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Are you looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Wakefield to help you recover from an addiction? Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we offer comprehensive treatment programmes, with spaces available today.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wakefield

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Wakefield

Understanding Addiction 

Addiction is a complex medical condition, and it is not a result of weak willpower. It’s essential to remember that becoming addicted isn’t about your character or moral failing. Instead, certain substances are chemically designed to lead to dependency.

Substances, such as drugs or alcohol, have the power to alter our brain’s function and chemistry significantly. Over time and with increased usage, they can rewire the brain to believe that it cannot function optimally without these substances. This neurological adaptation can be so intense to experience that the mere thought of going without becomes a very daunting challenge, fueling the cycle of addiction.

When individuals consume addictive substances, the brain releases a surge of ‘feel-good’ chemicals, providing a euphoric high. However, whenever we try to abstain, the brain may undergo a stark and intense contrast, leading to what is described as unbearable withdrawal symptoms.

This fluctuation between extreme highs and lows further fuels the addiction cycle, making recognition and intervention essential for recovery.


How Do I Know If I Have An Addiction?

Coming to terms with the fact that you may have an addiction can be a challenging and sensitive process. So, remember to be kind to yourself, and that recovery from addiction is completely possible. 

The core characteristic of addiction to recognise is a pattern of behaviour that someone continues despite negative consequences in their life. You may feel an overwhelming desire or compulsion to engage in the behaviour, even when you have tried to quit or cut back.

Another common sign of addiction may be that you feel numb to activities or experiences that once brought you joy or other important aspects of your life may have been neglected for some time. Whether it’s duties at work, home, or your relationships, addiction often causes one to neglect essential responsibilities.

Another common sign of dependency is a sense that you’ve lost control, and you struggle to feel connected or in touch with yourself. Despite intending to engage in the behaviour for a short period or in moderation, you spend more time or resources than intended. As time has gone on, you may also find your tolerance has also increased, meaning you require more of the substance to feel the same effect.

If you are currently struggling with addiction and need help, we are here for you every step of the way. 


Choosing An Alcohol Rehab in Wakefield

Finding professional support for drug or alcohol addiction is a monumental first step towards recovery. Once you’ve made that decision, the next consideration is seeking support as an outpatient or through an inpatient rehab treatment programme. We’ll explain both options in more detail below.


Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Wakefield

Outpatient treatment allows individuals to attend therapy and counselling sessions at scheduled times but return home afterwards. This approach is suitable for those with work, or family obligations that they cannot abandon for an extended period.

Generally, outpatient treatment is less expensive than inpatient options since this approach is much less intensive, and individuals do not have access to round-the-clock care.

This approach has also been known to help the individual adjust to sobriety while still being able to navigate real-life challenges, which can help in building resilience. However, for this same reason, it may not be ideal for those with severe addictions or those who lack a stable and supportive environment at home.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Wakefield

Inpatient addiction treatment involves staying at a residential rehab clinic for a set period.

Inpatient treatment provides individuals with a safe, peaceful and substance-free environment, eliminating all potential triggers and distractions and allowing individuals to focus solely on themselves and their recovery journey.

Inpatient programmes provide 24/7 medical and therapeutic support, which is especially important for individuals who may experience severe withdrawal symptoms or co-occurring mental health conditions.

Individuals receiving inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment will likely follow a daily schedule filled with therapy sessions, group activities, and self-reflection. Being surrounded by others on the same journey has also been known to bring a sense of community and understanding to people who have felt alone due to their addiction, making the recovery process less isolating.

Whether you choose outpatient or inpatient rehab in Wakefield, the most important thing is to select the option that aligns best with your personal needs, circumstances, and goals for recovery. However, if you have struggled with addiction for some time and have not recovered, an inpatient programme may be the best solution for you. 


Will Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wakefield Benefit Me?

If you’re currently living with addiction and feel ready to start your recovery journey, there’s no doubt that drug and alcohol rehab in Wakefield will benefit you.

Beginning this journey is an act of immense bravery, as addiction, whether it’s to drugs, alcohol, or any other substance, often carries with it heavy burdens – physical, emotional, and social. Yet, whether you decided on rehab on your own or through the support of loved ones, seeking treatment is a powerful statement of self-awareness and self-care.

Below, we’ve provided information on what many people say about how rehab can make a positive difference in your life.

