County Antrim Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

In part, this may be down to your own behaviour. People struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction can act unreasonably towards members of their families and other loved ones.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab County Antrim

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in County Antrim

In many ways, the person under the influence and demands of alcohol or drug addiction is not the real you.

Addiction changes your personality and behaviour and can put huge strains on familial, romantic and professional relationships.

No matter how bad things get, however, there is always help available. If you are searching for drug and alcohol rehab in County Antrim, or searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Northern Ireland as a whole, we can put you in touch with the best people and programmes to help you face up to and overcome your addiction.

These professionals have a wide range of experience dealing with addiction problems of all kind. They do not judge and will be on your side. In fact, many people working in the field of addiction recovery have struggled with addiction themselves.

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The dangers of addiction

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a serious problem throughout the country and statistics in Northern Ireland, including County Antrim, are worse than many other parts of the UK.

Of the thousands of people signing up for HSCNI treatment for substance misuse in Northern Ireland in 2019/20, around a third (35.8%) were there for drug misuse only, 32.8% for alcohol misuse only and only a small amount more (31.5%) had issues with both alcohol and drug misuse.

The exact nature of the addiction and substance misuse will have a great bearing on the dangers related to it.

Opioids, alcohol and cocaine can also have different short- and long-term effects, for example, but addiction of all kinds can have negative effects on the user and those around them.

Every year thousands of people die from drug poisoning (overdose) or alcohol poisoning throughout the UK.

There are also deaths from accidents, reckless behaviour and criminal behaviour related to substance abuse, not to mention the many more deaths caused by preventable illnesses linked to drugs or alcohol.

That is the worst-case scenario, but it is also just the tip of the iceberg. Many more people develop serious illnesses, disabilities and chronic health conditions due to their dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Addiction can have serious physical and psychological impacts, and many people suffering from addiction also find themselves in need of mental health treatments and support.

As already mentioned, addiction can also affect your relationships, work, education and pretty much every aspect of your life.

The question to ask should not be whether you can afford to take the best chance you have of breaking free by staying in drug and alcohol rehab in County Antrim, but whether you can afford not to.


What to expect from a County Antrim rehab for drug and alcohol abuse

The statistics related to substance abuse and addiction can be shocking. The damage done to the people directly involved there’s an impact in terms of crime and cost to society as a whole.

Behind every statistic, though, is a real person struggling with genuine challenges. We never forget that everyone seeking drug and alcohol rehabilitation is an individual with their own unique set of circumstances.

This means that no two residential addiction treatment programmes are ever the same. They will be tailored to achieve the best outcomes for you as an individual, but there are some common elements that you might expect to encounter.


Drug and alcohol detoxification

One of the biggest benefits of going to a private drug and alcohol rehab is that it will offer a supervised detox programme. Detox, or detoxification, is the process during which your body metabolises and essentially gets rid of the toxic elements of the drug.

By the end of the process, there will be no alcohol or drugs physically left in your system, but that is far from the end of the process.

As the chemicals that your body and mind have come to rely on are suddenly removed, you will start to suffer from a range of withdrawal symptoms.

These can vary depending on the type of substance involved, heaviness and length of use and other key factors. Withdrawal symptoms are always unpleasant, though, and they can be severe and sometimes dangerous.

Going through ‘cold turkey’ without professional help can be extremely difficult and could also pose a risk to your health. Severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, for example, could include seizures while psychological effects during and after detox could lead to the individual attempting to harm themselves.

In a residential addiction treatment centre, you will be able to go through a supervised detox programme with round the clock support and medical supervision where needed.

It is still likely to be an unpleasant process, but it will be easier and safer than it would be otherwise.


Other treatments available at drug rehab UK centres

Progressing through detox is a hugely important step forward, but it’s also crucial to avoid relapse and slipping back into bad habits once you leave the facility.

To this end, a range of talking therapies and other treatments will aim to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to deal with the root causes of your addiction.

In turn, this will help you develop coping strategies and change how you think and behave in regards to drugs and alcohol. It is this combination of detox and follow-up treatment that allows you to make a long-term recovery.

There is no ‘magic bullet’ solution when it comes to addiction recovery. It is always a long haul but accessing evidence-based treatment at a UK rehab centre gives you the very best chance to break free of this destructive cycle for good.