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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tamworth

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Tamworth

Finding drug and alcohol rehab in Tamworth can be daunting for those suffering with addiction problems. Substance abuse is often a very alienating experience, so accessing treatment options requires a person to overcome social stigma and personal instinct.

If you have an unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol, addiction treatment can sometimes feel unreachable. As the NHS comes under greater pressure than ever before, waiting lists for drug and alcohol rehab in Tamworth can spiral out of control. This adds a demotivating layer of frustration for many addicts, who can suffer mental health issues as a result.


How the NHS deals with rehab in Tamworth

For many people, NHS services are a first port of call amid chronic struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. This makes sense because your local GP provides free guidance, and that is often seen as an efficient starting point, minimising expenses. However, amid mounting pressure, the NHS typically acts as a sounding board for addicts, making short-term referrals rather than any long-term changes.

In many cases, a GP will deal with substance abuse disorder by referring a patient to local charities or private residential rehab centres. The NHS has very limited resources with regard to direct rehab facilities, and those trying to stay sober often face lengthy waiting times.


What rehab treatment is available on the NHS?

Even when treatment does become available, the NHS offers a small range of addiction treatment options, and the relative success of each measure is debatable. NHS treatment plans for addiction typically include;

  • Counselling
  • Low intensity therapeutic interventions
  • Substitute prescriptions
  • Referral to local mental health teams

Gaining access to drug and alcohol rehab on the NHS is incredibly complicated, and that often adds to the trauma faced by those with addiction issues. Rehab is only usually granted in the most severe and critical cases of addiction, and funding for residential arrangements can be incredibly difficult to obtain.

The application process to secure a government grant for NHS rehab is lengthy and convoluted. Depending on the demand ad funding arrangements in your local area, waiting lists for NHS drug and alcohol rehab can range from six months to a year. As such, in Tamworth, as in many towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom, gaining access to a private rehab clinic is often quicker and more effective than waiting for the NHS alternative.

Indeed, the NHS itself recommends residential rehab as one of the most efficient treatment options for alcoholism and drug addiction. The hands-on, focused care dispensed in residential rehab centres is particularly effective, while medically assisted detox programmes have a higher success rate than many alternatives.


Why residential rehab is highly effective

Here at Ocean Recover Centre, we offer a stylish 13-bed facility that ranks among Britain’s best residential rehab facilities. By creating a comfortable environment, we set a tone of self-care that is compatible with honest self-analysis, often leading to vast improvements in the physical and mental health of patients.

More generally, the concept of residential rehab helps consolidate fresh starts, allowing substance abusers to distance themselves from the social structures that feed the addictive cycle. Replacing criminal networks with a reliable support group, we offer a fresh perspective of life beyond the next bout of intoxication.

Structured solitude, away from negative influences and triggering relationships, can lead to great personal growth among recovering addicts. While drug rehabs suffer from classic connotations of restriction, we offer inclusive surroundings that best aid your recovery.

We do not merely treat the disease of addiction; we arm patients with the tools they need to thrive in the outside world. For recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, temptation may arise at random intervals in the most unexpected ways. It is important that we teach people how to deal with those potential setbacks, reconfiguring their approach from destructive inclination to healthy resilience.


Our approach to drug and alcohol treatment

We believe in a human approach to addiction treatment. Rather than relying solely on clinical measures, we consider the person who is suffering. This is often overlooked when treating addiction, as textbook techniques replace individual needs.

With luxurious facilities, we create a serene environment of relaxation. Various types of therapy match this strategy, while group dynamics are also encouraged. We also emphasise nutrition and wellness, focusing on the wider conditions that contribute to substance misuse and addiction.

From the outset, we engender buy-in from patients, listening to their fears and putting them at ease. If a person is fully on board with a detox programme and subsequent therapy measures, they are more likely to extract positive results from those processes. Creating a relaxed culture increases comfort among patients, making them more likely to benefit from our services.


How Ocean Recovery Centre can help with drug and alcohol addiction

We offer a broad range of addiction treatment plans, covering many different substances. Our drug and alcohol rehab services are particularly successful, while wider expertise helps us limit the likelihood of gateway addiction, whereby an addict can stay sober from one substance only to abuse another.

Our relapse rates are show continuous improvement, and our culture is often praised by clients. We have helped people from all walks of life overcome addiction problems, tailoring our services to match their past present and future. Our free aftercare measures are also very successful, helping to reduce instances of relapse and consolidate positive changes for long-term prosperity.

Aside from full detox programmes and therapy sessions, we employ a team of chefs and cooks who can design meal plans to optimise your diet. Nutrition is a fundamental, if often overlooked, aspect of addiction recovery, and we place it at the forefront of our philosophy, adding value for clients.

Our free consultation is very useful, so get in touch today if you would like professional guidance from qualified experts. We are available 24/7, via telephone, text and email, to provide the support you need. So, if you are seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Tamworth, trust Ocean Recovery Centre to kick-start your journey. Together, we can build a healthier life. Let’s start those conversations.