  • A renewed sense of self-worth – Over time, addiction can chip away at our self-esteem. In rehab, through intensive therapy and self-reflection, many rediscover their value and worth, rekindling the belief that a brighter future is within reach.
  • A restored clarity of mind – Drugs and alcohol are unavailable at rehab. Freeing yourself from the constant cycle of seeking and consuming the substance allows a clear perspective. You’ll be surprised at how life can be viewed with fresh eyes, enabling better decision-making and a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Improved relationships – Addiction often strains relationships with loved ones. As you recover, you’ll also learn about rebuilding trust and nurturing those precious connections that mean so much.
  • A much-needed fresh start – Every day in rehab is a step towards a new beginning. It’s a chance to redefine yourself and what you want from life. This fresh start can bring with it a host of new opportunities, aspirations, and dreams.
  • Inner peace – Above all, the journey through rehab can lead to inner peace. With the noise of addiction silenced, many find solace in simply being, in reconnecting with their inner selves, and in embracing the calm that comes with recovery. Remember, making the decision to seek help is a testament to your strength, not a sign of weakness. And while the journey might be challenging, the rewards of a life free from addiction are immeasurable. You deserve a life of happiness, health, and fulfilment.

    What to Expect From Alcohol Rehab in Wakefield

    It’s natural to wonder what to expect, or what may happen in drug and alcohol rehab in Wakefield. And whilst it won’t be easy, your success will depend on you being committed to your own recovery and being prepared to see the programme through from start to finish.

    At Ocean Recovery, our rehab process is carefully designed to address each aspect of addiction. Find more information on what you can expect from receiving specialised treatment at our clinic below.

    Initial Assessment and Admission

    When you arrive at Ocean Recovery in Wakefield, the journey begins with a thorough assessment. 

    Our team of experienced addiction specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your physical and mental health, form a deep understanding of your alcohol or drug addiction history, and gather information about any underlying issues that may be relevant to your treatment with us. 

    Personalised Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment 

    At our drug and alcohol rehab in Wakefield, we’re committed to guiding you every step of the way. We understand that everyone has a unique story, and no two addictions are the same. We aim to understand your background, struggles, and aspirations to provide the most effective care.

    The comprehensive evaluation during the assessment stage ensures that we can tailor a treatment plan specifically for you, addressing your unique needs and challenges. All treatment plans are overseen by our highly trained medical team, who offer many years of experience in successfully treating addiction. 


    Typically speaking, treatment with our team will begin with a 28-day residential stay at our private clinic. This will include a detox programme, which will last anything up to 10 days, depending on the substance and the severity of the addiction.

    Detox is often the first and most pivotal step in the rehab process. During this period, the body can thoroughly cleanse, recover and flush out the toxins.

    For many people, the detox stage is the most challenging part of the entire process due to the onset of withdrawal symptoms, which can range from mild to severe.

    Detox can be very uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally, and it’s common to have the urge to want to go home and start using drugs again to ease the pain. For this reason, you will be given round-the-clock medical supervision and support from our team, who will offer you prescription medication such as Buprenorphine and Naltrexone to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

    Throughout this period, our sole focus is on your well-being, so rest assured that we will do everything possible to ensure your safety and comfort. 

    Comprehensive Therapy Programmes

    After the detox process has been completed, the mainstay of your treatment begins. Although each treatment plan will be adapted to the individual, this stage will typically include various therapeutic interventions that address the psychological aspects of addiction.

    One of the most important aspects of your stay with us is preparing you for life post-treatment. This involves building a foundation of skills that will help you to address the root cause of your addiction, handle stress and avoid triggers, which will ultimately help to prevent relapse.

    Frequent one-on-one cognitive behavioural therapy sessions with a licensed therapist will help you dig deep into the root causes of your addiction in a safe, confidential and peaceful environment.

    Engaging with other residents who are facing similar struggles can also be incredibly therapeutic, which is why group sessions that offer support, shared experiences, and the opportunity to practice new communication skills are offered here at Ocean Recovery.

    Find out more about the therapies we use to treat addiction.

    Holistic Therapy Options

    At Ocean Recovery, we believe in taking a holistic approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

    This means, alongside core therapy programmes, individuals can also benefit by incorporating techniques such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, drama therapy and music therapy, goal setting and psychoeducation sessions to encourage personal growth and promote overall well-being.

