Strathclyde Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Addictions are becoming more and more common as time goes on. There are people all over the world who are struggling with addictions to drugs or alcohol. If you believe that you may be suffering from an addiction, then it’s important that you remember that you are not alone as there are so many other people who are in the same situation as you.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Strathclyde

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Strathclyde

If you are struggling with addiction in Strathclyde, then you should consider getting in touch with us today to find out more about our state-of-the-art rehabilitation treatment centre. You shouldn’t delay reaching out for help with your addiction.

The longer you leave your addiction, the worse it is going to get. Addictions can very quickly spiral out of control, so you need to reach out at the earliest opportunity to ensure that you have the best chances of making a full recovery.

No matter what it is that you’re addicted to and no matter how severe your addiction is, you can overcome it. Rehab is the best chance you have of making a full recovery. There is a range of different rehab treatments and each one is tailored to suit your specific needs. Plus, with ongoing care, you can make sure you never relapse after you have finished going through your treatment steps.


The Causes and Symptoms of Addiction

Addiction is a very real disease; it is a progressive disease that must be stopped in its tracks sooner rather than later. Addiction can lead to serious health problems and death; therefore, it is important to look at options of treatment as soon as possible.

There is so much stigma around addiction that people don’t often know much about it, it is not just drinking a lot of alcohol or taking a lot of drugs. Addiction can destroy lives and relationships.

The reasons as to why someone is suffering from an addiction can vary from person to person. Sometimes it is because of an undiagnosed mental health disorder such as bipolar or schizophrenia, it is common when someone is in rehab to receive a dual diagnosis.

A dual diagnosis is when someone is diagnosed with a mental health condition as well as addiction. Other reasons someone may become addicted to drugs or alcohol is because they are surrounded by it, if their friends and family use they are more likely to suffer addiction. Sometimes people become addicted to a certain drug by very innocently trying it alone or with a friend, unfortunately, it can take just one use to become addicted.

If you are worried that you or someone you love are suffering from addiction and are not sure if you need help and support from a rehab facility, you may want to know what to look out for. Knowing the signs and symptoms can help you identify the addiction and get the help.

Some signs and symptoms of addiction are:

  • Changes in behaviour
  • Becoming reckless
  • Becoming secretive and dishonest
  • Forgetfulness
  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Struggling with work
  • Unable to stop using
  • Becoming isolated

Not enjoying activities that you enjoyed before if the person you are worried about is a loved one or someone you care about it is important to let them know you want to help and that you are there for them.

Talking to them about it is important and creates less of a stigma around addiction. Maybe discuss options of recovery such a rehab.

Our Rehab Facilities

At Ocean Recovery, we are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art facility. We provide residents with the most relaxing stay possible and they can enjoy our modern establishment.

Ocean Recovery Facilities include:

CQC Registered

FREE Transportation Included

Medically Assisted Detoxification

2 Executive, Sea View Double Ensuite Rooms

 8 Double or Single Ensuite Rooms

3 Single Rooms with Dedicated Separate Bathroom

Comfortable Communal Lounge with Piano & Sky TV

Beautiful Modern Dining Lounge

External Courtyard and Outside Seating Area

12 Months FREE Aftercare

Regular Contact with Loved Ones Encouraged

Large Multi-Purpose Group Activity Room with Superb Sea Views

Images of Our Facilities

Facilities at Ocean Recovery

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Should I Choose Rehab?

There are many options to choose from when deciding your route to recovery. There are of course local group therapies such as Alcoholics Anonymous which is a great way and works well for some. However, you still end up back in the same environment at the end of the day, the temptation is still there so is the likelihood of relapse.

One option that is not recommended is to do this alone by yourself. Not only is it unlikely to work and you’re likely to relapse faster. When you relapse, it can feel as though recovery is impossible so it’s best to try to avoid relapsing. It can also be dangerous to do this at home, especially with alcohol addiction.

Detoxing at home is specifically dangerous as it can cause a number of side effects including heart failure if you have a severe addiction and you are not monitored. You would benefit from rehab, especially when detoxing as in rehab you will be monitored and medicated to prevent severe side effects and to keep you comfortable.

In rehab, you will receive all the resources and tools you need to be successful at your recovery. You will be fully supported by psychologists and other compassionate and professional staff who want to see you succeed. You will also be away from temptation and distraction; you are just there to recover.

No matter what road to recovery you choose, it is important to remember that you must fully commit to it. You cannot recover half-heartedly, you must take it seriously and be willing to do whatever it takes to get better. You must surrender your addiction in order to get better.


After Care When You Leave Rehab

There are many things people worry about with rehab, one of those, in particular, is when you leave. It does sound very worrying, leaving to fend for yourself after so much support, learning to live your life without using.

However, you will not have to go through this alone.
There is an aftercare team who will help you with all of your worries. They have been known to help you find a job after rehab, find accommodation and even help find a local support group.

Sometimes people struggle with the thought of leaving, especially when before they entered rehab, their friends were also addicts or using. The aftercare team can help put you in touch with local groups of people who may do hobbies you find interesting where you can meet new like-minded friends and stay social.