your cravings and experience that ‘high’ once again.

How Can Addiction Affect You?

Managing addictions can put a serious strain on your life and can cause extreme damage to your relationships, your personal life, and your work life. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can also have serious psychological and physical affects on your body.

Some studies suggest that addiction can be genetic, however, certain environmental factors such as surrounding yourself with other addicts, can also increase your risk of being a substance addict yourself.

Addiction can act as a way of blocking out certain difficult issues that you may be facing in your life. Long-term stress, unemployment, poverty, pressure, depression, and anxiety are all things that can trigger addiction.

What is Rehab?

Many people wonder what rehab actually is and what it involves. Rehab is a treatment program that provides a residential setting for addicts paired up with an intense care and support program to help addicts overcome their addiction.

Rehab allows you to detox from the substances you’re taking and teaches you how to become free from substances on a long-term basis. The treatment that you undergo will depend a lot on your particular type of addiction and the severity of your addiction. However, most treatments will involve a mixture of physical activities and therapies that aim to provide you with information and teach you coping mechanisms to help avoid any chances of relapse once you leave the residential environment and return to your home life.

The Challenges of Withdrawal

Unfortunately, addiction equates to some chemical changes within the brain. When you stop taking the substance that you’re addicted to, your brain will attempt to re-establish ‘normal’ functions. However, this means that the chemistry in your brain is changing very quickly and this can give rise to some very negative and potentially life-threatening side effects. Withdrawal symptoms from any type of substance abuse can be very discomforting. This is usually one of the main reasons why addicts resort to relapsing.

The treatment at drug and alcohol rehab centre is designed to support you during these difficult times and keeps your comfort in mind at all times. You will have constant support during your withdrawal stages and with also have constant access to medical support wherever needed.

What Are the Main Benefits of Rehab?

There are many major benefits of a rehab treatment. These can include but are not limited to the following:

  • 24/7 medical support
  • Individualised medically assisted detox
  • Healthy and nutritious meals provided
  • Laundry service
  • Top tier therapy and counselling sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • One to one therapy sessions
  • Aftercare program
  • Full residential to keep you motivated and avoid distractions

How Does Rehab Aftercare Work?

One of the main benefits of rehab is the ongoing support that you receive even after you have left the treatment centre. One of the most important parts of rehab is learning how to avoid relapse. Relapse risks all of the progression that you make during your rehab treatment. With this in mind, you will receive aftercare once you have left the rehab centre to try to limit the chances of relapse as much as possible.

During rehab, you will be armed with the strategies and skills needed to avoid relapse when you have left the facility. You will learn mental strength skills so that you can easily deal with any setbacks and cope with stress in healthy and non-destructive ways. You will be encouraged to take part in new hobbies, make a social schedule, and low how to discover new activities and hobbies that will keep you happy, healthy, and motivated towards continuing with your long-term sobriety.

You will be encouraged to attend aftercare sessions post-rehab that will keep you motivated. This is particularly important during the first 90 days after you leave the rehab facility. This is because the first 90 days after rehab is when you are most vulnerable and therefore most likely to fall into relapse. The first three months of your post-rehab recovery period form the foundation of your lifetime of sobriety.

How We Can Help You

Here at Ocean Recovery, we are dedicated to providing you with a collection of excellent rehabilitation treatment centres across the UK. We can help to provide you with the best drug and alcohol rehab in Suffolk to suit you.

We have been around since 2014 and, in that time, we have developed an excellent in-depth programme od therapies and treatment for addiction.

We have proudly supported over 2000 clients to successfully complete their treatment and begin their journeys towards sustained recovery. We tailor make treatment plans so that every client receives the best possible support for their particular needs.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you achieve your rehabilitation goals, please do get in touch with us today!