Perth Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Admitting that you have an addiction is one of the hardest things you can do, and if you’ve identified that you have a problem and need help, you’ll want to know you can get compassionate care.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Perth

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Perth

If you’re considering drug and alcohol rehab in Perth, then the Ocean Recovery Centre might be right for you. We offer treatment to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, no matter what their circumstances, and you can be sure of a caring, welcoming environment. To get started on your journey, all you have to do is get in touch with the team, and we’ll guide you through this difficult time.

Should I go to drug and alcohol rehab in Perth?

Many of the people who call us are unsure whether they have a drug or alcohol problem. That’s because denial is a big part of addiction, it keeps you doing things you wouldn’t normally dream of doing and can stop you from seeking help.

There can be many signs that you may have an addiction and should seek help. Perhaps friends and family have told you that it’s time to get help, or maybe using these substances has affected your career, family life or finances? If you’ve been lying about when and how much you’ve been using these substances, then that’s usually a sign you may have a problem.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you whether you seek alcohol or drug treatment. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that without help, your addiction is very unlikely to resolve itself, it’s much more likely to worsen.

Coming to the Ocean Recovery Centre

While NHS treatment comes with a long waiting list, the Ocean Recovery Centre doesn’t require a referral or any specific criteria. All we ask is that you have the willingness to change your lifestyle. From the initial assessment, if both parties decide that the centre is suitable, we can get you admitted within 48 hours. We believe this is faster than any other rehab in Perth, and it means you don’t need to wait for help.

As with many rehab centres, we require you to go through a detox when you arrive. The advantages of doing this while staying in treatment centres include being allowed prescription medication to get you through the process, as well as constantly being monitored and having 24/7 support. Our rapid detoxes can take as little as a few days, although we ask that you complete 28 days with us in total to give you the best chance of long-term sobriety.

Your tailored treatment plan

No two addictions are the same, and that’s why treatment plans need to be tailored to meet your specific needs. A treatment plan that works for one person with an addiction simply might not work on you. When you come to our clinic, we carry out a full assessment to talk about your needs and what you want to achieve in residential rehab. This allows us to give you the best possible treatment for your money.

24/7 support

You may be looking at many different options for drug and alcohol rehab in Perth and asking yourself, which one is best? One of the advantages of staying with us is that you get 24/7 support when you need it most. Although there are treatment options for rehab that allow you to stay at home, these outpatient programmes aren’t effective for everyone. This is because outside of clinic hours, you have to fight the temptation to buy drugs or alcohol, and since these things are so easy to obtain, it can be hard to have the required willpower to get through them. When you stay at the Ocean Recovery Centre, it’s hard to relapse, and you’ve always got someone to help you if you’re having a bad night.

Help when you need it most

Anyone who has had a friend or family member who has suffered through addiction will know how hard it is to get them help. That’s why so many people now turn to private rehab providers such as the Ocean Recovery Centre, knowing that this guarantees they’ll get admission to our rehab clinic quickly, usually within 48 hours.

While private rehab is a big expense for most families, it’s not as expensive as the cost of an addiction. Alcohol and drugs aren’t cheap, and many people with addictions may turn to less than legal means to get them. That’s why it’s often preferable to undergo drug or alcohol rehab, rather than risk big debts or legal issues.

Another advantage to going private is that you have so many more treatment options. When you stay at the Ocean Recovery Centre, you have a lot of traditional treatments, from therapy to workshops, but we also include a number of holistic treatments in your package. Depending on when you stay, this might include yoga, mindfulness or art therapy, all of which are an excellent way to learn to relax without the use of substances.

You also get an overall better experience staying at the Ocean Recovery Centre compared to NHS clinics. From chef-prepared meals to cleaning services, staying here is a bit like being in a nice hotel, so you don’t have to feel like you’re being punished or forced to stay in rehab, it’s a reward rather than a punishment to have your treatment here.

For drug and alcohol rehab in Perth, simply call the Ocean Recovery Centre to find out more about the addiction treatment on offer by calling 01253 847 553 or texting HELP to 83222.