Thornton Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Thornton

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres Thornton

Alcohol and drug addiction rates are climbing across the UK, and even in small towns and villages such as Thornton, you’ll find people who need help. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Thornton, and want to stay close to home, then the Ocean Recovery Centre is in the perfect location in a quiet area of Blackpool. Our world-class addiction treatment is right on your doorstep, so there’s no reason to delay coming off drugs and alcohol, as we can give you all the tools you need to fight your addiction.

Home or residential treatment?

There are usually a number of treatment options on offer when you look for drug and alcohol rehab in Thornton. Many places offer outpatient care, or even home detoxes, which mean you don’t have to stay in rehab centers. However, in our experience, these types of treatment can be very tough to get through. While going through treatment, you still have to cope with the everyday stresses of life, and it’s so tempting to go out and buy alcohol or drugs to help you cope.

Residential rehab has an excellent success rate because it takes you out of a difficult situation and gives you time and space to think clearly. Many people find that their addiction is made worse by stress or difficult home situations, so staying in residential alcohol or drug rehabs is a good first step towards improving their lives

When you’re going through a detox, it’s safer to have inpatient treatment, as you may suffer withdrawal symptoms. While most people find these uncomfortable, they can be dangerous, in extreme cases causing seizures or tremors. It’s better to be monitored during this process, so we can seek medical attention for you if needed. If you’re overcoming an alcohol or drug addiction, then there are prescription drugs that can help you with withdrawal, having a slightly sedative effect to get you through the worst of the side effects.

Therapy and counselling at our addiction centre

Detox alone rarely works in the long term, as those who regularly take part in alcohol or drug abuse don’t tackle the causes of their addiction, meaning it’s very easy for them to relapse. That’s why, at the Ocean Recovery Centre, our treatment programs involve many sessions of counselling, so you can talk about the causes of your addiction and find ways to cope with cravings.

You’ll also go through group therapy when you stay at the Ocean Recovery Centre, and these regular support groups are a great way of getting to know the others going through rehab. You’ll no doubt have many similar experiences, and addiction counsellors lead these sessions to ensure you get the most out of them. Our treatment centres help people with all sorts of addiction from all walks of life, so you’re bound to find people who you have things in common with.

While you stay with us, we also spend time focusing on drug and alcohol education. You may have come to rehab because you have a health problem due to your addiction, and we’ll spend time talking about how these substances affect your body, as well as teaching you how to deal with your cravings and spot the early signs of a relapse.

Once you’ve gone through detox, it’s possible for friends and family members to visit, and some people find they benefit from family or couples’ therapy. Addiction often takes a terrible toll on relationships, and this is a good way to get things out in the open and start to heal. When you come to us for drug and alcohol rehab in Thornton, there are many opportunities to overcome your issues in a safe environment.

Our rehab facilities

The Ocean Recovery Centre sits on a quiet part of Blackpool’s historic promenade, providing a peaceful, pleasant place to relax. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Thornton, then we offer some of the best facilities in the area, with comfortable bedrooms and cosy communal spaces. Many of our rooms have sea views, and there are plenty of opportunities to take a stroll along the beach and get some fresh air.

Those who’ve gone through substance abuse often neglect themselves while addicted, so we try to overcome some of the damage. We offer delicious meals for when your appetite starts to return, and have regular fitness sessions, as well as yoga and mindfulness to help you relax. Our treatment services also include a number of holistic therapies from massage to aromatherapy, which can help you to heal and teach you to look after yourself.

Life after the Ocean Recovery Centre

While you may come to the Ocean Recovery Centre focused simply on getting through rehab, we ensure your treatment plan also looks at your long-term recovery. We know that you’re most vulnerable to a relapse in the year after leaving rehab, so those who complete 28 days with us will get a year of free aftercare. Some people also find local organisations such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous can be useful to help them build a support network.

We also spend time with you talking about your plans for the future and helping you to put them in place. If you’re busy, you’re less likely to relapse, so you may want us to help you find a new job or voluntary role, or even look at studying or taking on a new hobby. Without alcohol or drugs in your life, you have so many more options and you can leave rehab with the rest of your life ahead of you.

For a free initial consultation and confidential advice on your treatment options, call the Ocean Recovery Centre on 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222 today.