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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Leeds

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Leeds

Are you living in Leeds, and you are suffering from an addiction? Are you worrying about what the future brings for you, or even if you have a future comes to the effect. Do not despair. There is a way out for you. At Ocean Recovery, we can offer you a quality service. We helped many different people from the area to get clean, and you can be the next one to better themselves at our alcohol and drug rehab centre.

Only situated less than 90 miles away from central Leeds, it is easy to reach and we offer transportation to our state of the art rehab centre.


Understanding addiction

Addiction is a mental health issue, a habitual behaviour which has usually been fuelled for some time. For those suffering with a drug and alcohol addiction, a physical and psychological dependence will be placed on those substances.

For most individuals suffering with an addiction, the initial stages of substance abuse have been innocent. However, as drugs and alcohol continue to be abused, there’s high probability that a habit will develop; drugs and alcohol will be seen as a coping mechanism.

It’s important to remember that an addiction can affect anyone. Any causation, any underlying issue or any pre-existing mental health issues can unknowingly develop into the foundations of an addiction. It is important for individuals suffering to remember that this isn’t something to be ashamed of; although stigmas may say different. It’s important to remember that mental health issues are unfortunately on the rise, with a high association with addiction.

If you’re struggling to come to terms with your addiction, and why this has developed, we urge you to speak out and receive support through addiction counsellors and therapists. Without this step, it will be difficult to understand what is motivating your drug and alcohol abuse, worsening your addictive behaviours.


When should professional support be found?

Whether you’re abusing drugs and alcohol occasionally, or suffer with an addiction, here at Ocean Recovery, we urge you to seek professional support. Are you suffering with withdrawal symptoms? Do you struggle with the side effects from continuous drug and alcohol consumption? Are the common signs and symptoms of addiction present? In any of these situations, support should be sourced.

Due to preconceived ideas, many individuals suffering will believe that addiction treatment isn’t a necessity or available. This is incorrect and can unfortunately delay the actions of many individuals. Like any other illness, a depth of treatment can be sourced.

With this in mind, a level of support and addiction treatment will be readily available to help those suffering with a drug and alcohol addiction. Yet, before sourcing drug and alcohol rehab in Leeds, or investing into residential rehab, we encourage individuals to consider their readiness.

It is important that you’re physically and mentally prepared to recover through a rehabilitation programme. Recovery can be challenging and a long process. There are many steps to consider, especially if a deeply engrained addiction is present. With this in mind, we urge you to think about your current mental health state, determination and commitment to addiction recovery. If you’d like to speak to an addiction counsellor to gauge your readiness, feel free to contact our team.


What Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Leeds Can Offer You

At our drug and alcohol rehab in Leeds centre, we believe sincerely that addiction is an illness, a brain disease rather than a weakness. Many people do believe that addiction is an issue for the “weak”. Many addicts therefore cannot accept the fact that they might be addicted, as that might indicate their so called weakness.

If you are someone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs, there is absolutely no shame in admitting your troubles with keeping clean. Millions of people worldwide suffer from it too, and you have a chance to get clean. Once you realise you are addicted and need help, you have already made the first step towards becoming clean.

Alternatively if you are looking into rehab on behalf of a family member or loved one then this is also something we can help with through the use of an intervention.


How It Works At Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Leeds

At our drug and alcohol rehab centre in Leeds, we have a dedicated staff, who have been trained to deal with medical emergencies. You will be medically supervised throughout the duration of the detoxification process that will take place as part of your drug and alcohol rehab programme. This involves around the clock care to ensure any withdrawal symptoms experienced can be eased and attended to when you need it the most.

We also employ psychologists who can help you find your triggers, and what sets your urge to abuse drugs off. This is done through the use of regular therapy sessions such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The cause of your addiction could be a psychological condition, like an underlying depression, or a repressed trauma. There are various reasons for people to become addicted, and knowing what got you there in the first place, can equip you with the knowledge to prevent a relapse, and enjoy the rest of your life, drug free.

To receive the full benefits of our drug and alcohol rehab Leeds service we would recommend that you stay at our residential clinic for 28 days although reduced stays can be offered.

Upon leaving our Leeds rehab clinic you will have access to 12 months free aftercare aimed at reducing the risk of a potential relapse.

Attending local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is also something we recommend as part of your long term recovery strategy.


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The team at Ocean Recovery can provide help and advice to any individual suffering from addiction in the leeds area.