Behavioural Addictions

Ocean Recovery Centre offers a comprehensive rehab service for clients suffering from behavioural addictions. Treatment options are entirely residential in nature. This means clients must live within our centre whilst undergoing treatment for behavioural addiction.

If you or a loved one suffer from a behavioural addiction then be sure to consider our treatment options. Call us today on 0203 389 8799 and an admissions officer will talk you through your various options.

What is a behaviour addiction?

A behavioural addiction involves a compulsive desire to engage in destructive behaviours. A behavioural addiction does not involve substance misuse per se, although it is common for the to ‘co-occur’ in the same individual.

A behavioural addiction is capable of inflicting physical, mental, social and financial harm. Like substance misuse, behavioural addictions involve dopamine receptors in the brain. ‘Pleasure’ gained from engaging in addictive behaviour means the sufferer is unable to control his or her actions without suffering a range of unpleasant ‘withdrawal symptoms’. These withdrawal symptoms lead to relapse.

With the exception of gambling addiction, many behavioural addictions are not officially recognised as mental health disorders. This is despite calls from various academic authorities who say all behavioural disorders should be considered a bonafide mental health disorder, particularly given the destruction these disorders cause to clients’ wellbeing.

Behavioural addictions we treat

At Ocean Recovery we treat a full range of behavioural addictions. Our treatment programmes are designed to tackle:

  • Gambling addiction
  • Gaming addiction
  • Internet addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Love addiction
  • Porn addiction
  • Food addiction
  • Shopping addiction

What happens during behavioural addiction rehab?

Upon entering Ocean Recovery’s treatment centre, you receive a thorough physical and psychological assessment conducted by a consultant psychiatrist. A proper diagnosis of behavioural addiction takes place. A personalised rehab plan is then drawn up. This plan reflects the challenges your behavioural addiction presents. During rehab treatment you then receive a highly structured regime of therapy. Therapy aims to tackle the causes of behavioural addiction. We employ a range of modern therapy techniques designed to eradicate behavioural addiction once and for all. These therapies include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy and a range of ancient/modern holistic therapies. These therapies assist clients in identifing ‘triggers’ of behavioural addiction. Therapy also aims to arm clients with tools and techniques needed to cope with cravings to re-engage with destructive behaviours such as gambling, love addiction and gaming addiction.

Throughout rehab treatment our staff adopt a humanistic and individualised approach that is designed to tackle your unique addiction. Therapy takes place in group and individual sessions. Once rehab draws to a conclusion a personalised aftercare plan is drawn up. Every client is entitled to an entire year’s worth of aftercare following the completion of the residential phase of rehabilitation. Aftercare sessions takes place every Saturday for an additional fifty-two weeks following the completion of your programme.

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