Ocean Recovery is a renowned residential rehabilitation centre specialising in treating drug, alcohol and behavioural addiction. We accept referrals from doctors, therapists, counsellors and the friends and loved ones of people suffering from addiction. When you choose Ocean Recovery your referral will be dealt with in strict confidence.

Why choose Ocean Recovery?

If you are considering referring a patient to our residential rehabilitation centre you should know the person concerned will be in safe hands. Our residential rehabilitation centre requires patients to temporarily live within the confines of our centre for the duration of treatment. Treatment includes 24-hour a day medical observation. This ensures patients receive the level of attention and expertise needed for successful rehabilitation.

Powerful withdrawal symptoms which arise during detoxification mean patients are likely to relapse if detoxification is attempted without professional support. Residential rehabilitation means detoxification is dealt with appropriately under medically supervised conditions. Prescription drugs may be offered to patients to ease withdrawal symptoms. Because patients physically remain within our centre when receiving treatment the usual ‘triggers of addiction’ are absent.

Detoxification is entirely supervised and followed up by counselling and therapy sessions conducted by specialist therapists and counsellors. Recovery plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient. No two plans are ever the same. Our rehabilitation programme is based upon the principle of abstinence-based recovery favouring personalised rehabilitation plans.

Payment options

If you are looking to refer a patients, friend or family member to our rehabilitation centre know patients are required to fund treatment privately. Ocean Recovery accepts payment by way of private medical insurance and NHS referrals.

Intervention for families, friends and employers

Ocean Recovery also offers an intervention service. We are able to travel to your location and conduct intervention where a qualified counsellor or therapist will plan a meeting between interested parties and the addict concerned. During this process we will attempt to arrive at a solution. This invariably involves ensuring the addict concerned faces up to and admits the existence of his or her addiction. Rehabilitation options will be explored. If you are interested in pursuing this service please call Ocean Recovery today on 0125 353 0553.