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It is very important that you source and complete the right rehab programme for you. Many individuals will select a rehab clinic close to home for convenience. Others will select a cheaper rehab programme to reduce their investment. While it’s understandable to see why this could be the case at face value, looking beyond the selling points of convenience while recovering from addiction is important.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lowestoft

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With this in mind, suitability should be the key selling point for you when selecting a rehab programme. If that’s a drug and alcohol rehab in Lowestoft, localised recovery could work for you. Yet, in the majority of addiction cases, looking further afield for residential rehab will be advantageous.

If you’re open to residential rehab, see below the benefits you can experience here at Ocean Recovery, a leading rehabilitation clinic, offering personal and probable journeys towards long-term recovery. Act on that inclination and progress from a positive starting point by commencing your rehabilitation process.


Attempting to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Lowestoft

As mentioned above, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Lowestoft may be your first option when warming to addiction recovery. Localised recovery is sought-after for the comfort and familiarity it offers. However, beyond those conveniences, it is important to ensure that remaining in the Lowestoft area is suitable for your drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

Localised recovery is suitable for clients who experience minimal psychological influences, linked to drugs or alcohol. This is also the case for those who can control their triggers, commonly linked to inconsistent exposure. If you’re suffering from substance abuse, in this case, attempting to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Lowestoft can be doable.

If you’re however struggling from physical and psychological influences, if social, environmental, or emotional triggers are present, removing yourself from familiar settings will be recommended. By checking into a private, residential rehab clinic, away from Lowestoft, you will have enough distance, privacy and time to focus on addiction recovery.

It is important to remember that an addiction is a serious illness. You will need to invest your whole self when working through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Residential rehab can offer this opportunity, while providing you with an intense and structured personal rehab programme, in place to promote recovery.

Suitability is key. Without following this route, you may complete an unnecessary stream of addiction treatment, you may complete an unsuitable approach to rehabilitation, or you may not complete enough recovery processes. Future-proof a life without drugs and alcohol by identifying suitability with professional addiction support.


The benefits of residential addiction treatment

If you’re open to looking beyond Lowestoft for residential addiction treatment, here are the benefits you can expect to experience at Ocean Recovery.

    • – Leading addiction treatment options
      Addiction treatment options drive rehabilitation progression. Without a wide range of leading addiction treatment methods, full recovery is very unlikely. Through our clinic, we focus on physical and psychological methods, such as detoxification, therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, ensuring that holistic healing is aimed for.We also provide an intense, structured stream of addiction treatments, tailored around personal needs to ensure that safe and successful withdrawal and realignment can be completed.


    • – Mental health treatments and support
      A strong mental health state is necessary when recovering from addiction. Mental health treatments and support are available, helping clients reach the right mindset to recover for the future.Many addicts will suffer from the likes of depression, anxiety or mood related disorders. We aim to change this by offering treatment for a dual diagnosis.


    • – Safe drug and alcohol detoxification
      Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can be tough, especially when withdrawal symptoms show themselves. Through our medically addicted drug and alcohol detoxification programmes, your health and safety can be maintained, ensuring that you are fit for further addiction treatment.


    • – Physical and psychological realignment
      Recovery is more than detoxification. Both physical and psychological realignment must be aimed for, which is the case via residential rehab. Streams of addiction treatments, of mental health sessions, of wellbeing workshops will be provided to aid physical and psychological health.


    • – Recovery designed facilities
      While selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Lowestoft may offer convenience, residential rehab provides convenience and then some through recovery designed facilities. You’ll experience a homely feel while you have access to leading facilities and resources, aiding your stay.


    • – Drug and alcohol relapse prevention
      The progress you make through rehab is very important. Yet, drug and alcohol relapse prevention are also pinnacle, helping to prolong that progress post-rehab. Returning to Lowestoft may be challenging at first. Yet, by forming a relapse prevention plan, via rehab, you’ll be armed with tools to support your transition.


  • – A drug and alcohol aftercare programme
    To make sober living a realistic goal, a drug and alcohol aftercare programme will also be on offer via Ocean Recovery. You can access this from a drug and alcohol rehab in Lowestoft itself, helping you work support groups and AA meetings into your new lifestyle. This, alongside new lifestyle choices, away from drugs and alcohol will help to ease your chances of sober living.


Reach out to our team at Ocean Recovery

You can experience all of these benefits by reaching out to our team at Ocean Recovery. You’ve surpassed the first difficult obstacle by seeing the value in professional rehabilitation and by committing to its purpose. Now it’s time to act on those commitments by considering the most suited rehab experience, for your needs.

If visiting a drug and alcohol treatment centre in your local area Lowestoft is best for you, we encourage that route. Yet, if your addiction diagnosis is moderate to chronic, see the value of residential rehab, away from home. We can facilitate this for you in Blackpool, offering the most optimal, most relaxing, most luxurious setting to recover from.