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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Dumbarton

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Dumbarton

Put quite simply, addiction to alcohol or drugs destroys lives. There are no circumstances where it is acceptable or useful, the only side effects are negative side effects which have the potential to completely destroy your life and quite possible the lives of loved ones around you.

If you’re suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, we can help get you on the road to long-term recovery. Here at Ocean Recovery, we offer world-class addiction treatments at our private, luxury rehab in Dumbarton. We’ve helped thousands of people achieve their long-term recovery goals; we hope the next one is you. Whether you’re seeking guidance on drug and alcohol rehabilitation, or are ready to commit to our treatment service, give us a call on 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222.

Do I need drug and alcohol addiction treatment?

Many people who suffer with addiction to alcohol or drugs, struggle to admit they need professional help. Some may think that their addiction isn’t severe enough to warrant rehabilitation or they’re attempting to recover at home alone. Either way, no case of addiction is too mild or too trivial. It’s essential you seek help as soon as you begin to experience a feeling of dependency or notice regular side effects from alcohol or drugs which are impacting on your life.

Are you suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to frequent substance misuse? Or are you battling with additional physical or psychological health problems linked to your addiction? If you’re experiencing any of the above, get in touch with us immediately. When drug or alcohol addiction is left untreated, it only worsens, potentially causing serious illness such as organ failure or a weakened immune system, along with a number of mental health issues such as depression or anxiety which are all linked to addiction.

We strongly believe that addiction can’t be treated with medication alone. It is an extremely complex illness which requires a psychological change, not just a physical change. The more you engage in the use of alcohol or drugs, the more damage you will cause yourself making it even harder to rehabilitate. We’ve seen many people overcome addiction through utilising our fantastic treatment services, however in some cases, when addiction treatment has been overlooked or left too late, it’s likely you’ll suffer a life-changing illness or even death.  We urge you to avoid these devastating consequences and visit our drug and alcohol rehab Dumbarton. We can get you started on your journey to recovery today.

What are the benefits of a private drug and alcohol treatment centre?

Private facilities like our rehab in Dumbarton, design personalised treatment programmes to help those who are suffering with addiction to alcohol or drugs. We provide a safe and secure environment where you’re surrounded by medical professionals and caring staff who are there to support you 24/7. If you’ve attempted outpatient rehab or tried to recover alone, then our high-end residential rehab centre is ideal for you. You will stay with us, in your own private room, throughout the duration of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation. You will undergo a combination of treatment options which we believe will benefit you most, these are all tailored to suit your unique needs and to ultimately lead you to succeed in long-term recovery.

A huge benefit of residential rehab is that you’re removed from any distractions or negative influences of daily life which could potentially be linked to the source of your addiction. We can ensure a safe, positive environment that gives you the support you need throughout your addiction treatment.

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Dumbarton are open to anyone over the age of 16 and works with individuals struggling with a wide range of addictions. Not only do we provide you with sophisticated addiction treatments and around the clock support, we take care of housekeeping, laundry and ensure you have daily nutritious meals to assist with your recovery. It’s important that you’re there to solely focus on your recovery.

What are our drug and alcohol treatment programmes like?

Each person has a unique journey as to how they became addicted to alcohol or drugs, therefore it’s unrealistic to assume that one treatment will suit all. This is why we tailor all of our treatments programmes to ensure the element of personalisation to your specific addiction is at the forefront. Delivering our treatment options in this way gives you the best chance of success in the quickest time, our treatment methods have proven to be highly effective.

Upon admission, we conduct a thorough assessment of your physical and psychological health which allows us to tailor your treatment programme and identify the severity of your addiction. We offer a variety of addiction treatments including cognitive behavioural therapy which is an intensive treatment designed to re-wire the brain and change your attitude towards alcohol or drugs. Group and family therapy are also very useful methods to discuss your thoughts and symptoms with others who are going through similar situations. Family therapy is highly effective in giving your loved ones the tools they need to help you make a successful recovery which is particularly important when you return home.

It’s likely that you’ll begin your drug and alcohol rehabilitation with a visit to our detox clinic. This removes all the harmful toxins from your body, clears your mind and makes the other treatment options even more effective. Once you’ve completed your treatment programme which can typically last around 28 days, depending on the severity of your addiction, you will join our free 12-month aftercare programme. This is a great tool to maintain your motivation, join local support networks, and avoid any potential relapses once you’re back at home.

No matter what situation you may find yourself in, if you’re struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs then we’re here to help you. Now is the time to invest in yourself and lead a happier, healthier life free from addiction. Call us today on 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222.