    Comprehensive Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Planning

    Before leaving Ocean Recovery, our team of medical professionals and addiction specialists will design a robust aftercare plan that is tailored to you, ensuring you have the resources and support systems in place to achieve lasting recovery.

    We offer continued addiction support sessions and 24/7 helplines to keep you anchored in your recovery journey, which is provided free of charge for a full year after treatment. 

    Find out more about our aftercare services.


    How Much Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wakefield Cost? 

    As with many renowned rehab clinics, the services and facilities provided by Ocean Recovery come with associated costs. Expect prices starting from £3000 for intensive addiction treatment at our CQC-registered clinic.


    How Long Are Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programmes?

    Typically speaking, a standard rehab programme begins with a 28-day residential stay at our clinic. However, individuals who receive treatment at Ocean Recovery have access to ongoing support for a full year post-inpatient care.


    What is a Dual Diagnosis?

    Sadly, those struggling with addiction often suffer from one or more mental health conditions. This could be either due to the addiction or the dependency that may have formed due to the existing mental health conditions.

    If, during the admissions stage, a dual diagnosis is identified, a comprehensive treatment plan will be carefully adapted to treat both conditions


    Understanding Dual Diagnosis Treatment

    The relationship between addiction and mental health can manifest in various ways, and at Ocean Recovery, our aim is to ensure that both conditions are identified and treated accordingly. 

    Some individuals might have a genetic or environmental predisposition to both, leading them to manifest symptoms of both conditions simultaneously. Others, who may be living with untreated mental health issues, might resort to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism, eventually resulting in a full-blown addiction. Additionally, excessive or prolonged substance use can either exacerbate existing mental health symptoms or even induce new ones.

    We prioritise the identification of a dual diagnosis during the admissions process. This is because addressing only one of the conditions, either addiction or mental health, can potentially hinder the recovery process and increase the chances of relapse.

    Once we have identified the need for a dual diagnosis, a comprehensive and bespoke treatment plan is carefully developed to cater to the individual’s unique needs. This approach ensures simultaneous treatment of both conditions, offering intensive treatment avenues that are tailored to the individual’s situation.

    We provide all-encompassing support, from medical detox and counselling to group therapy and aftercare planning.

    With an unwavering focus on long-term recovery, our dual diagnosis treatment at our dedicated Wakefield rehab centre not only aims for immediate stabilisation but also strives to equip individuals with the skills and tools necessary for sustained well-being.


    Can I Detox From Home?

    Detoxing from home is possible, but it is not recommended for several reasons. 

    Firstly, there are significant safety concerns to consider. Some substances, such as an alcohol detox, or withdrawal from prescription medications (such as benzodiazepines) and opioids, can lead to severe and potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

    Without medical supervision, complications such as seizures, hallucinations, severe dehydration, or heart issues can arise. Secondly, within a residential clinic setting, professionals can provide the necessary medicinal and emotional support required to ensure that individuals are able to see the detox stage through.

    These professionals can also prescribe medications that help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, making the detoxification process significantly safer and much more comfortable.

    Attempting to detox at home means you won’t have access to support from medical professionals, withdrawal medications, or knowledge on how to manage unforeseen complications effectively.


    Find Local Support Organisations For Addiction in Wakefield

    If you’re searching for local meetings in Wakefield to help you along your recovery journey, we recommend considering attending get-togethers hosted by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

    AA and NA meetings in Wakefield provide a sanctuary where individuals can bond with others facing similar challenges and gain the guidance and support needed to combat addiction.

    Attending these meetings won’t cost you anything – they’re also 100% confidential, can be joined online and open to all individuals touched by addiction, no matter whether you’ve been in recovery for some time or just at the start of your journey.

    For local AA meetings in Wakefield, you can check the meeting schedules on the Alcoholics Anonymous Wakefield page. Information regarding local NA meetings, including online sessions, is also available on their respective website.

    We also strongly recommend contacting our staff for further details on the resources and support that we have at your disposal. Visit our contact page to get in touch today.


    Take The First Step Towards Recovery in Wakefield Today

    If you’re ready to leave drug and alcohol addiction in the past and are looking for expert treatment, we’re ready and here to help you.

    Our rehab centre provides support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is staffed by a highly trained and supportive team. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you live a life free from alcohol and drug addiction, contact us today in complete confidence at 01253 847 553 or complete the contact form here.