Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres in Prestwick

The world is an intimidating place to people who are enduring a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Prestwick

We have drug and alcohol treatment centres in Prestwick

You may feel alone, like you have no support and have a negative attitude that is very typical of someone who is experiencing an addiction. This can leave you feeling trapped, or powerless.

But at Ocean Recovery, we can help you to restore control to your life and give you the confidence you need to move forwards with a new, fresh mindset. We offer a wide range of drug and alcohol services, within your budget, to help you overcome the dark clouds of a drug or alcohol addiction.

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Are you suffering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Ocean Recovery is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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By calling us today on 01253 847553 or texting HELP to 83222, we can hold an honest, constructive conversation to help you put your drug and alcohol abuse into perspective and provide a realistic roadmap for your recovery.

If you are concerned about the welfare or a loved one, colleague or friend, we are also able to provide advice about our family and friend referral scheme and how we provide family drug support.

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Rehabilitation in Prestwick

There are numerous ways to approach rehab in Prestwick and the number of options available may at first feel overwhelming. Each option requires thorough, careful research and it can on the face of things feel like an intimidating task.

Private rehab is not cheap, but we will provide you with addiction treatment that is within your budget. When you first get in touch with us, we will give you an initial consultation that is done over the telephone.

During this call, we will establish general details about your addiction and your health. We appreciate that this is a tough step to take and asking for help is not an easy thing to do. We can promise you that our helpline staff will treat you with complete dignity and without judgement.

There is no wait for drug and alcohol rehab with Ocean Recovery and we will be able to begin your treatment immediately. Unlike charity solutions and the local NHS trust, there are no waiting lists and you will be able to check in to our rehabilitation centre in Prestwick as soon as you require.

Upon being admitted, you will receive a tour of our clinic and we will perform a more detailed discussion about your addiction treatment. We will provide a physical and psychological review of your health.

This is an important step of your treatment and this is where our treatment differs. By deep diving into your mental health, we can establish the reason you became addicted in the first place.

Often, an addiction is caused by an underlying mental health issue, such as PTSD or bipolar disorder. Where our addiction treatment varies from options offered by the NHS, is that we will not only identify your mental health concern, but we will also perform dual-diagnosis treatment, in which we will treat both your illness and your addiction. This is essential for your long-term recovery.


Drug or Alcohol Detoxification Treatment

One of the most difficult parts of your treatment is detoxification. Alcohol withdrawal and drug withdrawal is an unpleasant, uncomfortable experience which occurs when you deny your body access to the substances you’ve become addicted to.

Drug and alcohol abuse cause toxins to build up in your system and flushing them from your body is a vital part of your addiction treatment.

You may have tried to perform your own detox at home before. This is not recommended due to the withdrawal symptoms this will cause and it is unsafe for you to try this without professional supervision.

In our detox clinic, your drug or alcohol detox will be overseen by our medical staff who will monitor your wellbeing around the clock. Our staff can also issue prescription medication if needed in order to ease your discomfort.


Long term Recovery and Relapse Prevention

Upon completing your time in our detox clinic, you’ll be able to work on the rest of your addiction treatment. Everyone who comes to Ocean Recovery is treated as an individual and we will create a treatment plan which meets all of your needs and will help you to meet your recovery goals.

Treatment is split between individual and group therapy. Individual therapy consists of stress management, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). These therapies allow you to change your addictive behaviours and give you a different perspective of how to approach addiction.

You will also be invited to take part in group therapy. This allows you to build a support network and acts as a positive form of peer pressure. Group therapy allows you to share your experiences with other people, learn from the experience of others and to motivate and encourage each other through the recovery process.

Many of our clients stay in touch after leaving our care and these group sessions are invaluable at establishing a support group for life after your time at Ocean Recovery.

When you leave our rehabilitation centre, we will create an aftercare plan to help maximise relapse prevention.


Relapse Prevention Plans

Relapse prevention is part of your treatment and allows you to absorb all of the information you’ve learned in your time at Ocean Recovery and apply it to your everyday life.

You’ll be invited to local support groups and be invited to regular follow up sessions. The first year after your addiction treatment is a trying time and you will need to take responsibility for your recovery – and you’ll learn everything you need to learn about having an effective, long-term recovery.

Please call Ocean Recovery today to take the first steps in overcoming your addiction and taking back control of your life.