Newcastle-under-Lyme Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Drug and alcohol addiction are continuing problems in the UK today. As a nation that has a culture of binge drinking and casual drug-taking, many people’s idea of fun can quickly become something much darker.

Seeking help for these problems is not a defeat but a step towards a more fulfilling life. Alcohol and drug rehab can help you better understand your addiction and find ways to cope with it.

If you are in the Newcastle-under-Lyme and feel that the services around you via the NHS are unable to help – Ocean Recovery can. With our high-quality addiction treatment and experienced staff, you can gain access to the help you need.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newcastle-under-Lyme

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Signs You Require Rehab

You may be in a situation where you are unsure if your addiction is serious enough to warrant professional help. The idea of waiting for rock bottom is not helpful and you should seek out treatment if you feel you need it.

If you find yourself taking drugs or drinking on your own regularly, rather than it being a social lubricant – this can be a sign of addiction. Many addicts also experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking their chosen substance for a length of time and have tried to stop and have been unable to.

You may have begun to start lying about your addiction and hiding evidence of it from friends and loved ones. This is another clear sign of alcohol and drug addiction.

If any of these signs are familiar, then you should seek out help in some capacity.


Choosing Private Rehab

At Ocean Recovery, we believe that private drug and alcohol rehab provides the best path towards sobriety. Private treatment centres provide the best treatment and experience if you are suffering from a serious addiction and hold many benefits.

Time Away

Moving away from your home for a while to go to a rehab facility can be beneficial. This time away pulls you out of a potentially toxic environment – away from temptations and potential enablers.

The Facilities

Ocean Recovery boasts top-tier facilities to ensure you are receiving suitable treatment. Dedicated detox rooms, therapy rooms, a communal lounge, a garden and premier accommodation help make up a facility that is built towards care.

Range of Treatments

Rehab via a private organisation means access to a wider range of treatments. The NHS and public services are stretched and unable to provide a greater array of treatments that you may need. All treatment plans at Ocean Recovery are tried and tested.

Quick Admission

As a private treatment centre, there is less chance of a long waiting list. If we have the space available then you can be in the facility very soon after your initial enquiry. We aim to make the process as simple and fast as possible.


Our Admissions Process at Ocean Recovery

Coming to terms with your addiction and seeking treatment can be very stressful. We aim to alleviate this at Ocean Recovery with a straightforward admissions process. Our experienced team are on hand to guide you through the steps and answer any questions that you may have.

From your initial enquiry and through the pre-admission screening you will be asked to give relevant information about your addiction. This is all confidential and done to establish your treatment options so that we figure out the best path forward.

Once that and an admission date have been agreed upon, you can pay a deposit to secure your place at Ocean Recovery. We also offer tours and walkarounds if you wish to get a feel for the place before arriving.

Throughout the process, we want to make sure you are comfortable so will attempt to make any accommodations we can. It’s important to know though that we do not offer personal care, so you need to be mobile and able to physically care for yourself.


How Does Detox Work?

Alcohol or drug detox is a process that takes 7-10 days and involves stopping drinking or taking drugs. While this sounds simple, it is a difficult process as withdrawal symptoms will begin within hours of ceasing your consumption of a substance.

In a dedicated detox room, the severity of your withdrawal symptoms will be measured using CIWA-Ar – a scale that is used by physicians all over the country. We will also monitor your blood pressure, pulse and other observations to ensure you are not in any danger.

Severe withdrawal symptoms will be medicated using Librium or Chlordiazepoxide if you are undergoing alcohol detox. During detox for substances such as cocaine, you may be treated with diazepam.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatments

Though we emphasise detox at Ocean Recovery, dealing with the psychological side of addiction is also important. Our therapies are chosen to help you delve into your addiction and leave the rehab centre with the tools you need to cope in the future.

Evidence-based treatments such as group therapy and addiction counselling follow accepted scientific findings and strategies that will help change your mindset and build confidence. Group sessions give you the chance to work with others and talk about your addiction in a safe space with people who understand your struggles.

Ocean Recovery makes use of holistic therapies to help you relax and get into a healthier mindset. Music therapy, mindfulness and meditation sessions can boost your mental health and help you be more receptive to treatment.


Help After Rehab in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Relapse prevention is an important part of your recovery journey. Being able to spot early signs of relapse and having a plan for it once you leave rehab is important.

Aftercare can help you with this, providing a framework and access to support to guide you through tough moments post-treatment. You can attend support sessions at the centre after your stay or link in via Zoom if you are not local to the area. These sessions help you stay in touch with other recovering addicts and provide a platform for you to voice your worries and get vital support.

Our aftercare support team can also offer advice if you are worried about relapsing – supplying you with possible next steps if the worst does occur.


Get Help Today

If you are ready for drug and alcohol rehab, then get in touch today. Contact us at Ocean Recovery or call us on 01253 847 553 to start your recovery journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

How long is rehab?

The average rehab programme lasts 28 days. This timeline is attached to residential rehab, which you can work through by checking into private rehab. If you’re instead hoping for a flexible programme to complete alongside your everyday life, outpatient rehab will be recommended. The average outpatient programme can take up to 6 months to complete. Timelines will differ depending on your needs, response to treatment and the types of support that you require.

Is rehab worth it?

Rehab is a worthwhile commitment. Although experiences will differ for each client, those who commit themselves, complete rehab, and maintain change can overcome addiction. Drug and alcohol rehab provides initial treatment and the tools to recover. Its completion is heavily linked to long-term sobriety, offering the most effective recovery process.

How does aftercare work?

Aftercare is a free service for all clients. It works over a 12-month period, following addiction treatment. An aftercare plan offers access to additional treatments and avenues of support to help with the transition from rehab to day-to-day life. It can take some time to adjust. Challenges can also surface through early rehabilitation. Aftercare works by providing access into support groups, by arranging one-to-one therapy sessions, and by promoting check-ins, providing a helping hand through the process.