Cannock Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cannock

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Cannock

If you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Cannock, Ocean Recovery Centre is here to help. We offer a wide range of treatment services for those suffering with drug or alcohol dependency, assisting people across Staffordshire as they fight for a healthier life.

In Cannock, as in many towns and cities throughout the UK, finding help for addiction problems can be overwhelming. However, our relatable team takes a personal approach, tailoring your addiction treatment for optimal results. Our medically assisted rehab programmes help addicts overcome withdrawal symptoms, opening a gateway to longer lasting recovery.

Do you have addiction problems? Five questions to help

Before accessing drug and alcohol treatment, a person must first acknowledge and accept their problems with addiction. Doing so can be a very difficult process, fraught with stigma and self-doubt. Nevertheless, education can make a huge difference, making people aware of the dangerous side effects of substance abuse.

As such, if you are worrying about possible addiction issues – either personally or on behalf of somebody you know – here are five key questions to consider when attempting to find solutions.

  1. How often do I use drugs and alcohol?Excessive consumption is one of the most obvious symptoms of substance addiction. The illness triggers an impulse, satisfied by imbibing a specific substance. Accordingly, if you are drinking vast amounts of alcohol or taking many drugs, seeking help is definitely advised.
  2. Are drugs and alcohol affecting my health? 

    The impact of substance abuse on a person’s physical and mental health can be profound. Depending on the substance one is addicted to, wellness complications can range from general listlessness and low motivation to chronic organ deficiencies and debilitating illnesses. If consumption of alcohol or drugs is affecting your health, seek professional help. 

  3. Are drugs and alcohol affecting my relationships?The process of satisfying addictions often comes at the detriment of those we love. If people around you are being harmed by your drug and alcohol use – physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise – expert advice should be sought. Increased alienation and avoidance can be telling signs of substance abuse affecting others.
  4. Are drugs and alcohol affecting my career?The cognitive impairment associated with drug and alcohol abuse makes it difficult to concentrate on tasks and perform at a high level. As such, struggling at work is often a problem for so-called ‘functioning’ alcohol addicts in particular. If your workplace standards are slipping, or if you are taking more sick days, independent consultation on your lifestyle choices may be beneficial.
  5. How do I feel about periods without drugs and alcohol? 

    To be addicted to something is to be mentally and physically dependent upon it. The thought of foregoing specific substances, be it drugs or alcohol, seems practically impossible to an addict. Their entire life is built around that next drink or hit, and the substance is choice is their top priority, even above family and personal hygiene. If the concept of spending a day, week or month without drugs or alcohol frightens you, seeking expert help is strongly recommended.

How to find drug and alcohol rehab in Cannock

If the questions listed above raise concerns about your drug and alcohol intake, or that of somebody you know, finding the right sort of help is vitally important. There are many drug and alcohol services in Cannock, so choosing the rehab centre that best matches your needs can be difficult.

In this regard, the benefits of residential rehab are well documented. Literally moving away from a specific area can consolidate a fresh start, allowing people to remove themselves from bad relationships that underpin the addiction cycle.

Located in Blackpool, reasonably close to Cannock, Ocean Recovery Centre is an ideal environment in which to complete your full rehab journey. From initial assessment and admission through to effective detox and compassionate aftercare, our expert team is on hand to support your needs.

What is residential rehab like?

We offer various rehabilitation programmes bespoke to your needs. No two instances of substance use disorder are the same, and that is reflected in the treatment plans we offer.

We take time to assess your condition, discover its causal factors and create a winning strategy in terms of recovery. Key techniques we use include:

  • Full alcohol and drug detox
  • Rapid detox
  • Psychotherapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Relapse prevention

While conventional rehab centres can suffer from negative reputations, at Ocean, we do things differently. In theory and in practice, we believe in the power of positive environments to change behaviours and aid recovery from addiction. If clients feel safe and comfortable, their likelihood of recovering from addiction increases.

Accordingly, we have invested heavily to create a relaxed setting that is compatible with healing. Our rehab centre is often praised for its tranquillity, which allows patients the peace of mind to analyse their behavioural cycles and earmark possible changes.

Why Ocean Recovery Centre?

In short, we do not take a commercial approach to rehabilitation. We believe in forming strong human bonds and honing resilience through inner peace. By creating a comfortable environment, far removed from the classic connotations of rehab, we have delivered exceptional results for our clients.

Our approach is far more malleable than that of many drug and alcohol treatment centres. We think holistically, mixing elements of nutrition and relaxation with the core pillars of addiction treatment. Here at Ocean, we care for the person, not simply for the addiction. This creates long-lasting changes that are meaningful and sustainable.

So, if you are seeking drug or alcohol rehab in Cannock, carefully consider the benefits of residential rehab at Ocean Recovery Centre. Nobody should face addiction treatment alone, and nobody has to. We pride ourselves on regenerating communities by helping people rediscovery happiness.

If you have any concerns, or require any further advice, please reach out to our qualified team in confidence. We are available around the clock, so pick up the phone or make contact by email. The process is quick, reliable and efficient. One conversation could change your life or that of somebody you love.