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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bradford

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Bradford

Having an occasional drink is very normal in most societies worldwide. Especially in social cases where it is perfectly normal. In many cases, people can stay responsible with their alcohol intake – especially as the harm that alcohol does to our body is well documented in current times.

However, for some others it can be such a difficult issue to keep their alcohol intake at a responsible level. Alcohol is very addictive and addiction will lead to a destruction of friendships, families will be torn apart and it is often cited in divorce proceedings. Add to that, it is nearly sure that a severe alcohol addiction can interfere with your responsibilities such as school and work.

Do you recognise any of these symptoms in yourself? You might be suffering from alcoholism. Ocean Recovery Centre can help you today if you live near the City of Bradford. We offer drug and alcohol rehab in Bradford for those that wish to get rid of an addiction.


Why Is Alcohol So Dangerous?

As previously stated, having a responsible alcohol intake can be harmless. However, alcohol’s effects accumulate over time, and will eventually have a negative effect on your body and brain.

Alcohol and the brain have a problematic relationship. As odd as it might sound, alcohol does shrink your brain. As alcohol causes dehydration, the natural process of a shrinking brain gets accelerated. This could possibly lead to illnesses like dementia.

To add to that, alcohol damages parts of your brains that regulate your personality. Often, many alcoholics act odd after alcohol addiction takes place. According to their friends, family and other loved ones. This is due to the fact that addiction hijacks parts of the brains that prioritises and focuses on previously important things such as family, friends and employment.


What Does Alcohol Do To The Body?

One of the main organs that suffers the most from alcohol addiction is your liver. The liver is responsible for breaking up and getting rid of any toxins in your body. Alcohol is not as easy to break down for your liver – so it burns it instead. Fat around your liver however, will not get burned due to the fact that your liver is burning the alcohol enzymes, which is the normal process for fat. This leads to an illness named “fatty liver disease” – which is a permanent disease that is incurable. A few symptoms of fatty liver disease are tiredness, unexplained weight loss and a sharp pain on the right side of your chest.

In the Long term, this could lead to more severe illnesses such as cirrhosis, that tend to be deadly and could really lower your quality of life.

Your heart is another organ that will suffer from the effects of alcohol addiction. It increases cholesterol and it can soften your heart muscle.

In general, excess drinking can take years off your life. This is why it is important you stop drinking and join our alcohol rehab Bradford centre.  We can help you live longer, healthier and happier.


I Think I Might Be Suffering From An Addiction

The first step is that you admit you are suffering from an addiction. Many people feel ashamed to admit they are suffering from an addiction since there is still a stigma surrounding addiction. It is often seen as a weakness by many people whilst it is considered an illness scientifically.

If you would like to stop taking drugs or alcohol and if you are ready to enter rehab – call us on 01253 847 553 and a specialist will be able to contact you immediately in order to talk to you about your options at our drug and alcohol rehab Bradford centre.


Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centre

Once arrived at our treatment centre, we start with a detox first. A drug or alcohol detox is the process of cleansing your body from the substances. This process can lead to withdrawal symptoms however, and that is why it is important that you do it in a medical institution such as Ocean Recovery Centre.

Withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to navigate, and particularly nasty in some cases. Some addicts will suffer from relatively minor inconveniences such as feeling ill, anxiousness or restlessness. In some other cases, there is medical intervention needed or it could lead to lasting damage to your health, or death. Delirium Tremens is an example – “the shakes” as it’s called in common terms – can lead to death if there is no round the clock supervision. We will have a medical team be on-call for you 24/7, in case that there needs to be any intervention.

Once finished with the detoxification process, we move on to drug and alcohol rehab through therapy. Addiction often has a root cause that could be an underlying psychological condition such as depression – and treating your underlying condition could arm you to stay strong when you have the urge to drink or take drugs.

If you have been looking for help, then now is the time to get advice. Call us today on 01253 847 553 for FREE and confidential advice – or complete our online contact form.