Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Leeds

Do you live in the Leeds area and suffer from alcohol addiction? If so then why not consider Ocean Recovery Centre’s modern alcohol detox and rehabilitation programme? Our detox clinic is located in Blackpool, Lancashire. We operate a shuttle service between Blackpool and Leeds allowing you easy access to our seaside rehabilitation centre. If you suffer from alcoholism then why suffer in silence. When you arrive at Ocean Recovery in Blackpool you receive the best possible addiction treatment available today. You or your loved-one will receive ‘round the clock’ medical attention throughout the detox portion of rehabilitation. Find out more by calling for a free assessment on 0125 353 0553.

Instructions for admission

During assessment our advisor will put in place suitable arrangements for your detox plan. A pre-admission assessment takes place before you are admitted into our detox centre. During this assessment our advisor will gather relevant information concerning your addiction. We also gather information regarding your medical history and any mental health/mobility concerns. Each person’s addiction is different and the peculiarities of your problem must be reflected in your personalised rehabilitation plan.

Offering same-day or next-day admissions

Following assessment you will be allocated a suitable admission date. Depending upon demand we are typically able to accommodate same-day or next-day admissions. Admission dates are available seven days a week, including Sundays. This ensures you receive treatment for your addiction without undue dely. Following your admission date, you receive a physical and mental assessment. This assessment is conducted by a medical doctor specialising in psychiatry. Alcohol withdrawal is likely to cause a range of painful withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are managed through the controlled use of prescription medications such as Librium or other benzodiazepines. Notorious symptoms associated with alcohol detox include seizures, hallucinations and chronic fatigue. Fortunately the chemically assisted detox we prescribe allows you to bypass many of these symptoms.

Tackling the psychological triggers of addiction

Alcohol detox requires around ten days to complete. During this time we keep your mind occupied by providing therapy and counselling sessions. These sessions aim to treat the mental causes of alcoholism. You receive therapy in either group or individual sessions. The latter allows you to communicate with a therapies in a more intimate and private setting. Here you are able to explore traumatic events in your past. This allows you to ‘unravel’ the triggers of your addiction. This in turn allows you to cope with these triggers in ways not involving excessive alcohol consumption. We believe detox gets you into recovery but therapy allows you to stay in recovery!

Patient testimonials

Now read what some of our former clients had to say about our service:

I attended Ocean Recovery for alcohol addiction. I was drinking heavily and I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms as a result. The programme really turned my life around. I’ve now started a new job and I’m doing a Spanish course at a night class. This would not have been possible without the help and support I received through Ocean Recovery Centre. The detox was vital but what I got the most from was all the psychotherapy and holistic therapies, plus all the scientific education on how addiction works. I also could not speak more highly of the staff who gave me the strength to get through this difficult period in my life.

Cath – Cheshire

The help and support I received at Ocean Recovery saved my mind, family and business. The therapy and counselling I received gave me the tools and techniques to deal with life’s stresses in ways not involving alcohol and cocaine. Before I came into the centre I was drinking a bottle of vodka and snorting four grams of cocaine per day. My life was structured chaotically and going into the centre gave me the sanity I needed to get clean. Now I feel like the wind is behind me. I’ve moved out of the surroundings I was in as an addict and I now hit the gym five times a week

Steven – Manchester

Aftercare provisions and relapse prevention

Therapy significantly aids your progress in recovery. For this reason every client who attends our detox clinic receives an entire twelve months’ worth of aftercare sessions following the completion of residential treatment. These sessions take place each Saturday. You attend ‘top-up’ therapy sessions when you attend. This helps ensure you are staying on track towards your long-term abstinence goals. Aftercare is a significant help if you suffer a mild relapse or if a traumatic event occurs that presents a clear risk to your recovery.

All clients are also encouraged to attend AA meetings taking place in or around the Leeds area. Many of our rehab alumni are located in Leeds. With your permission we may put you in contact with a ‘sponsor’.

Below we list the time, dates and venues of AA meetings taking place in Leeds:

Leeds City RecoverySt George’s Crypt, Great George StreetFriday12:00
Leeds Keep It SimpleRoom 4, Civic Hall, Portland Cres.Saturday13:00
Leeds St Georges Book StudySt Georges Crypt, Great George StreetMonday18:00
Leeds Moortown Early Morning136 Street Lane, MoortownThursday07:00
Leeds Street Lane Recovery Multi-MtgFriends Meeting House, 136 Street Lane, MoortownTuesday20:00


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